To Jehovah`s witnesses.

Is the great Babylon a symbol of false religion?
(If it is not indicated differently, King James translation is used)

      For the book "Revelation" contains the symbols of many images in spiritual sense, it is necessary to consider the spiritual sense of the words "city" and "Babylon".

      1. The world "city" from the point of view of the Bible can mean in spiritual sense the organizational public structure, through which the Organizer of the structure rules the vital functions of his population for general benefit - Hebr 11:16, Ps 100:8.
      This spiritual structure has its framework similar to the structure of any earthly city, which consists as a rule of the head - Organizer of the city, his government, presented by the basic and auxiliary authorities of the city - by city "administration", the heads of different services and the citizens - the inhabitants of the city who obey the laws of the city. In case if the city is in addition the capital of some state, it is responsible for ruling all other cities in the state: organizes and co-ordinates the activity of their habitants through "capital" leaders who elaborate certain strategy of development of society and publish the proper laws.
      Because "the governmental capital" through the authorities of the capital helps the head to rule the empire, so vividly (in spiritual sense) the capital of the empire can be named "a helper", "a wife" of the head of the empire. (In this case the Biblical concept of the world "wife" is used in the meaning of the word "helper" - Gen 2:20,22.
      The book of the Bible "Revelation" reports about two such vivid "cities" - structures, being in addition the "capitals" of two different spiritual "states" with different systems of management - about Jerusalem and Babylon - Rev 21:10,23,24, 16:19, 17:18 (In the New World Translation Babylon is called the capital). Thus, the existence of system of management of the city Jerusalem renders positive influence on the society of the Earth; the existence of system of management of the city Babylon - negative - Rev 18:2. Depending on that, the structure of which city a tellurian will choose, he will have different future: either he will be able to prosper forever or he will perish forever - Rev 21:2-4, 18:4,8.

      2.It is obviously that these two "cities" are straight opposite on their spiritual essence, and if we describe the known for today spiritual essence of the city Jerusalem and add the particle "not" to it - we will get the description of spiritual essence of the great Babylon from the book "Revelation". But it is useful first to familiarize with "sizes" and composition of the "state" of Jehovah, which His system of management spreads on.
      The habitants of the skies and tellurians are included into the universal "state" of Jehovah. Presently, when the skies are cleared from rebels - Rev 12:9 - all the heavenly "society" of Jehovah is arranged and well-organized in reasonable way by Him through His system of management, due to which the habitants of the skies already carry out His will - Hebr 3:4, 1Cor 14:33 (NWT). The tellurians are only going to feel the benefits from the system of management of Jehovah, when His wishes will be carried out also by the tellurians - Mat 6:10. However the essence of system of management of Jehovah has already been shown to the tellurians on the example of the structure of earthly capital Jerusalem - Ps. 131:13. Therefore, the system of management of Jehovah de bene esse is called "Jerusalem", arranged as the city - Ps 121:3.
      The basis of Jerusalem of Jehovah is the main king`s law of love - Jac 2:8. For the habitants of the skies and for the tellurians the essence of system of management of Jehovah is identical, therefore both "Jerusalem which is above" (for the celestial) and "the New celestial Jerusalem" (for the future saints of the Earth) have identical word "Jerusalem" which symbolizes the system of management of Jehovah, based on love - Gal 4:25,26, Rev 3:12, 21:10, 22-24.
      It is necessary to mention another - "temporal" Jerusalem - the beloved city which will present the system of management of Jehovah in the 1000year kingdom of Christ - Rev 20:4,8. After the 1000 year rule the members of this Jerusalem will become the members of "New Jerusalem", intended for a paradisial planet Earth. (more detailed about temporal and "New Jerusalem" for new world`s regime see the article "Revelation. The new version", chapters 21,22)
      It should be noted that although the "composition" of "Jerusalem of above" (Gal 4:26) differs from the "composition" of "New Jerusalem" and "temporal Jerusalem" - Rev 20:4,8; 21:9,10, however all of them are arranged by Jehovah and serve one general purpose: all Jerusalems play the role of "helpers"(wives) of Jehovah for acquittal of His dominion, "Jerusalem praises Jehovah" - Ps 147:1, Rev 4:11. (Jerusalem of above= Jehovah+faithful spiritual persons, New Jerusalem= Jehovah+ king Christ+144 000 co-rulers - Rev 21:2,10,22; "temporal" Jerusalem= Christ +   144 000 co-rulers - Rev 14:1)
      Now we will make the list of basic spiritual descriptions of spiritual structure "city Jerusalem", will add the particle "not" and will get the description of spiritual structure Babylon from the book "Revelation". So the city Jerusalem:

      1)The head-organizer of literal Jerusalem is Jehovah. In spiritual sense the capital - "a helper" of Jehovah - was founded for glorification of His name - Zakh 8:3; Mat 5:35; 1 Kings 11:36. It means that theocratic activity of "capital leaders " of Jehovah must do His essence known - to glorify His name in all His domains - Mat 24:14; Rev 14:6.
"The governmental capital" of Jehovah has both earthly and celestial representatives of His power who obey His system of management and His methods of management the affairs, based on love.(See in DICTIONARY OF TERMS paragraphs 3)

      2)It has the structure of any capital, consists of the head - Jehovah and His "government" - the main capital authorities, presented in the skies by Christ and faithful angels - Hebr 1:3,14, and on the Earth - by faithful "spiritual tutors" - anointed sovereigns. (They "serve" in "sainted part" of Jerusalem, in the internal court of the "Jerusalem temple"- Mat 24:25; Rev 11:2, 21:2) The anointed sovereigns, in their turn, have the helpers - the elders with the earthly hope, trained to distribute the influence of just theocracy on citizens of all "cities" of earthly domains of Jehovah, those persons who want to obey His theocratic guidance - Rev 21:22-24. ("Rulers" with the earthly hope are "auxiliary Jerusalem" who help the saint and serve in the external court)
Nowadays the earthly "cities" of Jehovah are "places of inhabitation" of Jehovah`s people, congregations of witnesses of Jehovah in the whole world, headed by modern "mayors" and "heads of regions" - by the elders of congregations, city elders, district and regional supervisors. Due to theocratic activity of "capital leaders" the order reigns in all spheres of vital functions of earthly citizens of Jehovah - 1Cor 14:33 (NWT).

      3)Comes forward as symbolic spiritual helper of Jehovah. Being His faithful "helper" (a wife) the governmental capital of Jehovah "gives" the world "a divine seed" - Gen 3:15; Gal 4:26; Rev 12:17. That is through theocratic activity of heavenly and earthly capital rulers of Jehovah the citizens appear who are interested in going the way of Jehovah - Rev 14:6; 2Tim 2:2. The symbolic birth of "children" of Jehovah is explained on the example of a woman who "brought forth a man child" - Rev 12:1,2,5,17. In other words, the system of management of Jehovah under the name of Jerusalem in the person of just rulers and just laws favors the "appearance" of His "children" for His system of things.

      4)Having "correct spiritual tutors" is the source of "correct spiritual truth" - a veritable religion.
From the point 2) and 4) it is obviously, that spiritual tutors - the sources of veritable religion - are the earthly part of structure "spiritual Jerusalem", but they are not the structure "Jerusalem". That important circumstance will help to answer the question of the article. We will represent the structure "Jerusalem" in the scheme:

Further the spiritual structure "Babylon" with a particle "not"

      1)The head-organizer of literal Babylon is not Jehovah, but His opponent - Nemrod, adherent of devil. All the society of literal Babylon became famous because they put down all the achievements and merits to themselves.- Gen 10:9,10; 11:4. Later the society of Babylon also ignored Jehovah, justifying the aims of the devil - Jer 50:24,29, Dan 4:19,27. The prophet Isaiah (Is 14:4, 12-14) vividly described the impudence of the devil in person of the king of Babylon, who decided to be like the Most High and to put His throne on His height.
      In spiritual sense the capital city-the helper of the devil was founded for glorification of "not" Jehovah in the "state" of devil - Luke 4:5,6.
      Not only tellurians but also spiritual personalities are included in the state of devil. Consequently, "governmental capital" of devil has both earthly and celestial representatives of His power, who obey his System of management and use His methods of management the affairs.

      2) Has the structure of any capital; consists of the head - devil and his "government" - the main capital authorities, presented on the sky by devilish spirits - Eph 6:12, and on the Earth - by his spiritual wise men - tutors, and auxiliary - earthly kings, who distribute the influence of not just, not theocratic (heathen) rule on the citizens of earthly domains of devil, on those who don`t want to obey the rule of Jehovah - Jer 51:57, 2Cor 4:3,4; Rev 17:2.
      All his capital authorities present on the Earth the governing "team" of devil, managing the "cities of devil". They are places of inhabitation of "congregations of unrighteous"(Nowadays it is all alienated from Jehovah population of the Earth, organized in public industrial and economic structures of different scales, beginning from world associations and many religious organizations and concluded, for example, municipal household committees. All the leaders of these structures in the empire of devil are unrighteous, because the head picks up a "team" similar to him. Due to "not" theocratic activity of capital leaders the mess reigns in all spheres of vital functions of earthly citizens of devil - Rev 17:18 (NWT).

      3) Comes forward as spiritual helper of devil - "the lady of kingdoms" - Is 47:1,5; Rev 18:7. Being the "helper" (a wife) of "father of a lie" - gives not the divine seed , but the seed of devil in the world, being "the mother of harlots and abominations of the Earth" - Gen 3:15, Rev 17:5, John 8:44. That is through unfair activity of celestial and earthly helpers of the devil the persons appear on the Earth, who are interested in going the way of independence from Jehovah. Not by chance the symbolic wife of devil, giving the world the wicked rulers, is presented in the image of a woman - Rev 17:3-5. In other words, the system of management of devil under the name "Babylon" in the person of wicked rulers and wicked laws favors the "appearance" of his children who "work all uncleanness with greediness" - Eph 4:17-20.

      4) Having false "spiritual tutors", is the source of "not right", false spiritual truth - false religion. The prophet Isaiah (Is 47:1,12,13) describes false wise men, false foretellers, who help Babylon to manage the matters of a "daughter of Chaldeans".
      From points 2) and 4) it is obviously, that spiritual tutors of devil - a source of false truth (false religion) - are the earthly part of the structure "spiritual Babylon", but are not "the structure Babylon". Because false religion is the member of "Great Babylon", "Great Babylon" can not be the symbol of false religion. Babylon in scheme:

      3.In accordance to "Revelation" Jehovah calls His people to come out of the great Babylon in order not to appear involved into its sins - Rev 18:4. If Babylon symbolizes false religion, then in order to be saved any tellurian has to stop visiting other religious organizations and to join the organization of witnesses of Jehovah. However the Bible warns that for a servant of Jehovah it is not enough only not to be the members of false religious organizations, but something greater is necessary.
      Description of Babylon to which all the people flow down to and the appeal to come out of it from Revelation , chapters 17,18 is analogical to the appeal of the prophet Jeremiah 51:6-8,44,45. According to Jer 50:8 the people of Jehovah of old times had to hurry not only from the capital of literal state of Chaldeans but also from all that land, where pernicious influence of governmental capital was spread.
      Also the modern people of Jehovah have to hurry from all modern "land of Chaldeans" - from wicked influence of earthly capital leaders of the empire of devil who form legislatively not only comfortable for unrighteous people political, commercial, industrial and religious structures, but also the wicked aspirations, tendencies and aims of all the "world of heathens", alienated from Jehovah - 1 John 2:15,16, 2Cor 6:14-17.
      In order that a modern tellurian found himself in the "earthly court" of great Babylon, it is quite unnecessary to be a wicked leader, to participate in policy, in commercial activity or to visit the centers of meditation. It is enough to have wicked aspirations and to indulge own desires - Phil 3:18,19; Rev 3:1,17.
      Thus it is obviously, that the appeal of Jehovah to leave the Babylon means for His people to abandon not only the false religion but also to separate from all wicked world of heathens and to stop participating in wicked activity of any kind - Jac 4:4, Is 13:1,9,11.

      4.In accordance to the Bible Babylon as a spiritual "structure" is responsible for death of all killed on the Earth, and not only for the killed "saints" - Rev 18:24. Because the devil was "the murderer from the very beginning", all the members of his empire participate in murders on the Earth:
      false spiritual rulers kill for "uncomfortable" truth , kings, princes, rulers of the cities and regions kill in the struggle for power, glory, money or territorial-economic spheres of influence, the wicked "citizens" of Babylon kill for a piece of bread or simply for fun - Prov 10:23.
      It is obviously that for all killed on the Earth much bigger amount of people is responsible, than the members of false religion - all the members of empire of devil in the head with their capital - the helpers, presented by wicked leaders, who publish the tangled laws, comfortable for all the unrighteous of the Earth.

      5. Revelation 18:21-23 informs, what there won`t be in Babylon after its elimination. We will probe the "content" of Babylon:
1) citizens of earthly empire of devil who go in for art, industrial production and commerce.
(It is interesting to mark that before elimination of Babylon the trade on the Earth will actively prosper : all merchants who sell anything on sea and land will become "the great men of the Earth" - Rev 18:23. It means that "all the mighty of this world" will have to take into consideration their influence, nobility and force. - Rev 13:7. It confirms the idea that success in trade will be ensured only for the unrighteous)
      Along with the citizens of Babylon the
2) "light of his lamp" is also mentioned. Whom does "the lamp" symbolize?
      From the point of view of the Bible the word "lamp" which radiates light in spiritual sense means instructions of a tutor who sends a student to the vital way with certain sense - Par 6:23, Psal 118:105, 2 Sam 22:29. Consequently, a "lamp", being the part of Babylon means spiritual instructions of false tutors and of false angel of light - 2Cor 11:14 who send the habitants of his empire on a wicked vital way. In other words the light of Babylon "blinding the minds of those who don`t believe" and executing the order of "the god of this age", symbolizes its spiritual teachers - false wise men who present the false religion - 2Cor 4:4; Dan 12:48.
      As "the lamp" is the part of the structure Babylon and will disappear along with other its component parts, false religion can not be the Babylon itself.

Some researchers of the Bible are "embarrassed" by two moments from the chapter 18 of Revelation:

      1)How does the great Babylon mislead all the people of the Earth with its magic? - Rev 18:23.
      2)Why do the kings and merchants only watch from the distance the elimination of Babylon? - Rev 18:9,10,17.

We will answer the first question: How does the great Babylon mislead all the people of the Earth with its magic?

      As we found out, the celestial representatives of spiritual organization of devil take part in arrangement of vital functions of the earth society, inspiring and "pushing" slightly their "rulers" to unjust deeds - Eph 12:6, Is 47:1,15.
      For this reason in this system of things to all the people who expect the victory of good over evil it seems unbelievable and magic that all the commanding members of earthly court of Babylon who live in evil, that is in accordance with wicked principles of devil, prosper in any sphere of life like by magic, have success and live happily - 2Tim3:13 (Ogienko and Synod), Ps72:1-10, Ekk 7:15 - instead of fall into decay. (Because only Jehovah is the God of order - 1Cor 14:33 (NWT)). In order to understand the "magic" system of Babylon, we will consider the mechanism of its work briefly:
      The system of management of devil, consisting of rulers, laws and methods of influence, "works" very arranged and rationally, like living organism: all its participants regardless of what kings they are, absolutely all its workers, both of state and local level - appear in the power of penetrating everywhere tentacles of "System", get into complete dependence on it and are quite "lost" as personalities, allowing the "System" to manipulate themselves in the struggle for success.
      Thus the success in the field of "power" is ensured only to those "kings" who not only aim to manage something - "get" into the area of action of System of management "Babylon" , - but also accept its wicked conditions: learn to "lead" so politically delicately, that their unfair methods look just for citizens. That`s why sometimes sincere people who wish the favor for society, aspire to power. But the system is arranged so, that if a casual "decent" man gets into the system, the system takes him in hand: either it makes an unrighteous person out of him or drives him out of the system. (It isn`t certainly necessarily, that every unrighteous becomes a leader in this system of things. But every successful leader of the system is necessarily unrighteous).
      Exactly this fact of succeeding of unrighteous people lead all other tellurians into error. It is impossible to explain the fact of their great success logically: their deception is concealed in magic way, their stealing is justified, their ungodliness and lack of discipline is covered by "magic" System of management "Babylon", because the devil himself takes care of prosperity of his people in this system of things; he operates "magically" through his celestial helpers - Rev 16:13,14, Dan 10:13-20 (the question about spiritual helpers - see the book "Heed the prophecy of Daniel")

And now we will answer the second question: 2)Why do the kings and merchants only watch from the distance the elimination of Babylon? - Rev 18:9,10,17.

      The "kings of earth", as we found out, organize the society and rule the empire. "Merchants" are responsible for maintenance of the empire and depend on the laws of "kings".
      In order to destroy and paralyse the life-supporting activity of the unjust empire, it isn`t necessary at all to do away with its kings, all the more - with the merchants, because other unrighteous people will come to change them in this system anyway.
      For destruction of wicked empire it is necessary to destroy the system, which originates the ungodliness, its "root" - spiritual wife of devil, his Babylon, consisting of wicked rulers, wicked laws and wicked methods of influence. Without co-ordinating center of the capital, which elaborates the strategic plans and laws of development of the empire, there will be nobody to give the world wicked rulers, and without them all the activity of the citizens will "scatter in ashes" like with the elimination of command staff of an army all the army comes in confusion and the organizer of the struggle suffers a defeat because of lack of agreement in actions.
      For this reason with falling of governmental capital the other earthly "heathen" cities will be destroyed because of chaos and inconsistency of high rulers and its guiding co-ordination - Rev 16:19 (NWT), no public or economic activity will have any sense in the chaos among earthly citizens of the empire of devil - Rev 17:16, 18:9-19.
      The prophet Jeremiah describes the moment of inconsistency, when rulers do not co-operate, but rebel against each other.

      After the research of the Bible in regard to the symbolic meaning of great Babylon the following is evident: The great Babylon is the symbol of spiritual organizational structure of devil - his system of management, the helper - "wife", who helps her husband "to reign over the kings of the Earth" - Rev 17:18, Is 47:1,5,7,8. This spiritual "governmental capital" under the supervision of celestial husband - ruler - through its ingeniously tangled laws "generates" on the earth not only the false spiritual leaders-rulers, but also all the wicked "kings" - any leaders in power in this system of things. The book Revelation, chapter 18, describes in detail the essence of relationship of great heavenly system of preparation of "governmental personnel" with "the mighty of this world" in the earthly empire of devil.

      Thus chapters 17 and 18 of Revelation describe the falling of "wife" of devil - "the queen of the king" of this system of things - Rev 18:7. Like literal wife - a queen - helps her husband - king - to carry out his plans, so spiritual wife of devil - his queen in form of wicked leaders of this system of things - helps him in realization of his plans - Luke 4:7. Falling of a "helper" will result in falling of all satanic system of things of this age - both on the earth and in the sky, because the last bowl of anger of Jehovah, outpoured into the "air" - in a spiritual sphere - will ruin both celestial and earthly courts of Babylon, putting an end to wicked system of things - Rev 16: 17-19.

(Falling of Babylon is described already in Revelation 18:2 in the period of outpouring of the sixth bowl of anger of Jehovah. Because there are only seven bowls of anger and the Angel from Rev. 17:1, devastating Babylon, was from the number of seven, it means that Jehovah didn`t envisage the eighth bowl of anger separately for Babylon. All bowls of anger describe the complete picture of consecutively perishing empire of devil with its earthly and celestial courts. Chapters 17 and 18 describe just in more details the falling of great whore and they are a fragment of general picture of falling of the empire of devil).

      With falling of satanic system of things a prophecy will be carried out that Jehovah will create something new on the Earth: a wife will rescue her husband - Jer 31:22, that is the spiritual structure of Jerusalem - His faithful governmental capital - the faithful earthly and celestial leaders of the empire of Jehovah in the head with Christ, ruling according to the laws of Jehovah, - will justify through their purity the theocratic management of Jehovah - Phil 2:8-11. From the earthly and celestial courts of spiritual city of Jehovah all the unrighteous will be exterminated forever - Ps 100:8; Rev 21:27.

      About the invisible "beast" system of management of satan, and also about how its tentacles penetrated into the people of Jehovah of old days and also about how they will penetrate into the people of Jehovah of contemporaneity - see the following article: "Beast which was…"

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