To Jehovah`s witnesses.


1) The word "abyss"("bottomless pit") symbolizes the state of inaction or even death; "beast, ascending out of abyss" and " beast, going out of the sea" in the texts of Rev.17:8,11:7,13:1 - is the same, because the "abyss" interpreted literally can mean a "sea" as a bottomless space, from where it is impossible to harm people. This article through the Scriptures will prove the single essence of beast of devil in different texts.
2) The book of Society "Revelation - Its Great Climax At Hand.", p.143, p.167 (foot-note to the text) and Rev.9:2,3 - reflects the same opinion of "abyss", "bottomless pit" and "sea"
3) All the references, given in the text, are taken from King James Bible.

      While reading the words of John about the beast, "migrating" from "life" to "death" and back - the question arises up at once: in relation to what historical period is it necessary to expect the "migration" of the beast? In other words - in which period of the history of humanity he was, when - he is not, when it is necessary to expect his appearance again?
      Attentive research of the further text - Rev.17:10 - helps to understand, in relation to which historical moment John reports about world powers: at the moment of writing by John "Revelation" 5 of heathen world powers, existing in the past, were not left -"five kings are fallen" by that time : Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Greece and Mido-Persiya. One world power was at the moment of writing of "Revelation" - it was the Roman Empire. One - was yet to appear in the future in relation to the moment of writing of "Revelation" - English-American world power.
      Because in this context, affecting both existence of beast and existence of powers, the past and the present of powers is considered in relation to the moment of writing by John "Revelation", it gives weighty grounds to consider also "migration" of the beast from nonexistence to life at the same historical moment, that is at the moment of writing of "Revelation".
      The other question appears at once: where exactly the beast was at the moment of writing of Revelation in the past tense, where - he is not, and - where, in what area of life, is his appearance expected again?
      And, certainly, there is the third question: whom does this feral image present? If the beast is the invisible spiritual image and is not literal by a substance, but before Armageddon he will be present in human society, how to "calculate", what does he materialize in?
      As usually, we will use the help of Jehovah: His word - the Bible- will help to expose the secret of beast after we will answer the followings questions:
  1. How does the Bible explain the origin of feral image and his essence?
  2. Why is it important for the servants of Jehovah to know, where, in what area of life it is necessary to search for the beast ?
  3. Some details about the beast, who killed the anointed sovereigns of Jehovah.
  4. Is the image of the beast with a deadly wound, who killed the anointed sovereigns of Jehovah, and the image of the red beast the same?
  5. Where "was" the beast at the moment of writing of Revelation, where -"he is not", where - he will be, having ascended out of an abyss?
  6. How will 10 kings of seven-head beast destroy the great Babylon - the spiritual organization of devil?

Answer to the first question:

1. What does the word "spiritual" mean?

(to the beginning)

      In order to open slightly the curtain of secret essence of the beast, it is necessary to begin from the very beginning: from Gen 3:15, in which Jehovah predicted the opposition of two organizational systems of management, which raises the opposing representatives of these systems.
      According to this text - the invisible (vividly) spiritual "wife" of Jehovah - will give into the world faithful to Him people, invisible spiritual "wife of devil" - will give into the world the people, loving the way of devil. Opposition between representatives of two organizational systems - the Divine rule and not Divine - had to last during the long period - till the day of court, which Jehovah appointed - Acts 17:31.
      Thus both of them had to be organized in some visible human social-economic structures because of growth of quantity of population of the planet, and to use different methods of management, affecting folk masses .
      Both of them appeared under influence of management of devil, because the devil is the ruler of this system of things and organizes humanity in his own way - Luke 4:6.
      The vexed question about what type of management - Divine - theocratic - or not Divine - will appear most favorable for sensible tellurians, Jehovah allowed to settle by the method of "experiment", knowing beforehand that in His system of life only He can create, organize and support the development of happy, viable, reasonable society, suitable for execution of His intentions in all eternity - Is.48:11, Jez.37:22-28.
      On the example of Israel after Adam and Eva Jehovah showed the essence of theocratic management, what meant the organization of vital functions of human society according to His just principles, providing His people the spiritual harmony, creation and prosperity.
      Prophet Daniel describes the historical moment, when theocratic management of Jehovah over His people - Israel - will be substituted by heathen, unfair, similar to the beast - Jez.21:26,27, Dan.7:4-6 - by the management, widespread all over the land of the humanity alienated from Jehovah, harming the man - Eccl.8:9.
      Why is the management of heathens associated for Daniel with the beast`s heart and what spiritual essence stands after the heathen or feral management - Dan.4:13, Rev.17:7,10 -? (about the unicity of the feral states, enumerated in Dan.7:3, Rev.17:10 -see the article "The mystery of the last 10 kings.")
      The bible reports that people who live on the Earth on their own (by their own mind) - without guidance of the Creator - are similar to animals - Eccl 3:18.
      It is known also, that beasts are notable for the presence of instincts of self-preservation and absence of intelligence - the reflecting mind, capable to understand through logic the reasons of what is going on. Therefore nobody of people expects an adequate behavior and display of human qualities from them: they can feel neither justice, nor mercy and love - Ps.72:22.
      As a matter of fact the system of management of heathens - people, alienated from Jehovah, reminds the organizational system of the world of beasts. With the help of a very colorful allegory the fable of Krylov "Wolf and lamb" shows the essence of relations in such organizational structure: if a wolf planned to "eat" a lamb, it does not matter, what good reason it is necessary to think of for this purpose: "you are guilty because I am hungry". Such frankness is of course unusual for the world of people and, as a rule, for such cases more refined and acute reasons are thought of, however the essence of "eating" up each other in this system of things is the same: "The strong are always sure in the weak`s guilty" - Psal.73:19, 55:1-3, 1 Peter 5:8
      And if to add to it the phrase of Jesus that "the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light" - Luke16:8, it isn`t difficult to guess that the faithful servants of Jehovah are expected to "be eaten" by the inventive and practical representatives of this system of things - Gal.4:29.
      Similar "feral" methods of "survival", destroying humaneness in the sons of man, reflect the spirit of devil which so much differs from the Divine methods of administrative management. In theocracy the basis of organization of relationship and vital functions of Divine society is the love, desire to subordinate is absent, desire to serve, to help and to make each other happy - is present - Mat.20:25,22:37-40.
      Therefore, when Daniel describes the systems of management over the people of Jehovah by heathen world powers, he allots them by the images of beasts, different only due to form - to appearance. The interior of them is identical - "beast`s heart" , reflecting the spirit of devil who uses suitable for him people in the management of human society of the present system of things through "feral" methods, unworthy the intelligent human being - Dan.4:13,7:3-7 (except for the first beast with a "heart of a man" - Nebuchadnezzar, who has acknowledged Jehovah), Luke 4:6
      Thus, it is obviously, that beasts, symbolizing not Divine, but heathen management, incident to mundane powers, are the matter of devil. Spiritual essence of the feral image is incarnated in a devilish "spirit" - attitude - of imperfect human leaders, both state and local, where "a man ruleth over another to his own hurt"- Eccl.8:9.
      As we found out from the previous article about the system of management of devil - all, who aspires to power and manages anything using the methods of devil - become the participants of wicked feral "System Babylon".

Answer to the second question:

Why is it important for the servants of Jehovah to know, where, in what area of life it is necessary to search for the beast ?

(to the beginning)

      Modern earthly organization of witnesses of Jehovah is also a visible organizational human structure with human rulers. Because ancient earthly organization of Jehovah - the state Israel - in course of time stopped to be the Divine organization because of infidelity of its members, the modern servants of Jehovah should be vigilant, so that on their example not to "fall" down to the level of "beasts", who had devoured the envoy of Jehovah - Christ -1Cor. 10:6,12.

      According to the Bible in the last days the temple mountain of Jehovah`s house with a theocratic structure - "will be established in the top of the mountains… and people shall flow unto it" - Micah 4:1-3. It means that not earlier than in certain last days, to the internal court of spiritual temple of Jehovah - anointed sovereigns - will begin to be "built" an external court - "other sheep with the earthly hope", as a result the temple will start acting actively. (a "great crowd" has been serving since 1935 in the external court)
      According to the book "Revelation" in the last days before Armageddon among the people of Jehovah some unusual phenomena will happen which will prompt the faithful to awake, because with the approaching of Armageddon the opposition of two systems will increase: anointed sovereigns of the last days will be trampled by the heathens of external court of spiritual temple of Jehovah and, as a matter of fact, will be killed by the beast, going out from the abyss -Rev.11: 2, 7, 13:1,5-7, 17:8. It means that the beast, going out from the state of nonexistence - abyss (bottomless pit) - will incarnate also in the rulers of Jehovah`s people from a "great crowd", converting their internal essence into the essence of heathens (see the previous article "Jerusalem, the killer of secret prophets",p.5.). Messages to 7 churches of "Revelation" also expose the types of lawlessness, reigning in the congregations of Jehovah`s people, on the day of Lord (about the day of Lord -see the article "Revelation. The new version")
      Jesus also warns that in the last days by the news about kingdom a lot of different "fish" will be gathered into one large fishing net, however the caught fish will have to be assorted into suitable and useless. Angels at the end of this age will withdraw the wicked from amidst of the just, it means that among the "just" will also be the wicked - Mat.13:47-49.
      The proverb about the presence on a marriage feast of a stranger without the "wedding garment" warns of the same - Mat.22:10,11.(see the article "Proverb about a marriage feast and about a large fishing net")
      Apostle Paul also warned the anointed sovereigns of the first christian congregations that "grievous wolves will enter in among you, not sparing the flock" - Acts 20:29,30. Because the flock is trusted to guard to the pastors, the words of Paul warn of the appearance of "wolves" among the leaders of Jehovah`s people (see also WT 15.01.2006, p 23, par.14). According to the phenomena which already take place in the history of humanity, especially - in a world sermon and complete forming of spiritual temple of Jehovah with the servants of internal and external courts in the people of Jehovah it is possible to draw a conclusion, that humanity has already entered into the stage of "closing dates"
      It is obviously from the Biblical warnings, that in the last days of this system of things the invisible spirit of the "beast" will enter also into the people of Jehovah. Every christian must be able to "determinate" his presence in order not to give to the beast the possibility to "enter" the servant of Jehovah like Judas enabled the devil to "enter" him - John 13:27, 1Peter 5:8

Answer to the third question:

Some details about the beast, who killed the anointed sovereigns of Jehovah.

(to the beginning)

      1. The beast goes out from the sea (from the bottomless pit) or from the abyss, that is actually - the same ( sea - bottomless, very deep) and is on the earth which means that from that minute the beast is to become (to appear) on some earthly territory and to "go out from the state of inactivity"- to come back to life - Rev.13:1,17:8.
      2. On the heads of the beast, as well as of the red dragon - devil - are king`s crowns -Rev.12:3, 13:1. Consequently, both dragon and beast are king's "rulers" of this system of things. ( About his 10 horns see the article "The mystery of 10 last kings".)
      The beast of devil provides realization of a heathen, on the example of the feral - mundane system of management of devil, in which a "man rules over another to his own hurt" - Eccl.8:9. The feral spirit is the attitude and method of an administrative management - the world rulers show this method both in the management of the states and in the management of small organizational structures, for example - by factories. Such mood is peculiar even to the imperfect heads of families - husbands - in this system of things.
      3. This beast, described in "Revelation", was always present in the world, actively operated and never "sank", being inactive, in the depths "of the sea". Consequently, he is expected to appear on that vivid territory of the Earth which he was once driven away from, getting a deadly wound.
      4. He has a deadly wound from a sword - that is the beast was killed by someone for some time, but came back to life - went out from the state of nonexistence, having healed a deadly wound - Rev.13:3.

      By whom and when was the deadly wound inflicted to the "beast"?

      The bible testifies that by the last days of the judaic system of things the spirit of devilish "beast" penetrated also into the midst of the leaders of Jehovah`s people, who accepted the look of bookmen and pharisees loving "the praise of men more, than the praise of God" - John.12:43.
      Accepting the spirit of the beast, the leaders of Jehovah`s people of the times of Christ in fact became heathens - sinful people - Luke.24:7,9:22, Mat.20:19 - like the rulers "became heathens" in the people of Jehovah before destruction of Jerusalem in 607(586/587) B.C. - 2Chron.36:14-16, Mat. 26:45, 47.
      By the hands of leaders, who "became heathens", the "beast" pursued and killed Jesus Christ. On the similar scheme the pursuits of the last anointed sovereigns at the end of closing dates will take place- shortly before Armageddon -Rev.11:2,7

      What was the devil going to achieve by the "beast" from the anointed sovereigns of Christ, using the leaders of Jehovah`s people of those times?

      The bible reports that the devil tried to get worships to him, submission to the mundane system of things through different methods - Luke4:2, Mat.16:23, John.8:44. The devil offered Jesus to become the part of his wicked system of management, promising Jesus the prestige "position" of a main ruler over all human states -Luke 4:6,7. However the advantages, promised by the devil, didn`t attract Jesus. He did not "join" the satanic world, which dictates the terms of survival, unworthy a sensible man. Jesus did not submit the power of the beast, dominating in this system of things - Eph.2:2. With His loyalty to Jehovah Jesus Christ inflicted the beast of the devil a deadly wound -John 12:31,14:30,16:33, which was to be healed in the future.

Note:     It is impossible not to mark with admiration how wisely and simply Jehovah showed all the readers of the Scriptures the presence of the "beast" in the leaders of His people during the first advent of Christ: He took out Jesus on the "arena of events" of the first advent not from official authoritative "boarding committee" of that time in Jerusalem, but from "ordinary" Nazareth of Galilee - John7:52. Truth of Jehovah which was brought by Jesus also did not proceed from the official source of interpreters of law of Jehovah. On the contrary, some carpenter with the small group of fishermen of unsavory reputation told something without official permission from the leading center. "The tentacles" of System of devil, having penetrated into the members of "boarding committee", resisted the truth of Jehovah, which sounded from the mouths of "ordinary israelites". Because nobody of the official authorities accepted him, so He had to be rejected regardless of what He spoke - so the "beast" thinks, accepting "the praise of men, than the praise of God" - John.7:47-4; 12:42,43.

     According to the prophecy from Revelation 11:2,7,8 it is expected that the parousia of Christ will be accompanied by the same "signs": truth of Jehovah which will be opened by the last envoys of Christ, will not necessarily come from official source. Last envoys of Christ, through which he will operate in the period of His parousia, will "be killed" in the future "Jerusalem" - they will not be acknowledged by those officials , who at that moment will lead in the people of Jehovah. On the example of events of the first advent, this prophesying group will not necessarily go out on the arena of events from the "official center of management" - "Boarding Committee" of Watchtower Society in spiritual "Jerusalem". - (see more detailed the article "Revelation.The new version", chapter 11, table)

     Every witness, faithful to Jehovah, who will be lucky enough to live in the period of parousia of Christ, should follow the example of Jesus Christ: he, knowing that the leaders of people of Jehovah "came into complete uselessness", not only did not begin to "raise a sword" against apostate "Boarding Committee", did not call to revolution, but also did not abandon voluntarily the environment of Jehovah`s people- the "fraternity", till the end. He attended the meetings in synagogues and the temple, preaching the truth of Jehovah and warning them of the influence of pernicious feral spirit of leaders: "whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not" - Mat.23:3, Luke12:1,4. He till the end supported worship to the Father of that kind, in which it was arranged by Jehovah at that historical moment - Luke4:16, 21:37,5:14, John7:14. Jesus did not advise to look for the other organization outside the people of Jehovah, because only the people of Jehovah "know, what they worship" - John 4:22. Also those faithful christians from the congregation in Sardis, who will serve to Jehovah in the period of "day of Lord", - will not leave the "dead" fraternity voluntarily, but also will not be led by spiritually dead leaders, keeping loyalty to the Creator - Rev.3:4.

Answer to the fourth question:

Is the image of the beast with a deadly wound, who killed the anointed sovereigns of Jehovah, and the image of the red beast the same?

(to the beginning)

      The beast, described in Rev.17:3, has the color of blood and carries a whore in red clothes. This fact gives some readers of the Bible reason to conclude that the other beast, different from deadly injured one, is described here. However the attentive research of "Revelation" and understanding of spiritual essence of seven-head crowned beast with the names of blasphemy, reflecting the glory of dragon of color of blood - devil - Rev.12:3, helps to understand why in the 17th chapter of "Revelation" John changes, more precisely - adds the description of the "beast":
      1. At the moment of description of the deadly injured beast trumpets sounded: it means that only warning news about appearance of that beast in the midst of congregations of Jehovah`s people sounded - Jez.33:3-6. The resurrected beast was once again to be "drunken" with the blood of faithful witnesses of Jehovah, measure of bowl of his lawlessness by the moment of trumpet sounds was not filled yet. By the moment of outpourings of bowls of God`s anger he has already "saturated" with blood of the saints of God, having killed them, that`s why his appearance is red.(see the article "Revelation. The new version")
       2. The circumstance that a wife-whore sits on the beast, symbolizing the invisible spiritual helper of the devil, means that feral system of management of devil is the "support" for his "wife" : leaning on feral methods of management, devil through his symbolic "helper"- the governmental capital Babylon - manages the world, using the vicious "kings". That`s why the image of the beast is closely connected, more precisely, united together with the organizational system of devil, causing different earthly abominations - Rev.17:4,5. It "gives" the "seed" of devil - vain social climbers, and the beast "puts them to the hands" - uses in his aims the "best" from them. It was also "saturated" with blood of saints - Rev.17:6, that is why his clothes are red. At that historical moment - in Armageddon - God`s anger will be outpoured on all the satanic system of management, which is presented both by the invisible part and the visible one: the visible part is presented by a false prophet - beast, going out from the earth -Rev.13:11- (see the next article about the beast with the horns of a lamb)

The invisible part of the satanic system is presented:

    a) by the devil himself - the red dragon - Rev.12:3 - head and organizer in the spiritual sphere
    b) by his spiritual wife - whore, dressed in red - Rev.17:4 - spiritual "mother" of devilish "governmental" seed, "reigning" on the earth - Rev.17:5, 18. Luke 4:6
    c) by the red "beast", symbolizing as we found out, the essence of the not theocratic system of management, carried out through feral methods.

     All of them in the whole make the invisible spiritual opposition to Jehovah`s system of management, described in Gen 3:15; all of them pursued the faithful anointed sovereigns of Jehovah at all times. Therefore by the moment of expression of anger of Jehovah, the measure of their lawlessness is overfilled to the edges with the blood of faithful christians, all of them were "saturated" with it to redness - Rev.18:24, 6:10,11.
      All of them will be eliminated in a fiery lake, each in his time - Rev.16:10,17 - along with a false prophet - Rev.20:10 . It should be noted that according to this text, in the lake there is only one beast, that confirms an idea about the unique feral image and his essence, united together with a whore. Because a whore is also not present here, although John described in details the falling of grandeur of "wife" of devil and the queen of this system of things - Rev.18:7,8.
      3.Their functions or purposes of their actions are identical: both of them, going out from an abyss, will contest with a Lamb, killing his followers - Rev.17: 8,14, 11:7, 13:1,5-7.
      Thus, it is obviously, that images of beasts, described by John in "Revelation", present the same beast in different periods before Armageddon.

Answer to the fifth question:

Where "was" the beast at the moment of writing of Revelation, where -"he is not", where - he will be, having ascended out of an abyss? - Rev 17:8.

(to the beginning)

      This beast was. Then he was not. But he is to come back to life again.- to go out from the state of nonexistence - from the abyss (bottomless pit).
      In what area of life did such metamorphoses take place with the beast of devil?
We will find out from the answers to the followings questions:

1. Where the beast "was" at the moment of writing of Revelation in the past tense?

      In alienated from Jehovah world this beast was always present, and at the moment of writing of Revelation - also, because his patron - devil - is "the prince of this world" - John 15:30. Where then did this beast "migrate" in such a way?
      As we have just found out, this "beast" had got to the people of Jehovah of old times, fed his leaders with his devilish spirit, taught them to love "the praise of men" and all the worldly goods which it brings, taught them to rule the people of Jehovah, using the devilish feral approach - Mat.7:15. This beast "was" at the moment of writing of Revelation in the midst of Jehovah`s people of the times of Christ in the past tense.
      . Since Jesus Christ inflicted him a deadly wound - "killed" this beast with his loyalty, he "stopped to be" in the midst of Jehovah`s people.

2. Where there is no beast at the moment of writing of Revelation?

      This beast was not in the first christian congregations, where the anointed sovereigns carried out the loving and just theocratic management. Therefore at the moment of writing of "Revelation" apostle John reports that "..a beast is not ..." , using the word "no" in the present tense. Because until faithful apostles were living, penetration of the "beast" into the congregations in form of lawlessness - was held out by them -2Phss.2:6,7. Thus, the "beast", getting a deadly wound from Christ, disappeared in nonexistence for some time from the first christian congregations - Acts.20:29,30.

3. Where the beast will appear, when he will go out from the state of nonexistence - from an abyss?

      The beast had to appear from the state of nonexistence - from an abyss - specially in order to pursue faithful to Jehovah anointed sovereigns for 42 months and to kill them - Rev. 11:7,13:5-7.
      Consequently, he will appear not abstractly on the earth, but concretely in the external court of spiritual temple of Jehovah, will take root into the rulers from a great crowd, will feed them with his spirit, will teach to rule the people of Jehovah with the feral method and will convert their essence into the heathens of external court like bookmen and pharisees of the times of Christ - Rev.11:2,13:5.
      By their hands the beast will pursue the faithful anointed sovereigns, who will survive before Armageddon, by their hands he will compel them to accept the sign of the beast - his satanic manner of thinking and his deeds - Rev.13:16, and by their hands he will kill the faithful witnesses of Jehovah - Rev.11:7,13:5-7.
      The beast must appear from an abyss from the number of seven - as the eighth beast in order to fight in the image of certain future feral rulers with the Lamb and his representatives in the last days - Rev.17:8,11,14 .
See more detailed about the "eighth beast from the number of seven"- the article "The mystery of 10 last kings or how the beast which was, which is not present and will be - will become the eighth from the number of seven".

Answer to the sixth question:

How will 10 kings of seven-head beast destroy the great Babylon - the spiritual organization of devil?

(to the beginning)

      According to Rev. 11:7,13:5-7, in the period, when the eighth "beast" of external court will kill the faithful witnesses of Jehovah, who will complement the missing number in the celestial government, Armageddon will take place very soon.
      Book Zechariah describes the same period before Armageddon in such a way: - Zech.14:1-13:
      - On the day of Lord "Jerusalem" will be surrounded and taken. Ezekiel explains, that devil with his people will surround the mountains of Israel in closing dates - Jez.38:8,15. John adds, that "auxiliary" part of Jerusalem will be captured - the rulers with the earthly hope will become "heathens", they will surround the "sainted part" of the capital of Jehovah - Holy Jerusalem - His temple, that is anointed sovereigns - Rev.11:2, 1Cor.3:16.
      - The habitants of "Jerusalem" will be "killed" partly, and half of Jerusalem - will "go forth into captivity". That is, some rulers of Jehovah`s people will be "killed" by the beast for their loyalty to Jehovah, and "half" of the rulers with the earthly hope of closing dates can become the booty of devil - his captives - Rev.11: 2,7.
      - Armageddon will come then, after all the saints will be gathered with Lord - Zech.14:5, Mat.25:31, and the satanic system Babylon - will perish by confusion in the people, resisting Jerusalem, and they will kill each other - Zech.14:12. (It is not open yet, how exactly it will happen.)
      Also exactly among 10 kings from Revelation - the confusion from Lord will happen, they must conceive a hatred the organizational system of devil with its feral methods - Rev17:17. (It is not open yet, how exactly it will happen.)
      It should be noted that 10 future kings will appear at the same historical moment, when the "resurrected" beast and for the same period of time, and will have the same ideas like him -Rev.17:12,13. That is, at first they will jointly "surround" Jerusalem - will fight with the saints, after that they will "kill" each other somehow - Zech14: 12.
      - The 1000year management will come after these events - Zech.14:16-20; Rev.20:4. According to the prophecy of Zechariah, the holiday of booths will be celebrated by that time on the Earth -Zech.14:16.
What does it mean?
      Because the holiday of booths is the gathering of the last fruit of the literal harvest - it symbolizes the gathering of the last fruit of the spiritual harvest - the great crowd of the Earth, consequently, this prophecy says that on the Earth in the 1000year management of Christ there will be gathered by Jehovah the great crowd of faithful to Him people, because not a single canaanite - the opponent of Jehovah - will remain in His "town" - His system of things -Zech.14:21,Ps 100:8. ( About the holiday of booths and his characters see the article "Should the great crowd take over characters?" )

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