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This article is useful for considering along with the schedule of time of events of "Revelation".

        According to the Writing and as we have just found out in the article "The first resurrection. When?"- the accession of Christ over the Earth will occur at the historical moment of sounding of the 7th - last trumpet of the book "Revelation"- Rev.11:15. Till now Watch Tower Society calls the date of accession of Christ the year 1914, because this year "times of heathens" had been over (the basis of readout of the beginning of these times the year 607, but this date does not exist in the world history) However the Bible research shows that, first, concrete date about accession of  Christ is not given in the Bible - Mark 13:32, Acts 1:6,7. Secondly, "the times of heathens", trampling the certain Jerusalem are still ahead, and thirdly - there is a simpler and authentic way to "calculate" the moment of accession of Jesus: to place the development of events of the book Revelation on the time schedule of "a historical straight line" and to see visually the moment of accession of Christ. Revelation " describes in detail both "the  times of heathens "which will take place in the external court yard of a spiritual temple
of Jehovah, and the moment of accession of Jesus above the Earth.
       For drawing up the time schedule there will be necessary short characteristics of various historical periods called in the Bible "the last days"- Micah 4:1, "coming of the Son of man" - Mat.24:37, "end of the world"- Mat.24:3, "day of His coming"-Mal.3:1-5 and "day of our Lord Jesus Christ" 1C
r1:8, Rev.1:10.

        In detail these periods were considered in the article "Revelation. The new version". As the book "Revelation" describes the events of "day of Lord Jesus Christ", hence, the moment of Christ`s accession should take place at the time period of "day of the Lord". For descriptive reasons we will show first schematically the schedule of the general period of "last days", passing till the "day of the Lord Christ" from Revelation..

     THE LAST                                                   





End "harbingers"


End "harbingers"


The end of the epoch of  devil






Unusual wars, famines, pestilences, epidemics, earthquakes which began on the Earth at the beginning of the 20th century. (the world history notes this fact), degradation of society  and prosperity of the wicked.


The spiritual temple of Jehovah is formed- the "mountain of the house of Jehovah - Micah 4:1, the understanding is multiplied, there is a sermon, to the anointed sovereigns the external courtyard "is attached" -"the sheep" of Jehovah with the earthly hope.-1933-35.


The Day of the Lord - the second advent of Christ on the Earth. It begins with intervention of Christ in the deeds of His congregations. Because of lawlessness in them He interferes in their affairs and makes them understand through 7 messages. The servants of the "external" court yard "become heathens" and trample the anointed sovereigns for 42 months - "times of heathens". Great tribulation. The advent of Christ reaches its climax in Armageddon".

        It is visually visible that the period of "last days" is a certain historical period in general, covering the final stage of the age of Satan. None of the people can know, how many years or tens of years this period can last. Concerning this period Jehovah has left only the signs on which display it is possible to draw roughly conclusions, whether the mankind has reached this period of history or not. (see "Revelation. The new version.
        According to the basic signs of "last days", shown on the scheme according to the natural calamities and military events, to the world sermon and full formation of a spiritual temple
of Jehovah  all over the Earth (veritable congregations with the servants of  "internal" and "external" courtyards) - the mankind lives already in the period of "last days" for some time. At least, unusual wars and world epidemics, and also preconditions to the world sermon have started at the beginning of the 20th century. The history testifies to it.

        The history also testifies that the beginning of "attaching" of "the external" courtyard to "internal" one - joining of servants of Jehovah with the  "earthly destiny" to the anointed sovereigns in true worship - has occurred approximately in 1933-35.. Hence, the mankind enters the stage of "end of this age", shown on the scheme. In this final stage veritable Christians should expect the historical moment when in veritable congregations some lawlessness will start to occur about which Jesus Christ "will be on the alert" and will write 7 sobering messages. The book of the Bible "Revelation" begins with this historical moment and, describing the events of the historical period of the day of Lord Jesus Christ (we remind that accession of Christ will occur at some stage of "day of Lord" from "Revelation", hence, much later, than in 1914 see years 1935 and 1914, allocated on the schedule.)
        Let's present schematically the events of "day of Lord" from Revelation, having divided them into 4 historical stages: 7 messages, 7seals, 7 trumpets and 7 cups of anger
of Jehovah. All these stages follow one after another in a chronological order, hence, on the time schedule they are also one after another.


1 stage-7 messages

2 stage - 7 seals

By this period of time all 7 congregations of Christ are formed. It means that veritable congregations are formed all over the Earth. Since 1933-35 to anointed sovereigns sheep with earthly hope join for service to Jehovah. The day of Christ begins with His spiritual interference in His congregations concerning lawlessness in them. Hence, between 1935 and the beginning of "Day of the Lord" - some time interval exists. We will call conditionally the date of beginning of day of the Lord-19xx. We take into account that Jesus has not ascended the throne during this stage of 7 messages as His accession takes place during the 3rd stage the sounding of the 7th trumpet.

1 seal

The imperial wreath is given to Jesus - that is, the nominee of the future king of the Earth is defined. It is appointed the king, but before His accession some time should pass yet. In order to sit down on the throne and to start ruling the affairs of the Earth,  it is first necessary to clear the heavens, having dumped the devil to the Earth, also - to remove "the seals of misunderstanding" of the Scriptures and to wait  for destruction of the last anointed sovereigns.

2-4 seals

On the Earth - unusual mass problems take place, not so much because of people, but rather by "diligence of the wicked angels. That`s why the rulers of the world cannot eliminate these problems. 

5 seal

The anointed sovereigns who had died by that time were ordered to wait for the murder of the last of them.

6 seal

The calling and set termination of the anointed sovereigns their sealing. Opening of the group of "great crowd".

7 seal

The first trumpet sounds -the  3rd stage begins.


20 CENTURY; 1935...      THE DAY OF LORD JESUS CHRIST        


3 stage - 7 trumpets

4 STAGE 7 cups

1-4 trumpets

Living conditions on the Earth become hardened. Third of nutrition, drinking water and heavenly bodies become completely worthless.

5 trumpet

The fallen "star" from the sky ruins third of people (literally or spiritually - it is not open yet).

6 trumpet

The devil is expelled to the Earth, his beast revives from  non-existence and "enters" the congregations of Jehovah`s people, transforming "sheep" with earthly hope servants of an external court yard - into "heathens" by means of the publications made by "false prophet" - writers with earthly hope. Since 1992 these writers have penetrated in literary committee. The heathens of an external court yard trample lawlessly the last anointed sovereigns - "Holy Jerusalem for 3,5 times (42 months) -        "times of heathens" about which Jesus warned - Luke21:24, Rev.11:2. The beast from the abyss kills prophesying anointed sovereigns using the lawless elders with the earthly hope - Rev.11:7, 13:5, 17:8,11-14, Dan.7:24,25.

7 trumpet

- "This Day" - JESUS ascends His throne over the Earth, raises His co-rulers from the dead, prepares with them for  Armageddon.  

7 cups

of Jehovah`s anger -  Armageddon

1992   . of DAY of LORD JESUS  CHRIST, passing the ARMAGEDDON



        On the schematical time schedule of events which are to take place on the Earth during the period of "day of the Lord" of the book "Revelation", it is visually visible that accession of Christ over the Earth will occur much later than in 1914.

        As the Society builds the proofs of the establishment of God`s Kingdom on 4 bases, we recommended to look through them and to check up in the Scriptures the firmness and the truth of these bases.   

     In the book "What does the Bible teach", p. 216-218 you can read these 4 bases: 

  1. "The times of heathens", trampling Jerusalem, will end in 1914 - Luke21:24.
  2. Prophetical dream of Nebuchadnezzar and 7 times of heathens from 607 till October 1914.
  3. Sharp deterioration of conditions on the Earth since October 1914.
  4. The Greek expression "parousia" means the invisible presence of Christ since 1914.

        Let's consider each of them separately, using the schematic schedule of events of day of the Lord.

The first basis:
(To the beginning)  

        A) The schedule demonstrates that both accession of Christ, and "times, given to the heathens for trampling of Jerusalem" about which Christ warned in Luke 21:24, also did not happen in 1914. If Jesus Christ repeatedly had not declared about these times again after His revival in "Revelation" when the literal Jerusalem had been already destroyed, it would be possible to conclude that Jesus, warning about certain "times of heathens" in Luke 21:24, meant the surrounding of literal Jerusalem by  literal heathens Roman armies. However it is impossible to neglect the fact that in the book "Revelation" Jesus specified and expanded the information about "the times of heathens" with three additional facts - Rev.11:1,2.
        1) "The heathens" should appear in the external court yard of the spiritual temple
of Jehovah, which means, that by the period of "times of heathens" in the history of  Jehovah`s people servants of the external spiritual courtyard should be available, otherwise there will be nothing to give to the heathens. The servants of an external court yard had been opened" by Jehovah  in 1933-35 when the researchers of the Bible "saw suddenly" the Bible texts about inhabitants of the future Earth on which justice will dwell, and understood that if there will be heavenly government, it means, that the citizens accountable to this government should exist too. The heavenly government itself has no sense, if there is nobody to organize correctly for 1000 years. Jehovah managed the life and activity of His ancient people of the external courtyard, who lived in the earthly destinies, by means of His priests - anointed sovereigns, who lived in the internal courtyard - figurative "heavenly territory" of  Jehovah, - in His temple with Holy of Holies - Deut.18:1,2, Joshua 19:51,13:14, 11:23.  The same structure of society of Jehovah`s  people of the future paradise will exist also in the 1000 year government of Christ - Hebr.11:15,16, Rev.21:2- 4. So, the formation of "an external court yard" in 1933-35 means that Jesus could not ascend His throne in 1914 - before "the times of heathens" of the external court yard, trampling the internal one.

        2) The spiritual "courtyard" or Holy Jerusalem which will be "trampled by the heathens" are modern "priests" - anointed sovereigns of Jehovah`s people as in the literal holy place of ancient Jerusalem - in the internal courtyard of Jehovah`s temple only the anointed priests of Jehovah served - Deut.18:1,2, Joshua 13:33. ("The internal courtyard" is not "a class of anointed sovereigns" and not "a class" of officials of the WT Society. It is each anointed sovereign, whom Jehovah considers pure irrespective of his or her residence and post in the Organization - Rev.14:4,5

        3) It is the spiritual "external court yard" which will trample the Holy Jerusalem the last prophesying anointed sovereigns of Jehovah. It is known that the spiritual "external court yard" is meant for the servants of Jehovah with "the earthly destiny" like the external court yard of the literal ancient temple was given to Jehovah`s people who  had the earthly destiny. - Jez.44:19. (See in detail about spiritual internal and external court yards the article - "Who of the people living on the Earth now, is a member of the spiritual Israel?" WT 01.05.02 p. 30 and WT 15.11.00 p. 13. - also confirm this idea).

        According to Jesus explanation in Rev.11:1,2, the external court yard will be given to the heathens,  that is, it is expected that Jehovah`s servants with the earthly hope are to become as a matter of fact "heathens" during any historical period of time after 1935 and trample lawlessly the holy Jerusalem for 42 months. As the possibility to oppress the anointed sovereigns cannot be given to all Jehovah`s servants  with the  "earthly destiny", it is obvious that those who are to oppress the anointed sovereigns - "to trample the Holy Jerusalem" - should possess certain powers in the people of Jehovah of the historical period of the 11th chapter of "Revelation". (see the article "Jerusalem, the killer of the prophets")

) If "the times of heathens" were over in 1914 - at the moment of accession of Christ and the establishment of God`s kingdom, - so, after 1914 one should not expect that the spiritual Holy Jerusalem will be trampled once again by certain heathens.

        However, according to WT Society doctrines in other publication, after 1914 Jerusalem (anointed sovereigns) will be trampled by the heathens once again during the period from 1914 till 1918 see the book Revelation. Its Great Climax at Hand", p. 162-163, paragraph 7,9. It is obvious that WT Society proofs about the end of the "times of heathens" in 1914 contradict WT Society proofs about the "times of heathens" from 1914 till 1918. Hence, it cannot be true.

The second basis:  
(To the beginning)

        In its turn, if in 1914 "the times of heathens" were not over, the careful chronological calculation - the statement that the date of the establishment of God`s  kingdom the year 1914 - can not be true as well. This calculation is based on Daniel's book, chapter 4, in which 7 times of madness
of Nebuchadnezzar  are called "the times of heathens" and came to an end 2520 "days - years" later after 607 - in October 1914. One should know that 607 BC - as the date of destruction of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar - exists only in the doctrine of Jehovah`s Witnesses. All the other sources of world history of different countries and times use the date 586/587 BC. One of Jehovah`s Witnesses - the elder of congregation in Sweden Charles Olof Jonson - has proved the absence of date 607 in the history of Israel. He has published these proofs in 1983 in the book "Revision of times of heathens". For that he was expelled from the Organization of Jehovah`s Witnesses. The information about K.O.Jonson was given in the book "The Crisis of Conscience" by the former member of  Boarding Committee Rejmond Frents, the nephew of president of WT Society Frederik Frents since June, 22 1977 (see the WT Society book "Jehovah`s Witnesses the announcers of God`s Kingdom", p. 109, 111.
        Concerning Nebuchadnezzar symbolizing the world domination of Jehovah one should know, that the heathen king who submitted the sovereignty of the devil and did not "sit on the throne of the Lord" as an ascendant of David, could hardly be the symbol of Jehovah`s rule. Besides, in his dream Nebuchadnezzar did not cut down the tree of sovereignty
of Jehovah himself, as it is expected from the heathens who are to "cut down" the power of Jehovah; on the contrary, he was himself cut down for 7 times was deprived the heathen power for the period of madness.



The third basis:
(To the beginning)

        It is necessary to note also some discrepancy in the doctrine of the Society that sharp deterioration of conditions on the Earth and mass "woe to the inhabiters of the Earth" began in October 1914 - since accession of Christ and throwing down the devil to the Earth. According to history, great "grief" - world death, famines, epidemics and so forth - began, basically, because of First World War which burst in July 1914 - before the moment of accession of Christ and before the moment when the devil was dumped from heavens. Hence, sharp deterioration of conditions on the Earth since July, instead of October 1914, also can not be the strong reason for the acknowledgement of the fact of accession of Christ in October 1914 and the exile of devil.


The fourth basis:  
(To the beginning)

        The statement of the Society given as the proof of  the fact that the Kingdom of God is established in 1914, is also based on the text of Mat.24:3: " what will be signs of thy coming and the end of the world?" The opinion of WT Society concerning this text is that the signs about which Jesus informed further, should point at the fact of His invisible presence as a king.  

Let's consider the meaning of the word "presence", using the researches of the Greek original text by scientists linguists.
        In other translations the word "presence" is translated from the Greek language also as "arrival". However neither first nor second variant of translation gives the exact meaning of the Greek word
"parousia" which it had in the original. According to explanation of WT 15.08.96, p.11, par 11,12, the word "parousia" means both "arrival", and "presence". In the dictionary of Vain it is said: PAROUSIA -  literally "presence " means both arrival, and the subsequent (after arrival) presence. For example, in the letter one woman tells about necessity of her parousia in a certain place to watch the affairs In others dictionaries it is said that parousija means "visit of the governor". Hence, it means not only the moment of arrival, but also presence which lasts since arrival E.U.Bullinger explains in his work that parousia means a condition or formation of presence, which has in itself the idea of constant presence since the moment of arrival.

    According to these explanations, "presence" of Christ from Mat.24:3 - can come only after the moment of His arrival or coming. It is impossible to be present in the place where one did not come.


        WT 01.03.70, p. 45 specifies that the moment of His arrival is connected with Armageddon: "Behold, I come quickly - Rev.22:7. This arrival of Jesus Christ does not concern His arrival as the king in 1914, but His arrival "a thief in the night ", what is mentioned in connection with  Armageddon, with war of the great God-Almighty - Rev.16:14-16. Warning, He has told:"Watch you therefore and pray always that you may be accounted worthy to escape all these things, that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man"- Luke 21:35,36.

        In this explanation we can see one more very interesting detail: according to this explanation, after His first arrival and revival, Jesus is to come twice more: at first as the king in 1914, then - for  carrying out Armageddon. That is, there had to be three arrivals of Christ. However the Scriptures teach that there will be only two arrivals, and the second will occur just before Armageddon as it is written: "He shall appear the second time without sin unto salvation" - Hebr.9:28. It means, in its turn,  that both as the king, and for carrying out of the Armageddon Jesus will come at the moment of sounding of the 7th - last trumpet, and that will occur not in 1914, but much later see the schedule of this article and the Revelation" schedule.

        Thus, it is obvious that the time schedule of events of "day of the Lord" which are to develop soon (Soon - because in the people of Jehovah  there are already both internal and external court yards of the spiritual temple of Jehovah, so there is already the court yard which will be given to "the heathens"), helps to see visually the approximate moment of accession of Christ and the establishment of system of things of Jehovah  according to the signs of last days of this system of things which are executed at any historical stages as it is written: "Behold the fig tree, and all the trees; when they now shoot forth, you see and know of your own selves that summer is now high at hand. So likewise you when you see these things come to pass, know you that the kingdom of God is high at hand" Luke 21:29-31.

      The Christians have no need to try to calculate the exact times of arrival of Christ because Jehovah Himself has hidden it as it is written: "But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up" - Mat.24:43. That is, in case when the owner knows the arrival time, he has no need to be awake constantly, it is enough to adjust the "alarm clock" for the necessary time and to neutralize the thief. However such way of "wakefulness" is unacceptable for the Christians: they should be awake constantly in expectation of arrival of Christ, because to make the expectation of Christ their way of life is for the Christians the only way to prove the sincere fidelity to Jehovah  at any time throughout all eternity, and not only throughout several known days or years - Mark13:35-37.

        As we see, the carried out researches of the Scriptures show that Jesus has not been ruling invisibly over the Earth since 1914. This grandiose event is to occur yet.  

        Since 1914, more precisely, since the First World War - the signs of the last days of this system of things have only begun to occur in general, the signs speaking about approach of the end of a mad age of Satan have only started to be executed. However they are only harbingers of accession of Christ, and they do not specify in the fact of His accession. Jesus warned about it in the 24th chapter of Matthew, and the history of nations testifies to it.

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