To Jehovah`s witnesses.


     " How often would I have gathered your children together even as a hen gathered her chickens under her wings, and you would not" - whom did Jesus Christ apply to with such bitter regret ? To the former capital of Israel? But could the set of dwellings from wood and stone hear His voice ? It certainly could not. Why then did the prophet of Jehovah - Christ- so desperately appeal to Jerusalem? And how could a city kill the secret prophets of Jehovah , who had been sent to it?
     As we can see, in connection with the appeal of Jesus to the city Jerusalem there is a number of questions to which the modern servants of Jehovah must know the answers . And that is the reason:
     Like in the last days of the judaic system of things, prophets, who had been sent with the word of Jehovah , were pursued and "killed" by Jerusalem, exactly also in the last days of the satanic system of things before Armageddon the prophets of Jehovah will be pursued by certain Jerusalem - the city which is "spiritually called Sodom and Egypt, where also our lord was crucified" - Revel.11:8. Because in this prophecy not the literal Jerusalem is meant, but Jerusalem in vivid sense, it means that if we not investigate the spiritual essence of city of Jerusalem of old times thoroughly, it is not possible to know what Jesus meant, reproaching Jerusalem of closing dates of Israelites, and - what kind of Jerusalem will kill the prophets of Jehovah before Armageddon.
     In order to answer the questions from the first paragraph of this article, it is necessary to probe the Bible to search for the answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the spiritual essence of ancient city of Jerusalem?
  2. What became the spiritual essence of Jerusalem in the closing dates of the judaic system of things?
  3. To whom and why did Jehovah send the prophets in the closing dates of the judaic system of things?
  4. Why could not the prophet perish outside Jerusalem? - Luke13:33
  5. Who can appear the children of certain Jerusalem of closing dates which will take a hand to the murder of the prophets of Jehovah before Armageddon - Revel.11:8?

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     Jerusalem is a city of truth and of great celestial king Jehovah - Zach.8:3, Mat.5:35. It means that:

1.   the truth of Jehovah and the correct teaching about Jehovah and the sense of life system of the people who had been created by Him, came from Jerusalem.
2.    Jerusalem "belonged" to the king Jehovah in that sense, that the God on His own free will "disposed" in this town the kingly throne for the residence of His name there - 3Kings 11:36, Is.33:22. The ark of precept of Jehovah , kept in the temple of Jerusalem, symbolized His presence among Israelites.

     Thus, Jerusalem is the faithful to Jehovah capital of the state whose life was organised and ruled by the celestial Ruler. Because the city itself can not be literally faithful or unfaithful to someone, the expression "faithful capital" means the loyalty of habitants, presenting this capital. Who presented Jerusalem, faithful to Jehovah ?
     Organizing the just vital functions of the people of Israel, Jehovah governed from Jerusalem -W.T.15.10.98 page 9 - due to the human institute of management, consisting :

1.   of the "members of His government" - the anointed priests of His temple in Jerusalem and kings, sittings on the throne of the Lord - Exodus 19:6, 1 Chronicles28:5, 29:23
2.   of the system of teaching of Jehovah`s people His laws of life
3.   of the measures, allowing to control the execution of the God`s laws on the whole territory of the earthly Jehovah`s state .

     The anointed priests of the temple - the faithful announcers of Jehovah - and the anointed faithful kings, who helped to organize the teaching of people and to judge the deeds of the state and the people righteously, and also the heads of generations and the princes - presented the faithful to Jehovah Jerusalem of old times -Malachi 2:4-7, 2 Chronicles 17:7-9, 19:6,7
     The city of truth and of the king of Jehovah was the place of concentration of His supreme just court and His sovereignty - in its way "headquarters" of the institute of management of Jehovah . All the authorities of Israel, related to the Supreme court or the Supreme power, lived in Jerusalem - it was established historically -Nehemiah 11:1,3,4-19. Consequently, when the Bible writes about the actions or the descriptions of Jerusalem, it means the actions or the descriptions of the authorities of Jehovah`s people.

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     Jerusalem and the temple of Jehovah suffered through two periods of closing dates - before destruction in 607 BC ( 587/ 586 BC in accordance with all sources of world history) and 70 AD after Christ`s death. Both periods of closing dates of Jerusalem were analogical in essence.
     How was the capital faithful to Jehovah eventually changed? The prophets reported about it: Is.1:21. It was made fornicatress - as if it did not have the "leader of youth", the husband as a head. It meant that Jerusalem stopped to be a city, which was proud of just court of Jehovah and aspiration to live in accordance with Jehovah`s truth - Jer.5:1-5. And this, in its turn, meant that the authorities of Jehovah`s people stopped to carry out His just principles.
     And although to the observer, who was ignorant in cognition of Jehovah , it could seem from a detached view that worship to Jehovah in His temple was accomplished properly, (because all of ceremonies, related to the correct worship to the God, were accomplished practically right to the very end), Jehovah did not accept any longer the efforts of those, who worshiped to Him - Is.1:10-15. He saw clearly the complete internal corruptness of the leaders of Jehovah`s people that they not only changed the amount of the "items of honouring"- Jes .8:3-17, they also stopped to execute the functions of just government of Jehovah - Nab. 1:4:
     "Nobody called for justice nor any pleaded for truth" - Is.59:4, " and judgement is turned away backward and justice stood far off : truth is fallen in the street and equity can not enter. Yes, truth failed, and he that departed from the evil made himself a prey; and the Lord saw it, and it displeased Him that there was no judgement" - Is.59:14,15 . From the words of the prophet it is obviously, what disturbed Jehovah mainly : those, who were provided with plenary powers to manage the just court of Jehovah and be guided by His principles, stopped to do it . It meant that the authorities of Jerusalem who were faithful to Jehovah in the past stopped to live in accordance with the principles of the Ruler and to reflect His justness, following their own human concepts about justness - Is.29:13 b, Rom. 10:3.
     The alike situation took place in Jerusalem - among the authorities of Jehovah`s people also in the days of Jesus Christ. Outwardly Israel remained the people of Jehovah , carrying out all the orders in worship to Jehovah carefully, however the leaders of Jehovah`s people - pharisees, bookmen and priests - were more interested in the study of law, than in the execution of its major part - to judge righteously and to be merciful -Mat.23: 23. The judges of Jehovah freed those who were guilty and sentenced the righteous men to death -Mat.12:7, 27:20, Luke 23:19, although they taught the people correctly - to the truth of Jehovah -Mat.23:2,3
     It is also interesting the fact that before the first elimination of Israelites in 587, the chastisers were ordered to go exactly through Jerusalem - not through all Israelites, but through the city, which presented the power of Jehovah - on purpose to mark and to rescue from elimination some people who remained faithful to Jehovah . They were ordered to begin the chastisement from those elders who were most close to the temple of Jehovah - they had close relationship with the priests - Jes .9:1-10
     Princes, heads of generations and priests, by that time had begun to act untruthfully, though they had correct knowledge about Jehovah -Jer. 5:26-31. The system of denunciations was widely used, searching the occasion for punishment of those, who were indignant at an injustice -Micah 7:2-5, the similar way Jesus was watched with predilection, to find an occasion and to kill him - Luke 11:54, Mark.3:2 etc. The pastors of the people become cruel, not loving congregation and began to pasture themselves, but not the herd of Jehovah in that sense, that they used the position in the people of the God and advantages in order to protect their own interests, but not the interests of Jehovah .-Jes. 34:2-4, 17-22, Micah 3:1-4.
     If to generalize the facts of the prophets, the following is obviously : Jerusalem of closing dates, which was presented by the authorities of Jehovah`s people, except for the rest, grew into cruel, merciless, unfair leaders, caring of their own prosperity more, than of the prosperity of Jehovah`s people .
     They are those children of Jerusalem, who did not want to gather to Christ, - Mat.23:37, because exactly to the authorities - "the sons of kingdom" - were first whom was given the honour to be invited in rulers to Christ and to become the participants of the New testament - Mat.8:12,21:43,45
     They are that sly and adultery generation, which presents Jerusalem of closing dates of the Judaic system of things (sly - wicked, adultery - having broken the loyalty to Jehovah ) and which was exposed by Christ - Mat.12:39. Jesus foretold the capital punishment to those representatives of this sly generation, who did not leave their wicked way -Mat. 23:35,36.
     However Jehovah likes to grant pardon - Micah 7:18 b and does not wish the death of a sinner -Jes. 33:11, therefore at all times, when among His people lawlessness was increased, He sent His prophets for making understand or for an announcement of ruinous sentence.

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     " The Lord will enter into judgement with the ancients of His people and the princes thereof for: you have eaten up the vineyard.." - Is.3:14. As it is obviously from words of the prophet, that Jehovah spoke to the authorities of the people. Because they equate with Jerusalem, Jehovah called exactly Jerusalem to wash off the wicked from its heart, in order to save themselves in the approaching great sorrow in a miniature. - Jer.4:4,14
     Jeremiah was sent to Jerusalem with a commission to stand in the gates of Jerusalem and to appeal for the prudence of kings -Jer.17:19,20. Prophet Zephaniah went along with the revealing word of Jehovah to the priests, princes and prophets, speaking about them as about impure Jerusalem - Zeph.3:1-5
     Thus prophets of Jehovah were mainly sent to Jerusalem - to the authorities of Jehovah`s people.
     There is a question: why not the people in general, but namely the authorities of Jehovah`s people needed correction foremost? -Ezra 9:2
     As biblical history shows, at all times the spiritual prosperity of Jehovah`s people was closely related to the spiritual prosperity of rulers: under just rulers people also went the just way, under wicked rulers - all the people were engaged in the sins of rulers -Psalms 11:9, Proverbs 29:2,12, Eccl .10:16,17. Therefore, when the Bible tells about activity of Jehovah`s states, it reports only about that, whether a ruler was just, for example -2 Chronicles 12:1, 34:1-3. To a simple Israelit it was difficult to step on a wicked way and to spread his sins on his associates: in the state the supervision after execution of laws of Jehovah on places was organized so that even the small slip of an Israelit could not remain unnoticed by the chief - the head of a family, a tribe and a city -Lev.5:1. Evil was punished necessarily, because it was the duty of rulers -Rom.13:3,4. To the head it was simpler to sin at first in small, and after that in bigger things, retreating from Jehovah more and more (if certainly, he succeeded to remain undisrobed by those, who occupied a higher position). The example to that was the wisest king Solomon, who ignored the requirements of Jehovah in the personal life and gave up Jehovah at his old age. Who could show him his lawlessnesses? Only Jehovah . And He did, sending the prophets for making understand to those leaders and rulers who needed correction, to avoid their elimination -2 Chronicles 24:17-19, Jer.25:1-7
     In ancient times, when Jehovah was a guardian of His people, He, as a rule, punished the sinful chiefs after He had given them a chance to reform -Numbers 16:2,32,33; 25:14,9, 1 Kings 2:17,34. During the punishment of commanding also suffered those of the people, who "enabled a chief to engage himself in his sins" and considered that only those who were in power would be responsible in the eyes of Jehovah -Revel.3:1,2,4 It means that not all from the people of Jehovah followed the bad examples of the commanding, justifying themselves that if the head acted in such a way, it was correct, because they understood that everybody would give an account before Jehovah only for themselves - Rom.14:12. Therefore Jesus Christ warned his disciples that it is necessary to carry out the truth of Jehovah which "the commanding" teach, but they should not be oriented on the wrong acts of the chiefs and they must not adopt their wicked business -Mat.23:2,3
     Thus, the prophets of Jehovah in closing dates before elimination were sent by the God to Jerusalem - to the authorities of Jehovah`s people - on purpose to reveal the disagreeable deeds and to impel them to reform.

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     The prophets of old times, who had been sent to Jerusalem, - to the authorities of Jehovah`s people - with a revealing word, were mainly pursued for it, and some of them - perished from the hands of the revealed leaders - 2 Chronicles.24:17-21,Mat.23:34,35,Acts 7:51,52 Luke 11:49,50
Why were they pursued or avoided?
     The truth of Jehovah which was pronounced by the prophets was "uncomfortable" for perception, because its acceptance would require from them to change the usual way of life and to correct to the best, and they did not wish to hear "troubles" and to lose the advantages in the people of Jehovah - Is.30:9-11, Jer .7:25,26,6:10
     For example, Jeremiah had to resist the state of the "world and safety" - complacency, which reigned among the leaders of Jehovah`s people of the closing dates of Israelites, that`s why he not only suffered morally but also suffered from physical violence for the unattractive words of Jehovah`s truth from the side of those, for whom these words were intended - Jer.7:3,4, 20:8, 38:6. And the Israel wicked king Ahab, for example, explained the reason of his hostility to the prophet Micah: "..I do not love him, because he does not talk about me kind.." - 3 Kings. 22:8. In the days of Jesus Christ - John the Baptist, for example, was put into prison by the Herod the tetrarch for John revealed his wicked marriage - Mat.14:3,4
     And where was Jesus sent ? To Jerusalem - with the revealing word of Jehovah to the authorities of those times, because he came to judge and to rescue the lost -Mat.16:21, 18:11, 15:24. Jesus grieved about bitterness of their hearts - Mark. 3:5. However some of the members of the supreme court of Jehovah did not harden their hearts to the end and did not wish the death of Jesus -Luke13:31. Some of them secretly studied from him - Nicodemus, Joseph from Arimathaea - John3:1,2, Luke23:50,51. However, there were also such leaders who believed in him, but, being afraid to lose the advantages in the people of Jehovah , held back about it in front of those, who had power to deprive them these advantages-John12:42,43
     So, Jesus Christ came to Jerusalem - to the authorities of Jehovah`s people - in order that "His" sons of kingdom - accepted him as an envoy of Jehovah and saved themselves. But "His" people did not accept him - John 1:11, att 8:12. Why?
     Jehovah foresaw that not all of Israelits would remain faithful to Him -Rom. 11:2-5. Many of them stumbled on Christ - they did not accept him as an envoy of Jehovah . Jehovah foresaw such "resistance" of God`s Israel: at all times among the authorities of His people "the sly and adultery generation" appeared, which comfortably "joined up" the truth, adapted to use the position in truth and the truth in their own aims, stopped to live in accordance with the principles of Jehovah -Jes.34:2-4,10, Mat.23:28,33-36. For this sly generation is was unprofitable to recognize in Christ the envoy of Jehovah and to accept him. If they had accepted him as an envoy, they would have to acknowledge the rightness of his revealing words - Mat., 23 chapter, and it meant that in Israel society their brilliant reputation of righteous "men" would have been extremely spoiled. At that historical moment the religious leaders of Israel worried more about their own prosperity, than about the truth of Jehovah , therefore they did not see in the exposure of Jesus their own chance to reform and to save themselves, because they loved human glory much more, than the heavenly glory -John 12:37,41-43. Jehovah foresaw that similar sly generation would certainly appear among His people, Jehovah hindered neither to it nor to their "blindness" - Rom.11:8-10, He waited till his appearance and used them, with their help Christ could die for the sins of the whole world -John11:49-51 from the hands of the children of Jerusalem of closing dates and in Jerusalem - Acts 5:30,27
     Thus, the words of Jesus: "the prophet can not perish outside Jerusalem", mean that at all times all the prophets of Jehovah , who were sent by Him to the authorities of Jehovah`s people in order to change them and to appeal not to do their wicked deeds any longer, were hated by them for exposures and pursued to death -"were killed " with the hands of the children of Jerusalem of closing dates :
     "Moreover all the chiefs of the priests, and the people, transgressed very much after all the abominations of the heathen; and polluted the house of the Lord which he had hallowed in Jerusalem. And the Lord God of their fathers sent to them his messengers, rising up bedtimes, and sending; because he had compassion on his people, and on his dwelling place. But they mocked the messengers of God, and despised his words, and misused his prophets, until the wrath of the Lord arose against his people, till there was no remedy. - 2 Chronicles36:14-16, Mat.23:34

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     Can it appear so, that the representatives of false christian or any other religion become the children of that Jerusalem, from which hands the prophets of Jehovah must suffer before Armageddon ?
     For the children of last Jerusalem which is spiritually named Sodom and Egypt, 3 conditions must be observed :
  1. They must belong to the people of Jehovah
  2. The truth about Jehovah and correct doctrines about worship to Him must come from them
  3. Among them there must be prophets of Jehovah - those anointed sovereigns who are to perish.

     Making an analogy between Jerusalem of closing dates in a miniature, which is described above, it`s easy to come to the conclusion, that the situation in the closing dates of the satanic system of things must be alike -Eccl.3:15. The leaders of the people of Jehovah , faithful to Him at the beginning of their service to Jehovah, afterwards must certainly deviate from the commandments of Jehovah , gradually adding human requirements into the veritable studies . When can a similar transitional moment come ?
     In according to the Bible - only after the moment when from among the leaders of the people of Jehovah at closing dates all over the earth the anointed sovereigns of Jehovah will be somehow "withdrawn" - people, who are moved by the sainted spirit of Jehovah and who can not therefore distort the norms of justness of Jehovah , are will be removed from guidance - 2 Thess.2:6-8
     We will consider a prophecy about them from the book of Revel.11:1,2, in which the question is about the external and internal courts of spiritual temple of Jehovah (by the time of writing of "Revelation" (98 AD) the literal temple was already blasted (70 AD.) Although the WT Society explains that this prophecy was carried out in 1914-1919, the more careful research shows that these events are to happen in the future. And - that is why:
     In according to this prophecy, the spiritual temple of Jehovah in closing dates (in the day of Lord) will have two courts, that is a period must come in the history of humanity, when the internal and external courts of spiritual temple will be formed . In this period only the servants of the internal court will remain faithful to Jehovah, therefore they are counted up by Jehovah. The servants of the external court must be "given to the heathens" - that is, in some period of time they will betray Jehovah and will "trample" the internal court as heathens for 42 months.

     We have also to know 1) when the spiritual temple of Jehovah , consisting of internal and external courts, began to be formed, and 2) who worships in the internal and external courts of this temple?

     1) On the day of Pentecost of the year 33 AD, when the spirit of Jehovah "anointed" the first christians -Acts 2:1-4, the internal court of spiritual temple of Jehovah began to be formed -Mat.23:38
     2) In the internal court of the spiritual temple of Jehovah "priests" worship in spiritual sence - the anointed sovereigns, who have a celestial hope and present the celestial Jerusalem which will be trampled by the representatives of the external court.

     1) The external court of the spiritual temple of Jehovah began to be formed in 1933-35 AD, when the sainted spirit of Jehovah opened the modern anointed sovereigns, that not all the habitants of the Earth, who were called by Jehovah, must have a celestial hope: there will be also those, who will inhabit the paradisial Earth.
     2) According to W.T.01.05.02 p. 30 and W.T. 15.11.00 p. 13 a great crowd worships in the external court of spiritual temple of Jehovah .

     Thus, this prophecy - Revel.11:1,2- could not be carried out in 1914 , because then in the spiritual temple of Jehovah was not an external court yet and there was nothing to "give" to the heathens. In the history of humanity a period must come , when the influential representatives of external court of spiritual temple of Jehovah will encroach on the anointed sovereigns and will "trample" them 3,5 years as heathens ( in order to "trample" somebody, it is necessary to have power and influence, that is to be a leader)
     It is complemented with the new release: the expression "representatives of the external court will trample the representatives of the internal court" - does not mean that those who do not "take over characters" in the Organization will oppress those who "take over characters" or the Governing Body of the organization. Because servants of internal court mainly had to be the announcers of Jehovah and to talk His truth, consequently, the internal court, which is to be measured before Armageddon, will present also "announcers of Jehova`s word " - two His "lamps" -- Malachi.2:7, Revel.11:1-4. Servants of the internal court of this historical moment - are all of those His servants who will not want to "trust the wrong truth" and will strive for the corrections of inaccuracies, will disrobe those, who "will love a lie" and will not "accept love to the truth of Jehovah for their rescue" - 2Thes.2:10-12. "Servants of the external court" - that is all, who will resist the "lamps" and become like pharisees of the times of Jesus Christ - John7:47,48. (about the meaning of two courts, spiritual temple of Jehovah , about the anointed sovereigns, about the celestial and earthly hope - see "Revelation. Update version". Chapter 11 and appendix ?1,2)
     The situation of closing dates before Armageddon will look like the situation of closing dates of the time of Christ who also was trampled by those who were unfaithful to Jehovah for 3,5 years. It means that before Armageddon "sly and adultery generation must appear, which "will not pass till all these things (Armageddon) will be fulfilled" -Mat.23:36, 24:34:

     The authorities of Jehovah`s people of closing dates, will apparently mainly consist not of the anointed sovereigns, but of "earthly" leaders. They will sit in the temple of God - in that sense, that they will begin to govern His people on behalf of Jehovah- 2Thes.2:4

     In this period they will be sure that nothing can happen with them in the approaching great sorrow, because they serve to Jehovah . The words "peace and safety" - will come from them like they came from the leaders of closing dates of the Judaic system: in 1Thes.5:3 apostle Paul quotes Jer.6:13,14 and passes the idea of prophets Micah 3:11 b Jer 7:3,4, 23:17 that they, sure in the rightness of their way, rely on the help of Jehovah and are sure that misfortunes can not happen with them, if they serve to Jehovah .
     Some of these men, but not all ( Revel.2,3 - messages to 7 congregations) because of their imperfection and absence of sainted spirit of Jehovah must eventually stop to act correctly on their places, but the anointed sovereigns, who will be alive at that time yet, will "open" their lawlessnesses - 2Thes.2:8 - and they will be endured to preach them in the congregations - to report the sorrowful news that they must correct their ways , otherwise they will not avoid death. These unfaithful leaders will mainly be convicted for they did not accept love to "uncomfortable" truth of Jehovah , though it will seem to the tellurians , that they make wonders and are successful in any undertaking - 2Thes.2:10. For these revealing news the anointed sovereigns must be persecuted by the revealed authorities of Jehovah`s people and even killed. They may not obligatory be killed literally, but they will be outcast from the organization of Jehovah which will cover all the earth by that time - John 16:2. It ensues from the words of Christ, that the time must come for veritable christians, when "theirs" that is the servants of Jehovah - will banish them from places, where the laws of Jehovah are taught, kill them and think that it means service to the God -Mat.23:34, 10:17
     About the complete wipeout of saint people`s force in closing dates tells also Daniel -Dan. 12:7.
     When Jesus talked about the division of believers in closing dates into "sheep" and "goats" - he specified not by chance, on what basis this division will happen in closing dates: on the basis of attitude towards the anointed sovereigns Mat.25:31-46
     Unlike Christ whose body was allowed to take and to bury, the revealing anointed sovereigns will have the other fate: "it will be allowed nobody to put their dead bodies into a coffin" -Revel.11:9. The anointed sovereigns of closing dates, "killed" by the children of Jerusalem of closing dates before Armageddon, will be dead for 3,5 days (not long) everywhere - that is they will be neglected in all congregations, where lawlessnesses will be revealed, and by all the members of lawless congregations .
     It is consolingly to know that in some congregations of closing dates among those who will act wickedly however there will be faithful servants of Jehovah - Revel.3:4, and in some congregations - justice will be restored -Revel.3:9.
     In order to "kill" the prophets of Jehovah, for many leaders of the people of Jehovah (even those, who are not in close relations), it will be necessary to unite, because it will be difficult for them to resist the revealing word of Jehovah alone, because the anointed sovereigns will prophesy in a spirit and force of Elias and Moses - Revel.11:5,6. They will not be able to refute their exposure with the Holy Scriptures, because the possibility to defend themselves from unfair prosecutions with the word of Jehovah for the anointed sovereigns is a gift from the God - Is. 54:16,17 Therefore at the moment when the leaders will succeed to get rid of them, all, who will take a hand to it, will be glad.
     In 12 and 13 chapters of Revelation the events are described, which are going on at that moment in a spiritual sphere, because actually the faithful anointed sovereigns - the servants of the internal court of the spiritual temple of Jehovah - will be "killed" not by men, but by the organizational system of satan, incarnated in the look of a beast, which will actively resist celestial Jerusalem for 3,5 years, but the celestial organization of Jehovah will not suffer -Revel.11:7;13:5,7; 12:6.
     It is interesting in this connection to consider the essence of "abomination of desolation, standing on a sainted place" parallell, which also must take place before the great sorrow in Armageddon -Mat.24:15,21.
     The sainted place of Jehovah at all times for the people of Jehovah was His temple, but f not the building of the temple itself, but the fact that there was a spirit of Jehovah in it : interpreted literally - at moments, when Jehovah showed His presence as a cloud above an ark - 3 Kings.8:10,11, in vivid (figurative) sense - the faithful servants of the temple of Jehovah the leaders of His people - with their way of life reflected not their own understanding about justness, but justness of Jehovah . After many attempts to make the priests of temple understand, Jesus Christ found out in them the complete absence of justness of Jehovah , and after that predicted , that the temple would be left by Jehovah - it will get empty - Mat.23:38., because the sainted spirit of Jehovah can be only in the temple, filled with His faithful servants. Without the spirit of Jehovah and His faithful servants either the majestic temple or his visitors are of no value for Jehovah - Jer. 7:9-15, vice versa, they cause the unpleasant feelings of devastation and desolation for Him :
     "..I have forsaken mine house, I have left mine heritage; I have given the dearly beloved of my soul into the hand of her enemies. Mine heritage is unto me as a lion in the forest; it cried out against me: therefore I hated it. Many pastors have destroyed my vineyard, they have trodden my portion under foot, they have made my pleasant portion a desolate wilderness. They have made it desolate, and being desolate it mourned unto me..." - Jer.12:7-11. From the words of Jehovah it is obviously, that at all times the state of "abomination of desolation" and desecration of sacred object is closely related to the "worthless shepherds" - the destiny (lot) of Jehovah "got empty" from the pastors, faithful to Him - 2 Chronicles 36:14.
     Because before Armageddon the destiny of Jehovah are the congregations of the people of Jehovah all over the Earth, organized by the anointed sovereigns, the expression "abomination of desolation" in conformity with the closing dates of the satanic system can mean the state of "devastation" of some congregations of the people of Jehovah from faithful Jehovah`s leaders instead of being filled by them - Eccl. 3:16 . The messages of Jesus Christ to 7 churches also confirm this state of affairs -Revel.3:1,17
     However before Jehovah "abandon" the places of lawlessnesses and abomination of desolation will "settle" among His people, His sacred object - the temple - must be surrounded by certain troops -Luke 21:20, Mat.24:15. After death of Christ the literal temple of Jehovah was surrounded by the literal Roman troops. The destiny of Jehovah was ransacked and devastated literally: there was neither a temple, neither servants of the temple nor visitors of the temple.
     Because in closing dates before Armageddon there is not a literal temple on the Earth , the "troops", which surrounded the spiritual temple, also can not be literal. The spiritual temple of Jehovah , consisting of internal and external courts - must be surrounded by spiritual troops. Revel.11:1,2
     What spiritual "troops" in closing dates before Armageddon will surround the celestial Jerusalem - the anointed servants - the "mountains of Izrael", in order to ransack the destiny of Jehovah ? In according to the Bible it is the organizational system of satan and his human henchmen - which will operate through the "amassed" representatives of the external court - unfaithful pastors from the "earthly" people of Jehovah - Jes. 38:8-12, Revel.11:2,7, 13:7. In order to see these invisible troops, which trample the sacred object of Jehovah , it is necessary to have the developed spiritual sight which His anointed sovereigns possess.
     By the time, when Jehovah will "outpour the last 7 vials of the wrath of God upon the earth", all the anointed sovereigns will be already collected to Christ, and all, who won`t be written down into the book of life in celestial Jerusalem will worship to the beast --Revel.16 ,14:1, 3:8.
     However the word of Jehovah encourages and consoles all, who tries to keep loyalty to Him, but does not have the opinion, plenary powers and the power of human leaders - Psalms 145:3-5. Because all just christians from the people of Jehovah , who will suffer from the lawlessness in the congregations of closing dates, will not begin to participate in them and do not stumble on them, but will "die in Lord" - will go back to life in the new world- Revel.14:13.
     Like for both faithful and for the unfaithful people of Jehovah the "great sorrow" of closing dates of the judaic system began in a few tens of years after the murder of Christ, so the "great sorrow" for the people of Jehovah all over the earth must begin after the "murder" of the anointed sovereigns by the children of Jerusalem of the last days - by unfaithful leaders.. These events are described in Revelation 11: 7,13:7. Armageddon in which Christ will win is described in the 19 chapter.
     The 17 and 18 chapters describe the falling of great Babylon , which was opened as a symbol of false religion. However more detailed research of spiritual essence of biblical concept of the word "city" and the word "Babylon" allows to assume that the great Babylon in spiritual sense can mean something others. The next article is about it.

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