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     New Testament uses widely the terminology of Old Testament. For example, Jesus, explaining the essence of pharisaic generation of "His time", used the book of the prophet Isaiah - att.15:7-9. Apostle Paul, explaining the principle of the person, who preaches, the arrangement of the new temple and the role of the new high priest, mentioned the "threshing bulls" of O.T and the tabernacle (the booth) of O.T. - 1Kor.9:9,10, Hebr.9. Apostle Jacob, explaining the essence of nations which are drawn in to Jehovah's worship, reminded about the "the booth of David that is fallen down" - Acts 15:13-17.
     Paul explained: all things and events in the O.T. are prototypes on the N.T. - Hebr.10:1. Consequently, for understanding of the essence of the New Testament it is necessary to understand the essence of Old Testament's things.
      This dictionary uses the terms with the word "spiritual" in the meaning "not literal", "figurative", "in figurative sense". They are: "spiritual Israel" as the state of God's people in New Testament; "spiritual Israel" or "spiritual Israelite" as the new people of the God ; "spiritual cities of Israel", "spiritual Jerusalem", "spiritual temple", "spiritual courtyards of the temple" and "spiritual priests" as "spirit-anointed Christians". The dictionary includes also the specified meaning of the terms: "sheep of the other courtyard", "earthly destiny (lot)" (hope), "heavenly destiny (lot)"(hope). Some of them we do not meet in the Bible , but they are used in the doctrines of the Watch Tower Society and in the articles of our site for the explanation of the essence of New Testament's things .
Table of contents:

  1. Spiritual "Israel" is the "state" of God's people in the New Testament

  2. Spiritual " Israel " is the God's people of the New Testament ("God's Israel")

  3. Spiritual "Jerusalem"

  4. Spiritual "cities of Israel "

  5. Spiritual temple and spiritual courtyards of Jehovah's temple

  6. What Sanctuary did Jesus enter ?

  7. Spiritual "priests" are the spirit-anointed Christians

  8. Sheep of "the other courtyard" (not internal) or "the other sheep"

  9. "Heavenly" and "earthly" hopes

  10. "A great crowd "

  11. " The reign of the God (heavenly)"

  12. "The reign of Christ"

  13. "The heavenly messiah government"

  14. The "abomination of desolation"

  15. "This generation" from Matt.24:34

1. Spiritual "Israel" is the "state" of God's people in the New Testament
(to the beginning)

  (the numbers of articles of the site, which are recommended to read, correspond to the numbers from the table of contents of site)
  In detail about it you can read in the article of the site 3 "Who of the people living on the Earth nowadays are the members of the spiritual Israel?". There are signs of similarity in the organizational arrangement of the literal state of Jehovah's people of the Old Testament and the figurative one - of the New Testament - in the table. It was made for you to make the comparison easier.

"Israel" as the literal God's state of O.T. "Israel' as the figurative or spiritual God's state of the N.T
1. It was organized by Jehovah for His people in the Promised Land, which He takes care of - Deut.11:11,12 1.It is organized by Jehovah for His people in all the Promised Land, which Jesus Christ takes care of - Mat.28:19,20, Acts15:15-17
2. It has the structure, ruled from the capital - Jerusalem. Consists of the head - Jehovah - king, leaders and citizens - Mat.5:35, Is.33:22. Governmental capital - Jerusalem - presents the leaders of Jehovah's state. 2.It has the structure, ruled from the spiritual capital - the spiritual "Jerusalem". It consists of the head -Christ, Jehovah's helper, leaders and citizens.-John5:22,Acts15:4,6, Hebr.12:22. After the 1000year rule of Christ the capital will be also "Jerusalem", but - "celestial (heavenly)" - Revel.21:10,24, 22:5
3. Leaders are the anointed priests, heads of generations, living in Jerusalem -Levit.10:10,11, Neem.11:1. The anointed kings were later added - 1Kings 8:5, 10:1. Citizens are all the other people of the state Israel, who are obedient to the leaders 3. Leaders are the figurative anointed priests, heads of the figurative "generations", living in the spiritual "Jerusalem"-Hebr.13:7(New World Translation), Acts 20:17. Citizens are all the other people of spiritual "Israel state", who are obedient to the leaders
4. It had to become the "Kingdom of priests and the holy nation" or the state in which Jehovah's "anointed persons" (literal priests) would manage the life of the saint citizens -Exodus 19:5,6 4. It is possible to name it the spiritual "state" (organization) which is managed by the spiritual "priests" of Jehovah. After the 1000year rule of Christ the earthly Jehovah's "state" will finally become the veritable "Kingdom of priests and the holy nation" - Revel.21:24

2. Spiritual " Israel" is the God's people of the New Testament
("God's Israel") - Gal.6:16
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   W.T. Society considers that the new Jehovah's people - "spiritual Israel" or "God`s Israel" from Gal.6:16 - are only those, who will become the kings with Christ in the future. They are only 144000 priests - anointed sovereigns - W.T. 15.01.08. p.21 par.4 (in Russian). However the research of the Bible showed, that all of God's people during the period of action of the N.T. - are His new people. Paul explained that any tellurian of any "appearance", having a heart and a spirit of "Israelite", can become the "spiritual Israelite" - Rom.2:28,29. Anyone, who knows about Jehovah, who has chosen Him as His God and lives in accordance with His principles - is the member of spiritual "Israel", a descendant of Abraham on a spirit, a Christian - Gal.3:6,7, Rom.4:16, Acts.11:26. The words of apostle Paul from Gal.6:16 - can mean : peace not only to them (Galatians who acted correctly), but also to all of God's " Israel" - that is to all of Jehovah's people of the New Testament.

   Let`s look at the table of similarity between Israel on the flesh of the Old Testament and "Israel" on the spirit of the New Testament:

Israel on the flesh is the God's people of the Old Testament Israel on the spirit is the God's people of the New Testament
1. Nation which was shown out of Egyptian slavery. The first-borns of Israel on the flesh are atoned from death by the Easter. They are intended for Jehovah and had to live for Him and "with Him", where He lives - Exodus12:25-27; Numbers 3:13. 1. Nation which was shown out of the slavery of the sin. The first-borns of Israel on the spirit are atoned from death by the Easter-Christ. They are intended for Jehovah and will live with Him on heavens, where He lives Revel.14:1,4.
2.Consists of leaders and citizens 2.Consists of leaders and citizens
3.The main leaders are priests-anointed sovereigns; taken instead of the first-borns. There are few of them. Auxiliary leaders are not priests - Numbers 8:16-18. 3.The main leaders - the spiritual priests- anointed sovereigns, they are spiritual first-borns. There are few of them -144000 -Revel.5:9,10; 14:1,4 Auxiliary leaders are not anointed sovereigns
4.Citizens are all the other people of Jehovah; they are descendants of Abraham on the flesh. Plus - circumcised new-comers - Numbers 15:15,16 4.Citizens are all the other people of Jehovah; they are descendants of Abraham on the spirit. Among them are "circumcised" on the spirit new-comers -Rom.2:28,29; 3:29, Gal.3:6,7
5. Anointed priests occupy the special "territory" in the state - their destiny(lot) for inhabitation is the territory of the temple, where Jehovah "lives" (internal court, the courtyard that is inside the temple) - Deut.18:1,2 5. Spiritual anointed priests occupy the special "territory" in the spiritual "state" - their destiny(lot) for inhabitation is the territory of the spiritual "temple", where Jehovah "lives". (internal court, the courtyard that is inside the temple) - 1Kor.3:16, Philip.3:20. They are younger brothers of Christ -Mat.25:31,40,45
6.. Other leaders are not anointed sovereigns and citizens. They inhabit the land of Jehovah - in the whole state in all the cities of Israel. Joshua 11:23,13:33. They are in the courtyard that is outside the temple (external) 6. Other leaders are not anointed sovereigns and citizens - inhabit the spiritual domains of Jehovah's "land" - on all the Earth in the spiritual cities of Israel. They are in the spiritual courtyard that is outside the spiritual temple(external)
7. Function of anointed priests is to organize life of citizens and to provide their "cleanness", explaining the God's word and His requirements. They are the announcers of Jehovah - Jezek.43:23, Mal.2:7 7.Function of spiritual anointed priests is to organize the life of citizens and to provide their "cleanness", explaining the God's word and His requirements. They are the announcers of Jehovah -1John2:20,27, 1or.9:16, 2or.2:17
8. Function of the citizens is to live in accordance with the God`s principles, using the help of "auxiliary" leaders of the cities of Israel- Deut.19:12; 17:8-11;21:20 8. Function of the citizens is to live in accordance with the God`s principles, using the help of the elders of the spiritual "cities of Israel" - Tit1:5. After the 1000year rule of Christ only the anointed sovereigns will manage - Revel.21:24

   We will describe the structure of Jehovah's people on the flesh of the Old Testament and on the spirit of the New Testament with the scheme:
The spiritual Israel - Jehovah`s people - consists of:

"Real" sinful people of Jehovah - literal ancient Israel of the Old Testament:

"spiritual" Israel - God's sinful people of the New Testament:

Perfect spiritual Israel are saint people of Jehovah after the 1000year rule:

    In detail about the structure of Israel of the New Testament you can read in the article 3 "Who of the people living on the Earth nowadays are the members of the spiritual Israel?" About the management after the 1000 year rule of Christ and the abolition of the "external court" you can read in the article 17 "Revelation. New version" chapter 21,22. About the arrangement of the spiritual tabernacle (booth), read in par.5 below in the dictionary.

    Note: all Jehovah's people on the flesh took Passover of the Old Testament, consequently, all Jehovah's people on the spirit must also take the symbols of the Passover of the New Testament . In detail - see the article 12 Tables of contents - "Should the "other sheep" take the symbols of the Passover"

3.Spiritual "Jerusalem"
(to the beginning)

         It is the "capital" of sinful Jehovah's people of the New Testament in figurative sense. It is some centralized organ of management and the supreme court of Jehovah, which heads the "state" of Jehovah's people in the whole, it consists of the main rulers - spiritual priests-anointed sovereigns of the New Testament - and their helpers - not priests - Acts 15:4,6, Tit1:5.
        This organ of management does not exist in order to "enslave" people and impose them the laws, because "the head of every man is the Christ" -1 or.11:3. Spiritual "Jerusalem" exists in order to explain correctly the God`s word to the people and to coordinate general teaching activity, directed on distribution of knowledge about God and His system of things until "everybody knows Him" - Micah.4:1, Jer.31:34, 2 Tim.2:2,1Tim.4:11. The leaders of "Jerusalem" must reflect Jehovah's system of rule.
         After the 1000year rule of hrist the spiritual capital of Jehovah's earthly state will also exist, but not on the Earth, but on the skies. Priests are kings, living in the heavenly Jerusalem, will organize the life of earthly people from the skies - Revel.21:10,24; 5:10, 22:5
       More detailed about the capital read in the article 5 "Is Babylon the great symbol of false religion?" and - in the article 17 "Revelation. New version", chapter 21,22

       Expression "cities Sodom and Egypt where their Lord was also impaled" from Revel.11:8 (Jerusalem) - can mean the leaders of God's people , who at the historical moment of the described events before Armageddon began to behave unworthily ( as in Sodom) and "enslaved" the people of Jehovah with their own requirements ( as in Egypt)

4. Spiritual "cities of Israel"
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        Places of "inhabitation" of God's people of the New Testament are Congregations or "churches" of believers, formed on all the Earth in different cities and villages - Tit1:5.

       This words of Christ: "You will by no means complete the circuit of the cities of Israel until the Son of Man arrives" from Matt.10:23 can mean the following: before the parousia of Christ someone from his disciples must walk around congregations of Jehovah's people, formed by that historical moment. The literal cities of Israel were "abolished" since the time of action of the New Testament and by the moment of parousia of Christ can not be actual.

5.Spiritual temple and spiritual courtyards of Jehovah`s temple.
(to the beginning)

        This article is about that spiritual temple and those spiritual courtyards which are described in Revel. 11:1,2 "measure the temple(sanctuary) of God and the altar, and those worshiping in it, but as for the courtyard that is outside the temple(external) - cast it clear out and do not measure, because it has been given to the nations". At the moment , when John used these expressions, Jehovah`s literal temple did not exist: it had been blasted almost 30 years before the book "Revelation" was written. Consequently, John meant the spiritual "temple" and "courtyards", which existed in worship to Jehovah in the historical period of events from the 11th chapter of "Revelation"
        The temple (also a tabernacle or a booth) is a figurative house of Jehovah . In this house the God "dwells" and opens the truth about Himself to the anointed representatives who were chosen among His people - for explanation of His word - Exodus. 25:8, 34:26, 29:42. Having studied the arrangement of the literal temple, it is possible to understand, who carries out the service to Jehovah in the spiritual courtyards from Revel.11:1,2

We'll try to represent general arrangement of the tabernacle (temple) in the scheme :

        Making a chart of arrangement of the tabernacle (the temple) and its location in the camp of Israel we used except for the Bible also explanations from the dictionary of Brokgauz, Genevian Bible and the notes of Strong.


       All the building of the tabernacle, built according to Jehovah's sample, was called a tabernacle (a sanctuary, a temple) - Hebr.8:5,9:1, Ex.25:8,9. It consisted of two parts, also called a tabernacle(a temple). Although these parts are called an identical word "tabernacle" (temple), the essence of sacred service in each of them - differed one from another substantially.
        The first tabernacle (part) - "the Holy" - was meant for the Service of priests connected with the maintenance of light in the lamps, replacement of breads of suggestion and smoking on a small altar. - Hebr.9:2, 6, Ex.30:1,7,8
        The second tabernacle (part) was shut off with a curtain - "Holy of holies" and symbolized a habitat of Jehovah and the source of the God`s word. It was meant for the service of high priest who had to enter there once a year with blood of sacrificial animals for "cleaning" the people of Jehovah in the whole from Adam's sin - Hebr.9:3,7
        From the world of wicked heathens the "dwelling of God" - "Holy of holies" was "separated" with the triple defence: with a curtain, with the camp of priests and with the camp of other people of God. So much distant is He from the wicked -Prov.15:29. The special "court for heathens" did not exist in the worship to Jehovah : all the Earth outside the camp of Jehovah's people belonged to the heathens.
        Jehovah demanded that all the building of the tabernacle was enclosed with a courtyard, on which territory a copper altar was disposed for animals and a washstand for washing of priests -Ex.40:1-8. All the enclosed territory along with the building of the tabernacle was considered to be a sacred territory, because on demand of Jehovah it was "cleared" up with anointing oil of chrism -Ex.40:9-11. Prophet Ezekiel names this sacred territory of priests - the internal court or the courtyard inside the temple - Jez.44:16,17. We will notice that the territory of "internal court" from Revel.11:1 also consists of a building of a temple ( a tabernacle) and an altar.
        The tribe of priests, who had to accomplish the service to the God on the sacred territory, also had to be sacred. Therefore on demand of Jehovah priests had to accomplish the ceremonies of washing and anointing with chrism - Ex.40:12-15. Nobody extraneous and not sacred had the right to be on the sacred territory of the tabernacle and in the internal court since this territory and priests were devoted to the God and anointed with chrism - Numbers18:5-8. Therefore priests did not have the lot of earth among other people of Jehovah -Deut.18:1,2, Joshua13:33
        By the moment of their dedication and anointing with chrism Jehovah let all the Israel people get around a tabernacle so that they could see the ceremony of anointing and the sacred fire of the acceptance of the victim by the God - Lev. chapters 8,9
        Outside the sacred territory of internal court all the other people of Jehovah lived, who had an earthly "lot", including new-comers from "heathens", who joined the God's people in worshiping to Him - Numbers 15:15,16, Joshua 11:23. During the movement of tabernacle the camp of Israel was disposed in a circle behind the camp of priests -Numbers 1:50; 2:2,3,17; 3:23,29,35,38. For worship to Jehovah and sacrificing victims to Him they were allowed to come to the internal court of the tabernacle and ask the priest to accomplish the service of sacrificing of all types of victims -Lev.1-7.. Prophet Ezekiel calls the territory outside an internal court -the external court (the courtyard that is outside the temple) which a priest appeared in, when he needed to go out to the people - Jez.44:19

        The similarity of the literal and spiritual temple of the period of Revel.11:1,2 we'll show in the table :

Literal temple of Jehovah Spiritual temple of Jehovah
1.The territory of the temple and the court with an altar is intended for the anointed priests - Numbers 18:7, Deut.18:1,2. This territory is their lot - the place where they live and serve to the God. Ezekiel calls it the "internal courtyard" - Jez.44:15-17 1. The territory of the spiritual temple and the altar, which has to be measured, is intended for spiritual anointed "priests". There are 144000 of them -Rev.11:1. The "priests" of this period are "anointed" in order to prophesy -Rev. 11:4, Zach.4:11,14
2.The territory outside an internal court is intended for other people of Jehovah - not anointed priests. Their lot is to live on the Earth which God takes care of, in accordance with His expectations -Deut.11:11-13. Ezekiel calls this territory, where all the "earthly" people of Jehovah serve to Him - the "external courtyard" -Ez.44:19 2. The territory of an external court is intended for other people of Jehovah - not anointed priests. Their lot is to live on the Earth which the God takes care of, in accordance with His expectations - Matt.5:5, Rev.21:24. People of Jehovah of this period act sinfully like the heathens, therefore Jehovah doesn`t take them into account-Rev.11:2

In detail about the events of this period read in the article 17 "Revelation. New version" chapter 11

About the spiritual temple of Jehovah, which has the same structure and operates shortly before Armageddon, you can red in 2Thess.2:4 Micah.4:1. About the sinner who will appear in this temple, it is possible to read in the article 8 : "He sits down in the temple of the God, publicly showing himself to be a god"

6. What Sanctuary did Jesus enter ?
(to the beginning)

        We will find out now, in what part of the tabernacle Jesus entered after His resurrection, then - where priests-anointed sovereigns from 144000 will be since their first resurrection , and then - where saint humanity will be after the "second" resurrection at the end of 1000year rule of Christ - Revel.20:5,6
        Because the tabernacle in the whole, and the first tabernacle - " the Holy", and the second tabernacle -"the Holy of holies" - are called an identical word "temple" - Hebr. 9: 1,2,3,6,7, it is necessary to find out where in fact hrist entered Himself and where He opened the way for the anointed Christians?

        It is known that Jesus carried out the role of high priest and entered with His blood into " the innermost" (secret) behind the curtain, which was called a veritable temple, located on the skies -Hebr.6:19,20; 9:11, 12, 24. Knowing that the high priest of the O.T. had to enter once a year behind the curtain in " the Holy of holies", it is possible to make a conclusion, that the temple which is located on the skies, where Jesus entered to Jehovah as a high priest, is the true "Holy of holies". His prototype was " Holy of holies" (the innermost) of earthly literal tabernacle -Hebr.9:11
        144000 first-borns - anointed sovereigns will enter there, where Jesus entered and opened a way to them - Hebr.6:19,20. They will enter the same temple, located on the skies - "the innermost". A "curtain" of a sinful flesh was no longer a hindrance from the moment of payment of Christ`s redemption - Hebr: 10:19,20. This moment is explained symbolically through the moment of breaking of the curtain in the temple (there was only one curtain in the temple , separating " Holy of holies") -Matt.27:51
        All the other Christians and servants of Jehovah of the Old Testament - will attain the state of holiness and perfection in the end of 1000year rule of Christ. ("holy" - means "innocent", without vice, but the word "perfect" means "does not need the improvement" -Eccl.3:14, Deut.32:4. Though Adam was perfect, he appeared to be vicious). The saint habitants of paradisial planet will get place on the saint territory: all the planet will become a figurative tabernacle (a temple ) made of the protective "cover" of Jehovah - Rev.21:3; 7:15, Is..4:5,6

        More detailed about it you will be able to read in the article 17 "Revelation. The new version" chapter 21, and in the article 14 - "144 000 and a great crowd - are they going to be on heavens?"

7.Spiritual "priests - anointed sovereigns"
(to the beginning)

        "Anointed" sovereigns - this word we meet in the Old Testament -1Kings.10:1, 24:11, Is.45:1. It means those people, who were chosen by Jehovah for implementation of the special commission. For confirmation of electing that man, who had been chosen by the God, was smeared with anointing oil. Those who were chosen and anointed, got different tasks: for example, Saul had to become a king, Kir had to free the captives, priests had to be the announcers of Jehovah- Malachi .2:7. The priests were not just smeared with anointing oil. The composition of their oil was special and sacred - Exodus.30:30,31. Their mission was especially important for Jehovah: they had to serve to Him, but not to themselves. Also they had to carry "light" of His word without distortion. -Malachi.2:7

        The word the "anointed" sovereign in the New Testament is used as a greek word "hrist". It also means: those who were chosen by Jehovah. Confirmation of electing is carried out through a chrism with a "sainted spirit" or spirit of Jehovah's truth (by the spirit of Biblical truth) - Matt.3:16, John 14:16,17,26, 2Cor.1:21,22
        In the New Testament, the Christians are elected for the celestial government of Christ as "priests-kings". Those, who are to become "priests - kings" in the N.T. also must be "oiled" with figurative sacred "oil". Therefore in the articles of site all the Christians who "have a chrism" from the God and hope to become one of 144000 kings and rule with Christ in the future are called the "anointed" sovereigns -1John.2:20,27, 2Cor.1:21,22. There are among them those, whom the God's word is opened, and those, who "carry" the information which was opened - 2Tim.2:2. However not all of the anointed sovereigns "opened" prophecies or wrote down the God's word . Commissions for the anointed Christians of the N.T. are also different - Rom.12:12:6-9. The function of the anointed Christians of the N.T. coincides with the function of ancient literal priests and kings. They also must be the faithful announcers of the God's word , who do not distort the Holy Scriptures. They also must be skilful leaders and organizers of Jehovah's people - read the article 3 "Who of the people living on the Earth nowadays are the members of the spiritual Israel?" par. 6

       It is unknown, how many Christians of N.T. will be "marked" with a chrism as those who were elected by Jehovah -2Cor.1:21,22. But it is known that from all the anointed sovereigns - only 144000 will appear to be innocent, faithful to the God till their death and suitable for sacred service to Jehovah in the skies - Revel.14:1,4,5; 20:6

       Since announcement of N.T. Jehovah "organized" a competition in a "heat to the skies" for persons who are interested in participating to get the "celestial rank" -1Kor.23-26, Hebr.3:1. Those, who wish, will make efforts in a "heat" and have a chance to get to the skies, because "every person is pressing forward toward it" since it was declared about it - Luke 16:16. Since the beginning of the action of the N.T. a sainted spirit was at first sent for all as the supernatural positive influence. Then, after the written Bible had been completed, the sainted spirit was "sent" as the God's word - the integral Bible, which is able to renew persons who are interested in it and to do them suitable for service to Jehovah as future "priests-kings" - John17:17, 2Tim.3:16,17

       However not all the people will want to go the Christ`s way and become Christians. Also not all of the Christians will want to make efforts and not all of them will want to participate in a "heat to the skies". It turns out therefore, that "there are many invited, but few chosen " - Matt.22:14. There are many Christians in the world , but not all of them become the anointed sovereigns

       Just in the period of action of the N.T. the group of "running" saints began to be selected - 2Cor.5:17,1Cor.1:2. That is, a sainted spirit renews not every Christian. He only renews those, who wishes to be revived and to become like hrist - Eph.4:20-24. For example, Paul ran not so, "as to be striking the air", but he "pummeled and lead it as a slave, that, after I have preached to the others, I myself should not become disapproved somehow " - 1Cor. 9:26,27

       First of 144000 Christians who till Armageddon will be able to "overtake" the world of sinful people and "run" to the finish - are called "first-borns" and younger brothers of Christ - Rev.14:4, 2Tim.4:7, John 16:33, Matt.25:31,40. The group of the first "winners" in general, consisting of 144000, - is called the "church of first-borns" - Hebr.12:23. Exactly the members of this group are to become priests in order to serve to the God in the skies with devotion of slaves -Rev.1:6; 20:6; 22:3. But before they become priests in the skies, they should first "be" "priests" on the Earth during the period of the New Testament and remain faithful to Jehovah till their death.
       It is expected that like "priests-anointed sovereigns" of the O.T. spiritual priests-anointed sovereigns of the N. T are ready to renounce from the own "worldly" pleasures forever and to carry the light of Biblical truth without distortion during all their life . The future habitants of paradisial planet must be found due to it. -2Cor.2:17; 4:2, Luke 14:26, at.19:12. Because literal priests of the O.T. served to Jehovah in the internal court of the literal temple, the spiritual priests of the N. T. will also serve to Him in the figurative internal court of His spiritual temple.
        Read also the article 13 "Great mystery of God`s church"

8. The sheep which are not of this fold (not internal) - John 10:16
(to the beginning)

        The rest of Christians have the name "the sheep which are not of this fold", that is - not internal court - John 10:16. They are to "run" till the complete age of Christ 1000 more years yet till Armageddon with the help of "first-borns", living in the skies - Hebr.11:40
        Some researchers of the Bible consider that under the group of the "other sheep" Jesus meant future heathens, who were to join the "court of Israel" (reformers). There are however, at least, two Biblical proofs to the fact that it is not so. We will examine them:

       1) Long ago in worship to Jehovah there was neither a "court of heathens" nor a "court of Israel", but there were two different courts - internal - for the anointed sovereigns - and external - for other people, who have the earthly lot, including new-comers - Ezekiel 44:17,19 (although Ezekiel was given the vision of the restored temple, obviously, that the restored temple had to conform exactly to that one which was destroyed by the Babylonians). Internal and external courts for worship to Jehovah were foreseen by Him from the very beginning - during the construction of the tabernacle (the booth) - Exodus40:31-33, Numbers 18:22
       2) The words of Jesus warn that He will have to unite some two parts into one whole and to lead it. Paul explains, what exactly Jesus will unite : the will of Jehovah is "to gather all things together again in the Christ, the things in the heavens and the things on the earth" - Eph. 1:9,10. It is possible, certainly, to suppose that this verse is about angels and people. However, Paul explains further, that Jehovah through the blood of Christ reconciled with Himself both earthly and heavenly - all what was united by Christ -Col.1:20 (NW, Ogijenko). Because the angels of Jehovah do not need expiation by Christ, it is possible to make a conclusion, that under reconciliation of Jehovah "with earthly and celestial" it is necessary to understand those, who need expiation: they are the future habitants of skies, and the future habitants of Jehovah`s earth.

       Thus, it seems that Jesus will unite two different groups of people into one general herd of Jehovah : there are the "other sheep" of external court and "sheep of small herd" of internal court. It means that both future tellurians and future habitants of skies - all of them - will be in a submission of Jesus-King.

        Read also the article 13 "Great mystery of God`s church", the answer to the question 4

9. "Heavenly and earthly hopes"
(to the beginning)

       The anointed sovereigns know somehow, that if they are able to suffer till the end, they are expected to have the inhabitation on skies among 144000 - to Phil.3:20. These are those people, who are ready to renounce forever from themselves and from all the personal in order to belong to the Creator and to become His slave - Luke 14:33, 1 Cor. 6:19;7:23. About those, who hope to become a part of 144000, it is possible to say, that they have a "heavenly" hope".

        Others from those who are "running" in the N. T, but do not belong to 144000 - have a chance to inherit paradisial Earth and achieve the holiness and perfection with the help of "first-borns" - Hebr.12:40. Among them can be servants of the O.T, written down into Jehovah`s book of life - Mal.3:16. And also all those, who will be resurrected during the 1000 year rule, because there will "be resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous" - Acts 24:15
        In 1933-35 it became known that Jehovah will restore paradisial conditions on the Earth and will settle perfect people on it . In these years those texts of the O.T. and the N. T were "opened", which describe the habitants of future paradisial planet "Earth" -Psalms.36:29, Proverbs 2:21, Matt.5:5. Before those years these texts were not "seen" for some reason and nobody could understand their sense: these texts were concealed from understanding till 1933-35 . But people who want to live and use earthly benedictions, especially in the paradisial conditions of the Earth - were "revealed" exactly after that. They understand that it is necessary to work, in order to adhere the Biblical principles. It is possible to say about them, that they have an earthly hope. They dream to live on a paradisial planet, what Jehovah in fact wished for the humanity from the very beginning of creation -Genesis 2:28

        So the two groups - future habitants of skies and future tellurians are formed . They differ from each other in accordance with their way of thinking and their way of life - Phil. 3:8-15. But it is up to Jehovah to decide who is who. He does not "distribute" a "celestial hope" to some people, and the "earthly hope" to the others. But each of His people determines with the personal vital orientation - Matt.19:11,12. It is seen by Jehovah. And He determines, who will appear to be "suitable" for celestial priestly activity, and who - for the habitants of paradisial Earth. Both the first and the second groups - are parts of Jehovah`s project - Rev. 21:4,10,24

10. " A Great crowd" from Revel.7:9,14
(to the beginning)

       A group of "great crowd" out of all nations and tribes and peoples is a group of people, who will go through the last devil's test on the Earth at the end of 1000 year rule of Christ (the last "great tribulation), and attain the state of holiness and perfection and stand "on the threshold" of the eternal day - the paradise on Earth.

       Detailed Biblical proofs to this assertion - read in the article 14 "144 000 and a great crowd - are they going to be on heavens?"

11. " The reign of the God (heavenly)"
(to the beginning)

        In the studies of WTS the "reign (kingdom) of the God" means the heavenly government headed by the Christ . However it is not quite so. Let`s consider Biblical proofs:
        We will take into account, that human "reigns" which were shown to Daniel in 2:37-44, do not mean "human governments" , but they mean human states in the whole, in which citizens are managed by human rulers. Expressions of different historical epochs - "reign", "kingdom" and "state" - can nevertheless mean the same: they can mean society of habitants, organized by the ruler, which occupies certain territory and lives in accordance with the laws of the ruler.
        The heavenly reign is also the Kingdom of the God - Luke14:15, it is also the kingdom of Jesus's Father -Matt.26:29, 6:10, it is also the kingdom of the Father of the righteous men - Matt.13:43 - it is the same "reign(kingdom)", in which "many from eastern parts and western parts will come and recline at the table with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob" - att.8: 11, Luke 13:28
        Abraham and faithful habitants of the Old Testament are not invited to be the members of the future celestial government - Luke 16:16 - and therefore they can not "recline" in the "heavenly kingdom". Consequently, the expression "the kingdom of the God" or "the heavenly kingdom" can mean the figurative "state" of the God in the whole, in which heavenly rulers will manage His earthly citizens under the direction of Jehovah - Hebr.11:13,16, 1 Cor.15:24,28, Revel.21:22. In other words - the expression "Kingdom of the God" can mean the System of things of Jehovah, His world of people in which "the will of Him will take place as in heaven also upon Earth " -att.6:10. It will begin from the 1000 year rule of Christ - Rev.11:15

       Detailed Biblical proofs read in the article of site 15 "Stranger" among his people or proverb about a marriage feast" p.1 and 13 "Great mystery of God`s church", answer to the second question, p. )

12. " The Reign of Christ"
(to the beginning)

        The disciples of hrist knew that Jesus will have some "reign (kingdom)" in which they will be present as some judges and rulers - Luke 22:30. The disciples called this "reign (kingdom)" - the "reign (kingdom) of hrist" or "reign of beloved son of the God" - Matt.20:21, 2 Peter1:11, Col.1:13
        It is also mentioned , that the "reign (the kingdom) of Christ" means at the same time the reign (kingdom) of the God Jehovah - Eph.5:5. For this reason it is possible to conclude that the system of Jehovah's things on the Earth begins since the 1000 year period - Revel.11:15
        Jesus Himself talks about it, as about His reign (kingdom), which is not from the world of people and where thrones are prepared for his future faithful rulers - Luke 22:29,30, Matt.16:28, John 18:36. However Jesus explains here, that the organizer of this reign (kingdom) is not He, but His Father - Matt.20:23, 28:18
        Thus, the expression "reign (kingdom) of Christ" can mean the earthly "state" of 1000 year period in which the 144000 celestial rulers headed by the hrist will manage the earthly citizens .
       Read about it also in the article of site 17 "Revelation. The new version".

13. "The heavenly messiah government"
(to the beginning)

        You can not find the expression "the celestial messiah government" in the Bible . This expression appeared with the understanding of the fact that this government headed by the hrist will rule from the heavens. It is a temporary celestial government which will head the earthly state of hrist during the 1000 year period of human history . For tellurians a 1000 year period will begin after Armageddon. The special role is given in this state to the messiah government: the system of Jehovah's system of things begins from it; it will last 1000 years and it will transform not only the planet Earth, but it will also change the tellurians resurrected to life, and prepare them for entering into the eternal reign (kingdom) of the God Jehovah and His son Jesus Christ after the 1000 year rule - Revel.20:4,6, 21:22.

Read about it also in the article of site 17 "Revelation. The new version", chapters 21, 22.

14. The "abomination of desolation"
(to the beginning)

        The W.T. Society considers till now, that an "abomination of desolation" means the United Nations Organization. However this assertion does not confirm with the Bible. We will explain - why:
        The "abomination of desolation" must stand on a sacred place and depend on surroundings of Jerusalem by some troops - Mat.24:15, Luke 21:20. In according to the Bible, it is necessary to expect the "abomination of desolation" before Armageddon. Consequently, we must understand, what a sacred place, Jerusalem and troops before Armageddon.
        Sacred place before Armageddon, is a place and a source of correct worship to Jehovah. In old times a sacred place was the Gog's temple in Jerusalem. Before Armageddon a sacred place is a spiritual temple of Jehovah, where the people of the God worship to Him - look paragraph 5 of this dictionary.
        "Jerusalem" is a symbol of the leaders of God's people . It was so in old times, and it will be so before Armageddon - look a paragraph 3 of this dictionary.

        Some troops, surrounding "Jerusalem" before Armageddon, are the spiritual troops of the devil, influencing perniciously the leaders of Jehovah's people before Armageddon.
        Thus, an "abomination of desolation" before Armageddon is the state of desolation and devastating of the God's spiritual temple from faithful to Him leaders among His people. We should expect it in the places of true worship, namely in the people of the God shortly before Armageddon.

       Detailed proofs to it - read in the article of site 4 "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the killer of the prophets.."

15. "THIS GENERATION" from Matt. 24:34
(to the beginning)

   1. Biblical proofs to the fact that expression "this generation" can not mean "generation of the anointed sovereigns":

) In according to the statement of Society, that in the time of beginning of "great tribulation", that is the elimination of the wicked in Armageddon - some anointed sovereigns will still be on the Earth" - W.T. 15.02. p.24, par.15 the end. The same expression "great tribulation" the same W.T. on page.21 in par.3,4 uses to designate the period, when Jesus will "come to kill the wicked", that is Armageddon.
In according to the Scriptures there will be not a single anointed sovereign on the Earth in the period of Armageddon, because all of 144000 will gather with hrist on the heavens in order jointly "to separate the sheep from the goats" and kill the "goats" in Armageddon -Matt.25:31-33,45,46;Revel.11:12,18;19:7,13-15,20,21

B) By the moment when Jesus used the expression "this generation will by no means pass away until all these things occur" - the "generation of the anointed sovereigns" did not exist yet at all: the disciples got the gift of Christ in form of holy spirit and understood that they had became the anointed sovereigns only after the resurrection Christ - John.20:22, Acts.2:4,14-21

C) If to speak about the "generation of the anointed sovereigns", from the point of view of the Bible, it has been living not since 1914 , as the same WT supposes on the p. 24 in a foot-note to the paragraph 15, but from the moment of chrism of the first 120 disciples, that is since 33 A.D. They were to see the prophecy of Christ about the literal Jerusalem's temple , when there will not "be a stone left on a stone" in it; about the death of the age of Judaism and about the offensive of " Lord's day " for Israelites - Matt.24:1-3, Act.2:16-21. The fulfillment of prophecy about the spiritual temple, located in spiritual Jerusalem, the last from the 144000 anointed sovereigns will see - Revel. 11:1-8. They will also see the signs of the end of Satan's age in the " Lord's day " - (about the meaning of the spiritual temple and Jerusalem see this dictionary, paragraphs 3 and 5)

   2. Biblical proofs to the fact that expression "this generation" means not "generation", but Jehovah`s servants of Pharisees`s kind.

) Expression "this generation", except for the meaning "generation", as it is translated by N.W. - can also mean the "sort" or "type" of people , who possess some similar virtues , for example - similar character or behaviour (dictionary of Brokgauz). When Jesus asked the question: "with whom shall I compare this generation?" - he did not mean His "contemporaries" that is a concrete generation of God's people , who were listening to Him -Matt.11:16. But he meant the type of Israelites in general, who were in skeptical and suspicious spirit, and who can not and do not want to accept anybody as an envoy from the God. They accepted neither John, who was fully isolated from the world of people, nor Jesus hrist, too mundane to their opinion. - Matt.11:17-19

B) Conversation of Jesus with His disciples about the end of this age in chapter 24 is not the separately taken conversation, but continuation of His talk with disciples from the chapter 23 about Pharisees and about Jesus, who will come in Armageddon - Matt. 23:1, 35,36,39, 24:1,2,3. ( W.T.S. ignores this fact, bringing over in the new explanation only the chapter 24, separating it from the context). Nevertheless, from the talk in the chapter 23 which happened before the talk in the chapter24, it was known to the disciples, that, speaking about "this generation", Jesus talked about the negative servants of Jehovah - about the leaders of ancient God's people of "type of Pharisees" who, expecting the parousia of Christ will at the same time persecute the God`s prophets and reverentially meet the sign of Jesus "coming" in Armageddon. - Matt.23:33-39, 24:10 -12, 30,34. It looks very much like the situation when the same type of Jehovah's servants expected the first advent of Messiah and at the same time persecuted Messiah. Jesus called this "pharisaic generation wicked and adulterous", and also "Jerusalem, killing the prophets" of Jehovah - Matt.23:37, 12:39. The same sort of Jehovah's servants will persecute the last prophets before Armageddon - Revel.11:1-8

C) With the negative meaning of the expression "this generation" agrees also the W.T.S, reporting about it: " in the first century this expression meant the generation of irreligious Hebrews Jesus always used the word "generation" with a negative shade of meaning - wicked and depraved .. It is a true, that Jesus used the word "generation" in a negative meaning, speaking to the wicked people of those days or speaking about them". - W.T 15.02.08 p.23 par.10,11

      It is necessary only to point out the serious inaccuracy, committed here by the W.T.S: the negative shade of meaning Jesus attached not to irreligious Hebrews , but to those of ancient God's people, who thought themselves very much and above all things "believers" - to the leaders of God's people like Pharisees, who expected the arrival of Messiah - John 7:47-49,52. Exactly the "sort of Pharisees" can offer a danger for the disciples of Christ and harm the God's people in the whole at all times - Luke12:1,Act.2:40

      So, "this generation", which is going to meet Armageddon and harm the God's people in the whole very much, was opened to the disciples of Christ in the meaning "Type of leaders in the people of God, like Pharisees" from the times of Jesus.

In according to the Scriptures, for this "model" of Jehovah's servants is characteristical:

  - To occupy in the people of God the influential position and due to it to assume themselves a right to interpret the Scriptures using their own discretion - to "take the keys of understanding", not caring especially that the interpretation conforms with the words of the God Matt.23:2, Luke11:52, Mark7:10-13
   - This "type" teaches those who join the people of the God, not the God`s, but their own ideas and views about service to the God - Matt.23:15-18
  - Very devoutly and piously they honour the prophets of Biblical past, but they will "scourge in the synagogues and persecute from city to city" the "prophets, and wise men", whom Jesus will send before Armageddon with the God's word. Matt.23:34, John16:1-3; Revel.11:2,8
  - They will do all this till Armageddon, that`s why they will not be able to avoid conviction into
" Gehenna " in the period of Armageddon. All the "blood" of God's envoys , spilled by them, will be taken from them -Matt.23:33,35. " All of this will happen with "this generation" - that is, retribution will be accomplished with the sort of God's people like Pharisees in Armageddon. And this is the truth - Matt23:36
  - This type will exist in the people of God in the moment when the sign of Jesus appears, who will come in the clouds before Armageddon. -Matt.23:39, 24:30
   - This type will be repudiated by the God from the moment of murder of the God`s prophets till Armageddon - Matt. 23:37-39, Rev.11:7-10
  - This type will not understand , that it is repudiated by the God, that`s why it will expect reverentially and welcome Jesus, who will come for retribution in Armageddon - Matt.23:39. The fact, that Jesus will reject them and will define as "goats" for elimination - will be a complete surprise for them , because they are sure that they are righteous men - Matt.25:31,41-46

See also the article of site 4 "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the killer of the prophets." par .5 and 17 "Revelation. The new version" chapter 11

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