To Jehovah`s witnesses.

"..he as God sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God"
2 Thes.2:3,4

     Explaining the text of 2 Thes. 2:3, 4 that the day of Jehovah - Armageddon - will not come until man of sin will "sit" in the temple of God, the WT Society teaches that man of sin is false christian religion. However it is not so. And that is why:
     Taking into account that in the context it goes about the period of the second presence of Christ - 2 Thes.2:8, it is clearly, that, speaking about the temple of Jehovah, Paul did not mean the literal building of Jerusalem temple, which by the moment of presence of Christ would already have been destroyed. Consequently, Paul talked about the spiritual temple of Jehovah, "the mountain of the house of Lord", which will be formed in the last days and will start acting - Micah 4:1. (about the mountain of the house of Lord see the article "Revelation. The new version", APPENDIX 1)
     Because the spiritual temple of Jehovah consists of the internal court - anointed sovereigns - and the external court - "sheep" of Jehovah with the earthly hope, man of sin is expected according to the words of Paul, in the places of veritable worship, to which false christian religion has no relation at all.
     The book of the Bible "Revelation" specifies, that before Armageddon "man of sin" will appear in the external spiritual court, because the representatives of this court will become "heathens" and will begin to oppress the servants of the internal court - the anointed sovereigns - Rev.11:2. Because only the persons, who have certain plenary powers can oppress somebody, it is obviously, that the anointed sovereigns before Armageddon will be oppressed by unfair representatives of class of leaders of Jehovah`s people.
     The external court historically began to be formed in 1933-35, when God opened the anointed sovereigns the "other sheep" who had to "fill" for worship the "external court" of the spiritual temple of Jehovah - WT 01.02.98, p.21, 01.05.02, p.30, 15.11.2000, p.13 par.15)
     We will consider, in which way "man of sin" - a class of unfair earthly leaders - will be able to sit in the external court of the spiritual temple of Jehovah before Armageddon .
     Alas, he will not appear suddenly, on one day. For his forming in history of the people of Jehovah favorable pre-conditions had to be created. The history of Israel people has already had the double similar experience of origin of unfair managers in the last days of Judaea 607g.(587/586g) BC and 70 AD. Among the managers of Judaea of the last days the prophets of Jehovah could not find even one man, interested in truth. Moreover, the word of Jehovah was unpleasant for them to hear, because it portended nothing good for them - Jer.5:1,2, 6:8,10,13-15.
     Jesus called the class of unfair managers of His time - "evil and adulterous generation" -Mat.12:39 and "children of Jerusalem" of the last days who pursued him for 3,5 years and killed - Mat.23:37. As Jesus warned, the same generation must appear also before Armageddon among the worshippers of Jehovah: "Verily I say unto you, this generation shall not pass, till all these things (Armageddon) will be fulfilled" - Mat.24:34. With the appearance of sort of leaders - "men of sin" - lawlessness will increase also among other servants of Jehovah; "the love of many shall wax cold" - to Jehovah, to the word of Jehovah and to the fellow creatures - see WT 01.02.2006, p.22, par.2.
     In spite of the fact that the servants of Jehovah will expect earnestly the arrival of this day and watch the signs of its approach, this day however will come for them unexpectedly, like a thief - 1Thes.5:1,2. How is it possible?
     We will consider 4 pre-conditions without which it would be impossible for the class of unfair earthly leaders to appear, grow and prosper:

1. From the midst of Jehovah`s people will be "taken away" that, who retains the development of lawlessness - 2Thes.2:6,7  

2. The state of the "peace and safety" will be established -1Thes.5:2,3  

3. Commercial success will come through the activity of the beast with the horns of the lamb - "faithful and wise servant" (FWS) of the period of "end of this world" - Rev -13:11,17  

4. The New World Translation of the Bible will appear  

And we will consider each of them in detail:

1. From the midst of Jehovah`s people will be "taken away" that, who retains the development of lawlessness - 2Thes.2:6,7
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                                     Who of the people of Jehovah is able to restrain the prosperity of lawlessness? Only servants of the internal court of the spiritual temple of Jehovah - His anointed sovereigns, because the God`s spirit, "living in them", does not enable them not to see their own lawlessness and that of the co-believers and helps them to fight actively with them with the spiritual weapon: correct interpretation of the Scriptures and exhortations through the publications of WT Society- 2Cor.2:17, 4:2, 5:7. ( Who is the anointed "sovereign" - see the article "Revelation. The new version", APPENDIX 1,2). Anointed sovereigns do not have the need somebody from people to teach them the truth of Jehovah, because the gift of distinction of good and evil with the eyes of Jehovah is given to them from above by means of holy spirit -1John2:20,27. Therefore Jehovah made it their admonishand to teach all the other earthly sheep, who, not having the spirit of chrism, need instructions to go the way of Jehovah -1Thim.4:11,13-16. For this very reason the anointed sovereigns are called in the Bible "teachers" and "having the rule" - Hebr.13:7,17 (NWT uses this text to the anointed sovereigns.)
     The anointed sovereigns, as "having the rule", have the function of organizers of Jehovah`s people. Sheep with earthly hope can undertake only the function of faithful performers of the recommendations of the anointed sovereigns, based on the Scriptures. So is the theocratic order, set by Jehovah for the earthly organization: only anointed priests can be faithful announcers of Jehovah - Mal.2:7, teaching the people of Jehovah not their own ideas about justness, but the justness of Jehovah.
     Until the people of Jehovah are managed by the faithful anointed sovereigns, growth and prosperity of lawlessness in the congregations is hold out by their efforts. Due to their efforts, lawlessness, living in the hearts of every servant of Jehovah, does not grow into the "man of sin"
     However, before Armageddon according to the prophecies of Paul the anointed sovereigns will "be taken away" from amidst the people of Jehovah -2 Thes.2:7, that is their influence on the society of Jehovah had to be weaken considerably in the last days before Armageddon. At some moment they will not be able to "retain" the growth of lawlessness any longer and will "release" it free. Why?

For many reasons. Among them:

     A) their old age will impose considerable limitations on their activity and possibilities. If to count up the age of an anointed sovereign, who was born in 1930, it will turn out 75 years in 2005. And if to take into account that most of basic studies of witnesses of Jehovah (firstfruits) - were opened to Rassel and his first associates, who called themselves the researchers of the Bible, it is possible to come to the conclusion, that exactly that small group, being at the sources of the Biblical openings in 1879-1900 - appeared to be the announcers of Jehovah for the whole movement of future witnesses of Jehovah, His anointed sovereigns, who laid the basis for the sermon of the gospel of the kingdom of Jehovah all over the Earth.
     Until Rassel was living, such organization, founded legally, didn`t exist, but there were autonomous "circles" for research of the Scriptures, in which it was possible to participate for all, who was eager to probe the Scriptures, and approach Jehovah through Christ. No regulations, no "hedges" of dogmas, no violence in faith and thinking, the process of search and opening of Biblical truth did not lay any limitations on somebody`s cogitative activity. Nobody was deprived of communication for dissidence - and they did not stop communicate with him in case if someone did not support the total "set" of studies, existing at that time for the associates of Rassel. WT of that time reported: "We understand, that growth of knowledge is a gradual process" (Information about Rassel is taken from the article of R.Frenc and from the book of WT Society "Witnesses of Jehovah - Announcers of the Kingdom of God".)
     For everything, what Jehovah opened to Rassel, as he himself considered, he was ready to give an account to each, who required from him the report in Biblical grounds of one or another teaching. Rassel never talked that his research was an unalterable dogma of teachings, but told that a great deal of information can be opened to anybody yet, except for him. By the main criterion of possibility to publish the research in WT - was its accordance to the Bible, and nothing else.
     However the growth of quantity of persons interested to worship Jehovah and necessity to organize the matter of sermon all over the Earth forced Rassel to develop some organizational measures for developing of Watch Tower Society and care of unity of teachings of Christ, opened from the Bible by that moment. Death of Rassel entailed the transmission of the matter of distribution of the information opened from the Bible - to the others, who considered themselves to be the anointed sovereigns and whom could be trusted the continuation of matter of sermon.
     Later, in 1930 -1935 witnesses of Jehovah decided that gathering of the anointed sovereigns had mainly been completed - WT 1.02.99, p.19 - and the time came to collect the opened worshippers of Jehovah from the "external court" - with the earthly hope - all over the Earth through the gospel of the kingdom of Jehovah.
     The increasing number of worshippers of Jehovah inevitably resulted in the necessity to increase the number of leaders and organizers of the matter of world sermon. There were not enough anointed sovereigns for organizational "positions" of elders for all countries. They needed the help of "sheep with the earthly hope", who appeared to be loyal .

     B) due to old age and the shortage of the anointed sovereigns organizational plenary powers of elders with an earthly hope had to be broaden considerably. WT from 15.01.2001 p.28-31 reports about the reasons of delegations of powers to the earthly elders who had to become the directors and responsible persons of legal WTS. (See also WT 15.05.97, p.17, par.10-18).
     Expansion of organizational plenary powers will create for the earthly managers favorable terms so that they could undertake the function of organizers instead of function of performers, which Jehovah foresaw for them. For example, WT from 01.05.07, p.30, par.5 unobtrusively prepares to the fact that elders with the earthly hope can manage rather well instead of the anointed sovereigns, because they are provided with not less of sainted spirit and, consequently, not less understanding of the Scriptures. Similar assertion does not comport with the Scriptures, where it is said, that exactly due to the chrism of Jehovah - the holy spirit - the anointed sovereigns know better than anybody and "needn`t , that any man teach" them - 1John 2:20,27. Such statement of Society infringes the role of the anointed sovereigns, which Jehovah had given to them - to be the organizers, "faithful and wise servant", the faithful announcer of Jehovah, caring of teaching the word of truth right -2Thim.2:15 . It`s quite possible, that Society will prepare the people of Jehovah to the opinion, that in course of time the leaders with the earthly hope will appear quite mature to be not only the organizers but also "faithful and wise servant".
     "The keys of the kingdom" will be taken away in natural way from the hands of the anointed sovereigns in order to learn to manage the people of Jehovah independently in case the day of Jehovah will stay too long and there will be not a single anointed sovereign left on the Earth. They had to learn to manage the people of Jehovah on the basis of information, left by the anointed sovereigns - mainly by Rassel.
     However, the absence of chrism on them and the great number of temptations connected with the power will lead to the circumstance that some earthly elders will use unconscientiously the "keys of the kingdom", trusted to them by Jehovah. In the first century even the anointed sovereigns appeared to be unconscientious and did not justify the trust of Jehovah: Diotrephes, "having rule", "high apostles" from Korinth, reigning in the congregation -3 John 9,10, 1Cor.4:8, 2Cor.11:5.
     Jesus warned that pernicious influence of leaders, who rule unworthily, can ruin the whole congregations before Armageddon - Rev.3:1-4; 1Tim.5:17,20.
     The receipt of the "keys" and expansion of plenary powers will gradually "drive" away the anointed sovereigns from the management and will allow the earthly elders to "sit" in the external court of the spiritual temple of Jehovah, in order to manage the people of Jehovah from His name.

     C) To help the earthly elders - the beast will be "born" with the horns of a lamb - Rev.13:11, being, as we found out from the previous article, the group of spiritual teachers with the earthly hope, who must get access to forming of spiritual food - publications of Society, at first, certainly, on the base of researches of the anointed sovereigns - so-called "faithful and wise servant" (FWS) , which will exist shortly before Armageddon and will appropriate the exclusive right of interpretation of the Scriptures.
     Although, certainly, the understanding of FWS from Mat.24:45, who will exist along with the wicked slave before the parousia of Christ, was explained by Rassel yet, who himself gave the spiritual food in due season. But if Rassel, distributing food for the study of the Scriptures and instructions worried at least so that all that corresponded with the spirit and the text of Scriptures, - FWS will change in course of time.
     FWS of "the end of this world" - will change their spirit under the onslaught of the increased problems of growing organization, and by the period of "the end of this world" - must grow into the means of management the masses, suppressions of dissidence, interferences into the conscience of witnesses of Jehovah, providing the blind submission to the power of elders in the congregations and providing the freedom of actions of elders, necessary for withholding of monolith of harmony of ideas among the witnesses of Jehovah at any cost.
     The function of FWS of the historical period of the end of this world will come in course of time to official assignment of elders with the earthly hope to the function of organizers - "having rule" in the congregations of Jehovah . The serious of publications will prepare minds and hearts of great crowd for the fact that the sense of the expression "elder, appointed by the holy spirit" is almost equal to the sense of the expression "elder, anointed by the holy spirit", and thus - to instil the understanding of necessity to obey the elders of congregations regardless of how conscientiously an elder will use the "keys", trusted to him.
     Hebr.13:17 will gradually spread on the elders with the earthly hope, although, as we found out above, originally this was meant for the anointed sovereigns only, having from God the abilities to manage correctly. Besides the idea that "having rule" earthly elders will have to report before Jehovah not only for themselves but also for the whole congregations, will influence magically the "superficial" servants of Jehovah, because it will allow them to relieve themselves every responsibility, being confident, that the elders are responsible for all their acts. Any decision of an elder will gradually be perceived by the members of congregations as a decision of Jehovah, that will enable the elders not only to manage on behalf of Jehovah but also become "like God" for other sheep - 2 Thes.2:3,4
     Having ennobled the elders to the level of announcers of the voice of Jehovah, FWS will become the voice of Jehovah and the item of worship for all the witnesses of Jehovah. Faithful and trained elders will take care of it on places .
     The system of management and control the people of Jehovah will be organized in the period of "the end of this world", consisting of FWS of this period and the army of its worshippers - social climbers, persons interested to rule. This SYSTEM of FWS will become "man of sin", sitting in the temple of Jehovah.
     According to how FWS of this historical period will manage the people of Jehovah, it is difficult to think, that there will be the anointed sovereigns of Jehovah in its composition. If they will appear in the SYSTEM of FWS, they will have either to worship FWS or - to be excluded from its composition. ( About FWS - see the article of site number 20)
     In this case the anointed sovereigns will also be powerless to "retain" the development of lawlessness. According to the prophecy of Dan.12:7 and Rev.11:2-7 about the events of the end of the period of the "last days", the great sorrow and Armageddon will happen in the conditions of complete "scatter of the power of the holy people" - veritable anointed sovereigns of Jehovah and future co-rulers of Christ. Therefore there are no grounds to expect that shortly before Armageddon the veritable anointed sovereigns of Jehovah will manage the people of Jehovah: their forces will be broken by the SYSTEM of FWS of this period.

     D) Explanation of FWS of the period of "the end of this world" through the publications of the other text - Eph.4:8 - that it is necessary to accept the elders as a "gift" from Jehovah, will also contribute into the development of lawlessness in them. And that is why: because a gift from Jehovah can not be bad, status of an elder will be glorified till honoring regardless of what kind of man he is.
     Translation of this text - "gave gifts to men" in form - "gave gifts in form of men" distorts the essence of spiritual gift of Jehovah, converts it into materialized into a man gift and results in abuse of the name of Jehovah. Because the spiritual gift of Jehovah is undoubtedly always good. However, how a man, having got a gift from Jehovah, will use it, - does not depend on Jehovah. We will consider it on the example of Solomon.
     Solomon got a valuable spiritual gift from Jehovah - the wisdom to manage the people of Jehovah correctly. However on his own choice he used this gift wrong and in course of time betrayed Jehovah. Was Jehovah guilty in it? Of course, not. All the responsibility for the wrong using of gift lies on Solomon.
     And in case if Jehovah gave Solomon as a gift to Israel ( gave Israel the gift "in form of Solomon" ) - all the responsibility for the "bad gift" would lie on Jehovah. Similarly - in case if an elder -"gift of Jehovah in form of man" - will manage unworthily and will "spoil" the members of the congregation, Jehovah will be disparaged for the "bad gift". And the abuse on Jehovah is a death sin.
     However in the activity of the beast with the horns of a lamb - FWS of the period of "the end of this world" - there is another failing:

     E) Understanding of the fact that earthly elders need instructions ( because they do not have the gift of chrism), will impel spiritual teachers of the last days to develop for them the great number of recommendations, explaining, how the elder must act in all everyday and legal cases which are only possible to provide for.
     Conscientious elder in the attempt to understand the great number of recommendations will be "lost" in time. And if to take into account the amount of his work - in organizational questions and in sermon, it becomes obvious, that he will simply have no time to read the word of Jehovah - the Bible. God`s word will not be able to influence a busy elder any longer and to form a loving heart in him, that gradually will convert him into a servant of the numerous letters. And service to the points will inevitably kill him spiritually - 2 Cor.3:6 and will prepare soil for the bloom of lawlessness which nobody will "retain". How it can happen - see the first article "Can the modern servants of the New Testament become the servants of the letter?"

2. The state of the "peace and safety" will be established -1Thes.5:2,3
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                     It is possible that before Armageddon the "calm" will come into the life of many witnesses of Jehovah : development of democracy, freedom of speech and religion will lead to the absence of persecutions, well-organized service, measured rhythm of life, and with building of Kingdom halls - to the increase of comfort and filling spiritual food. The confidence will appear that nothing bad can happen with them, because they serve to Jehovah. This period of "satiety" and measured life is extraordinarily dangerous. Jehovah warned that exactly the similar period of life can inflict the servant of Jehovah fatal harm - Deut.8:10-14, Luke21:34 and make a "man of sin" out of him - Hosea 13:6.   

3. Commercial success will come through the activity of the beast with the horns of the lamb - "faithful and wise servant" (FWS) of the period of "end of this world" - Rev -13:11,17
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                             According to the warning of the Bible, interpretation of Scriptures by FWS of the period of "end of this world" and edition of some publications to the subject "attitude toward the wealth" will contribute the increase of equity participation of the servants of Jehovah in the field of trade and commercial activity, which will have extraordinary popularity in the world by the time of Armageddon - Rev.13:15-17, 18:3. It is possible, that the class of elders with the earthly hope will consist of successful merchants and businessmen, that will also "fertilize" the soil for lawlessness.

4. Commercial success will come through the activity of the beast with the horns of the lamb - "faithful and wise servant" (FWS) of the period of "end of this world" - Rev -13:11,17
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                              What role the New World Translation of the Bible will play in the appearance of the class of unfair elders - "evil and adulterous generation" before Armageddon - see the next article "About some shortcomings of literal translations of the Bible of the last days". Let`s sum up our research of the Bible and diagrammatize pre-conditions, which make a "man of sin" who will manage the people of Jehovah from His name before Armageddon.

So, what does "man of sin" consist of:  

Elder with the earthly hope


old age of the anointed sovereigns


expansion of plenary powers


"the keys of the kingdom"


FWS of the period of the end of this world




necessity to learn a great deal of points


"peace and safety"


commercial success


The NWT of the Bible




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