To Jehovah`s witnesses.

WHO IS HE? - Rev.13:11

      About this beast the book "Revelation" reports not very much. However if to systematize the information about him from the book "Revelation", to take into account the historical moment of appearance of this beast, to probe his functions and then to compare this information with other places of the Scriptures, which describe the same historical moment, it will be possible to answer the question of the article.
So, what do we know about this beast from the book "Revelation?"

      1. He goes out of the earth and has only "horns like a lamb", but speaks, as a dragon - Rev.13:11. He is called also the false prophet - Rev.16:13
      According to the book of society "Revelation - Its Great Climax At Hand", p.194, par.26 it is the English-American world power. Investigating in this connection the essence of the false prophet and the beast, similar to a lamb, we will find out whether his appearance befits the symbol of English-American world power:
      A ) False prophet: According to the Bible veritable prophets are those, who utter the words of Jehovah - Acts 3:21, that comports with the explanation from WT 01.02.92 p.3: "to prophesy - means to pass the ideas of Jehovah ". Consequently, false prophet is that, who passes the ideas which belong not to Jehovah. Besides, his ideas must be formulated and written somewhere, otherwise it is not possible to distribute them.
      B) The beast, similar to a lamb: According to the Bible, the true lamb is Jesus Christ, consequently, the beast, disguising in the lamb, having only the horns of a lamb - it the false lamb or false Christ. It can mean that ideas and studies of false Christ must by guided by christian spiritual source, that is by the Bible, otherwise he will not attain the purpose - will not lead into error the people of Jehovah, who acknowledge only the Bible.
      About appearance of false prophets and false Christs in the last days before Armageddon showing great signs and wonders, both Jesus and apostle Paul warned -Mat.24:24, Acts.20:30, 2 Thes.2:3. False Christs and false prophets can not arise up on the soil of mundane environment, because for the world they are of no interest and of no danger, and the details of the way of Christ are indifferent to the world. These personalities must arise up in the spiritual christian sphere of human society with the purpose to lead the people of Jehovah into error, therefore this beast can not have any relation either to English-American world power or to any other financial state of Earth.

      2. He goes out of the earth and for the same historical period of time, as fatally injured beast "regenerates" in the external court of the spiritual temple of Jehovah before Armageddon (the "beast" never died in the world, but was always present) - Rev. 11:2,7,13:1,17:8. His exit out of the "earth" can mean the following: the earthly carnal sphere gave "birth" to him. The people from the external court must create this beast under inspiration of devil - Rev.13:11, 12 - for "maintenance" of the "beast" system of management in the external court.

      3. He closely co-operates with fatally injured beast, so closely, that due to his help the invisible "image" of the injured beast "comes" to life - becomes visible - and acquires force to operate - Rev.13:15. As we found out from the previous article, feral image must "come" to life in the people of Jehovah before Armageddon amidst the leaders with the earthly hope for the purpose to pursue the anointed sovereigns for 42 months (or 3,5 times) and to kill them - Rev.13:7.
      Because theocracy has it legal framework - spiritual truth of Jehovah, which is opened through publications, - Untheocracy (the management of the beast) also must have its legal framework - false truth, which the false prophet will have to create and to inculcate through the publications of WT Society. (being out of Society, the false prophet will not be able to influence the people of Jehovah). Publications of false prophet will help the spirit of the beast to "come" to life and be inculcated into the rulers of Jehovah`s people with the earthly hope, "converting" them into heathens. So "faithful and wise servant" (FWS) of the historical period of "the end of this world", publishing the spiritual food with such maintenance which will be instrument in the development of feral qualities in the leaders of the people of Jehovah. Because this FWS will create false truth, it is not necessary to expect that the anointed sovereigns of Jehovah will be included into its composition.
      The elders who will become "heathens", on legal grounds will trample the last anointed sovereigns of Jehovah, who must appear shortly before Armageddon with the disrobing sermon - Rev.11:1,2,3 In support to it - WT from 01.04.07, p.30, par.17, allowing the elders not to listen to the advice of the "wise servant", but to expect the full obedience from the congregation, WT from 1.05.07, p.30, par.5, declaring, that the "earthly elders" understand the Scriptures not worse and have not less spirit than the anointed sovereigns, although the Scriptures do not teach such nonsense -1 John 2:20,27. "Our kingdom ministry" from September 2007 forbade the personal research of the Scriptures to the ordinary witnesses of Jehovah, who are not the members of the group of leaders and the "center" of Society and induces them to probe the publications of WTS, thus, excluding the possibility to spill the light of Jehovah from other anointed sovereigns, who are not the members of the Boarding Committee and the Writing Committee of Society in Brooklyn. (When Jesus said : "who so readeth, let him understand" did he mean, that "reading the publications of Society - will understand"? Of course, not. We should read the holy word of Jehovah, only it is "quick and powerful" - Hebr 3:12) However the official prohibition of visiting not official sites of Witnesses of Jehovah, and also prohibition to read any Biblical literature, except for WT - will certainly hamper the advancement of the opened truth, but will not stop it completely
      The epistle of 2 Thes 2:3,4 also warns of the same events in the same historical period of time - before Armageddon: Armageddon will not come "except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition…he as God sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God".
      So, "faithful and wise servant" (FWS) - the apostate false christ (the wolf in the flock of a lamb - Mat.7:15) must sit in the temple of God. The temple of Jehovah is the place in which the anointed sovereigns teach the truth of Jehovah. Because it goes here not about the literal temple, the expression - an "apostate will sit in the temple of God" can mean: an "apostate" will appear in the organization of Jehovah, but not somewhere in general. His activity will be supported by false truth, published is the publications of Society, FWS of that historical period and will "convert" many servants of the external court with the earthly hope in "heathens". "The false ruler'"- FWS - must show himself that he is Jehovah, manage the people of Jehovah from His name and pursue His anointed sovereigns for 42 months through the elders -"heathens"- Rev.11:2,7.
      It is not necessary to expect that the false prophet will distort the truth of Jehovah rudely: frank distortion and rough disparity of the sense the Scriptures will be obviously noticeable. As, for example, half of the bottle of ink in the glass of clean water will do it obviously undrinkable, but the drop of ink will not spoil its look. In order to take the "superficial" servants of Jehovah away from the truth, it is enough either to place a few distorted texts into the Scriptures and to build the teachings on them or to use the separate texts interpreting them with a special purpose.

      4. He makes false wonders and seduces the people through them. Thus, the methods of seduction are the same, which Paul specified: lying wonders -2Thes 2:9, Rev.13:13,14. Those, who become tempted are the same as Paul specified: all, who do not love the truth, but love the false truth -2Thes.2:11,12.
      What false wonders will "win the hearts" of many? Probably in these texts it goes not about the literal supernatural wonders, because, for example, prophet Malachi, predicting the arrival of John the Baptist, reported that he would carry out the role of Elijah the prophet, making literal wonders. However it is known from the Scriptures, that although John the Baptist came in the "spirit and power of Elijah"- Luke 1:17, he did not make literal wonders, he tried only to turn the hearts of apostate Israel to Jehovah -Mal.3:1, 4:5,6, Mat.11:14. The same as the anointed sovereigns, according to Rev.11:6 making wonders, in literal sense will not make them. It is obviously, that it goes here about spiritual wonders: about great influence of their spiritual activity on minds and hearts of people of their time, as a result the hearts of some people will transform from stony and unreceptive to the word of Jehovah - into the hearts of flesh - Ez.36:26. Equally, false wonders of unfair rulers also can belong to the great influence of their spiritual activity on minds and hearts of "superficial" servants of Jehovah, due to which their hearts will gradually turn into stone - Mark 8:17,18. The example is given in Rev.3:1-4, when one! elder succeeded to lead away after himself, but not after Jehovah, almost all congregation except for only a few!!! persons devoted to Jehovah and to His word.

      5. His false truth will be especially comfortable for the "class" of "merchants"-Rev.13:16,17. Apparently, this sphere of vital functions in the last days before Armageddon will attract many servants of Jehovah. And, apparently, in commerce there are many temptations and terms favorable to the apostasy. The heart of king Tyrus, for example, tempted from success in trade - "by the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled the midst of thee with violence..." - Ez. 28:16. The prophet Ezekiel, addressing to the Israelites of the last days, specified that partly gold and silver infringed and spoiled the spirituality of the people of Jehovah - Ez.7:1,12,13,19.

      6. He will be eliminated in Armageddon along with the resurrected beast after he will carry out the intention of Jehovah on "refining and purifying" of the anointed Christians -"sons of Levi"- and will gather the wicked rulers for "participating" in Armageddon - Rev.19:19,20, Mal.3:2,3.
      After our research it is possible to come to the conclusion that "beast with the horns of a lamb, going out of the earth", from the book "Revelation" - is the group of spiritual teachers with the earthly hope - FWS - which must appear in the organization of witnesses of Jehovah before Armageddon. Among his members will be the false anointed sovereigns - the witnesses of Jehovah from the external court with the earthly hope, in spite of the fact that they can name themselves the anointed sovereigns and consider themselves the servants of the internal court at the altar of Jehovah - Rev.11:1,2. Their false truth will be the illustration against the fact that they are the anointed sovereigns of Jehovah, "workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" -2Tim.2:15.
      FWS of this historical period will participate in writing of publications and will begin to interpret the Scriptures so that to justify the appearance of class of unfair elders and to create for them comfortable conditions, based on the Scriptures. How it can happen - see the next article about an apostate in the temple of Jehovah.

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