To Jehovah`s witnesses.


       "This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church..." - apostle Paul wrote  about the mystery of the God`s church - Eph.5:32. Meaning the members of Christian congregation, Paul explained to them: "we are members of his body (Christ), of his flesh and of his bones..." - Eph.5:30-33. The context shows that mystery of Biblical expression "church - is a body” has something in common with the mystery of Biblical expression "wife – is husband`s body”: “This is (wife) now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh, because she was taken out of man" - Gen.2:23.
      It is presently known that, speaking to the members of Christian congregation, Paul spoke to the anointed sovereigns - "to the sainted partakers of the heavenly calling and faithful to Jesus Christ" - Eph.1:1, Hebr.3:1(a word the “anointed sovereign" is not used in the New Testament, but means a Christian, having a chrism from Jehovah -1John 2:20,27) Consequently, the anointed sovereigns are vivid "wife" of Christ in sense - His faithful helper - the same as wife of Adam in the Biblical understanding of word "wife" – had to become a faithful helper to her husband and to correspond him in everything - Gen.2:20-23, Rev.19:7,8. Their accordance to each other (absence of disagreements) is expressed vividly: a wife-helper is like taken from the flesh and bones of her husband-head, therefore she corresponds to him in everything. ( It is not necessary to apply the expressions: "members of Christ`s body" and "wife" in relation to the anointed sovereigns literally, because in other texts of the Scriptures they and future co-believers are called "brethren", "friends", "children" and "mother" to Christ. - Hebr.2:12,13, John13:33,
15:15, Mat.12:50. It is obviously, that on human concepts Christians cannot be both a wife and children simultaneously, both brothers and mother to Jesus. Giving the co-believers family "roles", he only exposed the different verges of close relations in the "family" of Jehovah).
      Because in the 1st century A.D. Jehovah did not open yet the other, except for the anointed sovereigns, group of the future "earthly people", there is a question: whether the people of Jehovah with the earthly hope are the "members of Christ`s body" ? The Scriptures do not report about it directly, however they report that to have “a communion” of the body of Christ – that is to become the part of His body - is very important for every Christian, because "Except you eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, you have no life in you..." – 1Cor.10:16,17, John 6:53,54. The people of Jehovah with the earthly hope wish to inherit the eternal life, therefore they must understand the "structure" of Christ`s body and find their place in it. (more detailed about what means to get the "communion" of the Christ`s body - see the article "Should the great crowd take over characters?")
      In order to answer this question, it is necessary to expose the mystery of God`s church - his vivid body - taking into account that the Christians of the times of apostle Paul knew not very much about the Reign of Jehovah – Acts 1:6-8. However presently – in the last days of this system of things - it is expected that many wise people will study the Scriptures and “knowledge shall be increased"- Dan.12:4,9,10.


Probing through the Scriptures the answers to the followings questions, the reader of this article will be able to find out, weather the modern people of Jehovah with the earthly hope are the "members of Christ`s body" ?

1.      What does the Biblical expression "church" mean?

2.      What does the Biblical expression "the saints" mean?

3.      What does the Biblical expression "church of first-borns" mean?

4.      What does the Biblical expression "sheep of not this fold” mean?

5.      What place in Christ`s body is meant for "other sheep"?

Answer to the 1st question:

What does the Biblical expression "church" mean?
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A) What does it mean?
The sense of the expression "Christ`s church" is identical with the modern expression "congregation of veritable Christians", which can be found in the modern translations of the Bible. Jesus Christ explained, that "if two or three men are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them” – that is such group of believers can be considered a little congregation of Christ, which he supports - Mat.18:20
      The Scriptures report also, that "church" is sometimes called the "body of Christ", "house of God" and a "flock" - Eph.1:22,23, 1Tim.3:15, John 10:16.

 B)Whose property it is?
The Scriptures teach that a "church" is the property of Jehovah which He "purchased" for the intentions of the New Testament with Christ`s  blood – Acts 20:28.
      Similar "purchase" of people in the property of Jehovah had already taken place in the history of humanity of the times of the Old Testament, when with the blood of Easter lamb Jehovah showed all the Israel people out of Egyptian slavery, dissociating them from other people in His property: "And you shall be holy unto me: for I the Lord holy, and have severed you from other people, that you should be mine" - Lev.20:2,22,26, Ex.12:6,30,31,51. The ancient situation of "purchase" of Israel by Jehovah for Himself shows that, first of all, He counted on all the "first-born" Israelites who would have died, if the lamb had  not been "paid" for them -  Numbers 3: 13. Other people had to become in the future  the "producer" of first-borns for Jehovah, therefore He means all the Israel people, when He says: " I  have severed you from other people, that you should be mine".

      If to find out, whom exactly Jehovah "purchased" for Himself in the New Testament, or - whom Jesus Christ "paid" for – it will become clear also the  composition of church (congregations) - people of Jehovah of the New Testament.


1)      The first group, "washed" by Christ`s blood – are spiritual first-borns, who were "produced" by spiritual Israel of the New Testament. From them - first 144000 persons, "running" in a race to Jehovah, will become in the future the habitants of skies and kings over the citizens of the Earth – Phil 3:20, Rev. 20:4 ,14:1,4.


      2) The second group, "washed" by Christ`s blood, is the future "great crowd" of the inhabitants of Jehovah`s Earth the other "runners" to Jehovah, who are to run 1000 years more under the leadership of the first "winners" of the world of Satan - Rev.7:14, 21:3, Hebr.12:40.
      Both these groups are "bought" for Jehovah with a high price, therefore they are recommended be not "the servants of men" – 1Cor.7:23.
      Because Jesus is trusted to manage the congregation of Jehovah`s people, for whom He paid His life, one can say, that congregation of veritable Christians is like His property -"church", which He cleansed a "with the washing of  water, by the word”, that he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle, or any other thing" - Eph.5:25-27
      Thus, Jehovah teaches through the Scriptures, that "Jesus gave himself a ransom for all", that is both the anointed sovereigns and His people with the earthly hope - are the members of His church (congregations) – 1Tim.2:6. Presently "church" of Jehovah and Christ (also Christ`s body, a house of God and flock of Jehovah) - is the multinational numerous group of baptized veritable Christians, dedicated to Jehovah,  incorporated together with the word of God – the Bible - and collected in general congregation of veritable worship to Jehovah all over the Earth.


      C) What does it exist for?
The Scriptures teach that in the New Testament the people of Jehovah, collected together, first of all, do the basic commission of Christ for this system of things - explain all the people the truth of Jehovah - Mat.28:19,20. Promoting the distribution of sermon, the congregation of veritable Christians with different characters and preferences encourages also all its members to learn to love each other the same as Jehovah and Christ love every member of congregation. About it Paul said the following: Jehovah gave different spiritual gifts to the different members of congregation for "maturing" and creation of general body of Christ until all the members "grow" up to the age of Christ – a perfect man (that is, to the state of holiness and purity). All the members of congregation through veritable love "grow" up to the internal essence of Christ from whom the whole body fitly joint together and compacted by that which every joint supplies, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, makes increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love"- Eph.4: 4,7-16.
      God is love, therefore love is the basic "connecting fabric" of the whole congregation - Col.3:14 (Strong). If anybody does not learn to love the visible members of the congregation, invited by Jehovah, he will not be able to love the invisible Jehovah -1John 4:20. And if on the historical stage of this system of things a great value for Christians has the distribution of knowledge about the truth of Jehovah for the system of things of Jehovah, only that Christian is suitable who loves Jehovah and every person chosen by Him, as it is written: "knowledge will vanish away, and love will remain", " And they shall teach no more every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, know the Lord: for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them" – 1Cor.13:8, Jer.31:34.
      Thus, the sermon and "becoming" in love - are two indivisible "signs" of a grown up Christian, who is similar to Christ. They cannot "live" separately - without each other. There is no Christ who  loves without a sermon and preaches without love. One can meet the similar phenomenon only among "babies" whom the congregation gives a chance to "grow" up and "to know the perfect love of Christ” -Phil.1:14-17, Eph. 3:19.   

Answer to the 2nd question:

What does the Biblical expression "the saints" mean?
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       A) What did it mean in the Old Testament?
In the Old Testament it was addressed to Jehovah, clean and unblemished with a sin, living in the distance from the unrighteous - Prov.15:19. A word "saint" was meant fort denotation of people, selected by Jehovah, who would be considered "saint" in case if they submit the voice of the Ruler and learn to reflect His holiness in their way of life in a maximally possible for an imperfect man degree, as it is written: "Now therefore, if you will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then you shall be a peculiar treasure unto my above all people" - Ex.19:5,6. The way the saint and  the impure go – is also called "the way of holiness" - Is.35:8.
      The saint people possess the great pre-eminence – Jehovah allows them to live next to Him and takes them under His guardianship, as it is written: "And I will set my tabernacle among you: and my soul shall not abhor you. And I will walk among you, and will be your God and you shall be my people” - Lev.26:11,12, 2Cor.6:16-18. It is obviously, that saint Jehovah will wish to socialize only with those of the people, who will not be disgusting for Him.
      People of Jehovah of the Old Testament in a mass had no possibility to dwell near the earthly dwelling of Jehovah and to be "saint": "Holy of Holies", in which Jehovah like "settled" through His holy spirit, was located in the temple - in the  tabernacle - and was "covered" behind the curtain, where the access was strictly forbidden to all the people and kings of Israel - Numb16:40, 18:22, 2Chron.26:16,18. In the Old Testament only anointed priests were included into the category of "saints" of Jehovah , because they were "sanctified" by Jehovah: dissociated from the general habitat of all the Israelites, placed on His "territory", washed from the dirt of sin by the blood of sacrificial animals through the mediator of the Old Testament - Moses, oiled with sacred miro and "had spirit of saint" for correct vital orientation, distinguishing "good" and "evil" in the eyes of Jehovah, being His announcers - Deut.18:1,2, Ex.29:21, 30:30-32, Mal.2:7.
      To the announcers of Jehovah  - the "saint" God`s  prophets - belonged also those of Israelites, who distinguished "good" and "evil", whom Jehovah "gave" His saint spirit, induced to write down His words in the Scriptures and to announce them to all, who needed them – 2 Peter 1:21, Jer.25:4.

      Note: the word “anointed" in the Old Testament. meant electing by Jehovah for some of His aims, but not always meant "saint". For example, the Persian king Kier was anointed by Jehovah, however he was never saint and did not live on the "territory" of  Jehovah - Is.45:1-4. King Saul also was  anointed, however he also was not "saint" -1Kings 10:1. Joseph lived in the days, when there was not "Holy of Holies" yet, however he had the saint spirit of Jehovah, distinguished "good" and "evil" in the eyes of Jehovah and  socialized closely with Him, like a "saint" prophet - Gen.39:21,41:16,38.

       B) What does it mean in the New Testament?
The saints are the anointed persons, participating in the race for the celestial rank - Hebr.3:1,1Cor.9:24-25 They are those, about whom Daniel wrote: "And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High" - Dan.7:27.
      Because in the New Testament Jehovah stopped living in the earthly hand-made temples and is in the veritable temple - on skies, so in order to live next to Him and to have the honor to be called saint righteous men, it is necessary to get permission of Jehovah to "settle" on His celestial territory - Acts.17:24, Psal.10:4. The entrance into the celestial temple was opened for all the people of Jehovah in the New Testament, not before. And exactly at that moment when the curtain in the temple was torn, as it is written: "Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus. By a new and living way, which he has consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say his flesh." - Hebr.10:19,20, Mat.27:51. Since a sinful human flesh, preventing from access to the saint Jehovah, got a chance to "become saint" - just in the eyes of Jehovah - and to get into His celestial temple due to the Christ`s blood paid for it – 2Cor.5:21. To all, who since then makes efforts to imitate Christ and «continued with him in his temptations» - was given a chance in the future to «sit on the thrones in the government of Christ and to judge tellurians for 1000years» - Luke22:28-30, Rev.20:4,6.
      That is why - admission into a celestial government began only since the moment of payment of veritable redemption, when the possibility appeared for an imperfect man to "add" oneself till the state of "justness" from perfection of Christ. Blood of sacrificial animals of the Old Testament was unable to help his servants to get to Jehovah onto skies as saint righteous men - Hebr. 10:1-6. Therefore all the faithful servants of the Old Testament who suffered "from trial of cruel mocking and scourging, yes, moreover of bonds and imprisonment", are not considered in the Scriptures as future celestial co-rulers of Christ, but they are future tellurians of Jehovah`s land, guided by "new skies" - Hebr.11:13-16, 36-40. None of them got the possibility to follow Christ in this system of things, suffer for the witness of Christ and distribution of God`s word, what is a necessary condition for the celestial participants of the first resurrection – Rev.20:4, Mat.28:19,20. However sacrifice of Christ spreads also on the habitants of the Old Testament, due to which they will be resurrected in the flesh on the Earth. Job, for example, was absolutely sure of it: «For I know, that my redeemer lives, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth. And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God whom I shall see for myself, and mine eyes shall behold, and not another» - Job.19:25-27. Abraham and all his descendants were also promised “the land flowing with  milk and honey” – Gen.17:7,8 , Ex.3:8. And there are no reasons to consider that Jehovah will not keep His promise to  Abraham, that his spiritual descendants - righteous men – will inherit the Earth and live on it forever – Psal.36:29, Gal3:7
      From the moment of payment of redemption and its acceptance by Jehovah, as Jesus explained, all, who will make deliberate efforts and will work "for the prize of high calling of God in Jesus Christ" - will become co-rulers of Christ on the skies – will have a chance and hope not only to participate in the receipt of celestial rank but also to get it - Mat.11:12, Phil.3:14.
     According to the Scriptures, Jehovah foresaw that among His new "Israelites" of the New Testament there will necessarily be those Christians, who, like Paul, will learn to imitate Christ in everything and will become very similar to Him – 1Cor.4:16. Each of them He will "call" to take part in the receipt of celestial rank. To each of them He will "add" till the "saint" (just) state from redemption of Christ. And to each of them in order to confirm the sealing - He will “give the earnest of the spirit in their heart” -2Cor.1:22. The most worthy from them - the first "winners of race" - Jehovah will collect on the skies with Jesus Christ - will "glorify". This chain of chrism and becoming "saints" is described by Paul in such way: "For whom He did foreknow, he also did predestinate. Whom he did predestinate, them he also called; and whom he called, them he also justified (made just through blood of Christ); and whom he justified, them he also glorified”( defined them to be on skies)" - Rom.8:28-30.
     The chance - to propose their candidatures for a celestial government got all the participants of the New Testament, however not all of the proposed candidatures will "suit" for the decision of governmental tasks. Therefore, although Paul advised everybody to take part in this "race", he warned that not all will get a reward. It was necessary to run hard in order to get it – 1Cor.9:24. Paul himself "hurried" very hard: "five times I received forty stripes save one. Thrice was I beaten with rods, once was I stoned, thrice I suffered shipwreck in weariness and painfulness…in hunger and thirst, in fastings often, in cold and nakedness, caring of all churches" – 2Cor.22-28. But in spite of it, he did not consider himself "worthy" of this rank and wrote: "brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended; but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before. I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus" - Phil.3: 8-14. Only after many years of service, when life of Paul was approaching its end, he was able to say “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day" -2Tim.4:7,8

      Thus, nobody of the anointed sovereigns, participating in the "race" on the skies, can demand from Jehovah "to accept" him into the celestial government and to have any claims to Him, "because who has first given to him and it shall be recompensed unto him again?"- Rom.11:35. Electing depends not on an interested person and not on that one who aspires (runs), but on Jehovah - Rom.9:16. Certainly, those who do not aspire at all - have no chances to become the co-rulers of Christ.
     Jehovah planned to collect in the complement of celestial government only 144000 helpers to Christ. It is obviously, He will not need more of them for implementation of governmental tasks. As soon as, shortly before Armageddon, He will be determined with the complete amount of the best participants of "race", worthy to be the judges of the Earth, process of "chrism" and his confirmation by the saint spirit - will "be sealed", that is it will be over - Rev. 7:3. To all, who will not get into the staff of the "first winners" for a celestial government, will be given not less wonderful possibility - to "hurry" to perfection for 1000 years more and to become in the future "saint" inhabitants of Jehovah`s Earth at the end of 1000 year management of Christ, to live next to Jehovah in the paradise and to socialize with Him, as Adam and Eva used to do. - Rev.21:3,4. Nobody, succeeding in the business of Lord, will remain unnoticed by Jehovah – 1Cor.15:58. (More detailed about 144000 and "great crowd" - see the article "144000 and "great crowd" – will they be on the skies?") 

      C) How did the anointed sovereigns of the 1 century differ from later ones?
In the days of apostles, when there was not the New Testament in the written form yet and all the  Bible was not written yet, all people, who was correctly located to the eternal life, reacted correctly on the sermon of apostles and "regenerated" from a verbal God`s word  - "were filled with joy and with the Holy Ghost", that is they got the supernatural understanding about calling by Jehovah through His sainted spirit - Acts.13:48,52, 5:32, 1Cor.4:15. The sainted spirit helped them very quickly to get skills, necessary to them for distribution of the truth of Jehovah in that volume which Jehovah opened at that moment - Acts.1:7,8. To those Christians, who had to finish writing the Bible - mainly to the apostles, - the  saint spirit helped to remember everything, what they were taught by Jesus, therefore they did not need  to study the truth of Jehovah from someone else additionally, and also – they did not distort it at writing - John.14:26, 15:26,27, 1 John.2:20,27, 2Cor.2:17, 4:2.
      Since the writing of the Bible had been over, and since the death of the last apostles - the saint spirit of Jehovah stopped to be passed through a miracle, there was not any necessity in it any longer - (see also the book "Witnesses of Jehovah – the announcers of God`s kingdom", p.705). The Bible - the word of God – became for all following Christians life-making sainted spirit of Jehovah, which influences a "dead" from sins man and makes him "come back” to life and become deserving veritable Christian, as it is written:  “It is the spirit that quickens, the flesh profits nothing, the words that I speak onto you, they are spirit, and they are life”; "For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and shaper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit", that is it helps to distinguish "physical" (desire to please the  flesh) from "spiritual" (desire to please Jehovah) - John.6:63, Hebr.4:12,13. It is also told about the sainted spirit, that the "spirit (Scriptures) testify to Jesus, and spirit is truth", and "truth is a word of God" – 1Johní.5:6, John.17:17. When it is reported in the Bible: "as the Holy Ghost says…" – it means - "as Jehovah says through the Bible" - Hebr.3:7. Also, when it is reported in the publications of Society, that "elders are appointed by the Holy spirit", it means that those elders meet the requirements of Jehovah, which His word - the Bible, - has for an elder – 1Tim.3:1-7.
      Thus, since the last book of the Bible – “Revelation” - had been written - all the tellurians of the times of the New Testament got the saint spirit from Jehovah in form of the Scriptures. It is written under the influence of Jehovah, therefore it fully reflects His sainted spirit and mind. And if the first Christians were taught rightness by the Holy spirit, received through a miracle, all the following Christians with the help of the Bible - John.16:13, 2Tim.3:16. And if the truth was opened to the first Christians by means of miracle of sainted spirit, to all the following - through careful research of the Scriptures, which Jehovah helps to understand - Dan.12:4, 2Peter 1:19-21. Each person, “led by the spirit of god” – the saint word of Jehovah, but not by his own understanding, is in fact His son, but not son of this world - Rom.8:14. One should not, certainly, forget also about the influence of the Holy spirit of God, which is present in the world as God`s operating force, encouraging the humanity to search for God, to study His wisdom and follow Christ, changing one`s mind and life in accordance with the Biblical studies – Eph.1:19,20, 2Tim.3:16,17.
      So, the Scriptures from the times of the New Testament invites on behalf of Jehovah all the researchers to participate in acquisition of celestial rank of "the saints" and to open the truth of Jehovah, as it is written: "they who do hunger and thirst after righteousness (the truth of Jehovah) – will be filled" with it - Mat.5:6. Because Jehovah knows, who of His people doest "hunger and thirst" and for what, He finds and elects with a chrism, according to the favor of heart and way of life those, whom He considers to be suitable for the future celestial government. Having chosen the next anointed "person", Jehovah "informs" him about the electing through the Scriptures, opening to him the understanding of the texts, confirming this chrism, for example the following: "For you have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but you have received the spirit of adoption… The spirit itself bears witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God" - Rom.8:15,16.
      Until Jehovah collects the necessary for Him amount of "the saints", every zealous Christian, studying the Scriptures, has the chance to form in himself the sainted spiritual qualities and once, if there will be the will of Jehovah on that, to "begat" of His "incorruptible seed" – God`s word - in the son of Jehovah – anointed person – James 1:18, 1Peter 1:23. The sons, "born" of Jehovah`s saint seed, can not consciously betray the principles of their celestial Father and sin – 1John 3:9.
      Anointed sovereigns understand themselves in some way, that they are elected by Jehovah for the chrism with the sainted spirit – 2Cor.1:21. However, there are certainly no devices and methods of verification, whether every person, who considers himself the anointed sovereign, got the pledge of adoption from Jehovah - Gal.4:6, 2Cor.1:22, except for the presence mature spiritual qualities in them, which cannot be unnoticed, and - correct understanding of the Scriptures - Gal.5:22,23, 1John 2:20,27.
      The presence of the sainted spirit of truth in the anointed sovereigns and the aspiration to follow it in everything makes them capable to interpret the Scriptures correctly and to be for all Jehovah`s people a "slave", distributing the spiritual food of Jehovah in the time appointed by Him - Mat.24:25, John.14:16,17, 1 John 2:20,27.
      However not all, who have the sainted spirit", change under its influence. According  to the words of Paul, sometimes the spirituality of some anointed sovereigns is dissipated on the matters of flesh and weakens their ability to understand the depths of the God`s word, as it is written: " The things of God knows no man, but the spirit of God… But the natural man receives not the things of the spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him; neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. But he that is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is judged of no man. For who has known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct Him? But we have the mind of Christ"- 1Cor.2: 9-16.
      In the context of Paul`s speech in 1Cor.3:1-3, - the word "natural man" can mean the anointed Christian (in the 1 century the sainted spirit was poured out on all, who repented, baptized and became the member of Christian congregation – Acts 2:38), who dissipated his spirituality on the matters of flesh and became a spiritual "baby" - again a natural man. If spiritual knowledge, got from Jehovah, are not used in deeds, the anointed sovereign, having the spirit, cannot "rise" spiritually both in deeds and in acceptance of "strong meat" - Hebr.5:11-14.  

      D) Why are "the saints" also called "strangers and pilgrims"?
1Peter 1:1, 2:11 - because the anointed sovereigns are not involved very deeply and thoroughly in the matters of this system of things and earthly pleasures. They aim “to attend upon the Lord without distraction" – 1Cor.7:35. Their purpose is the way of Christ, which induces them to go to Jehovah  every second of their earthly time - in the meaning to  become nearer and nearer to Him on the essence, and for the sake of this purpose the anointed sovereigns are not carried away with anything extraneous: they do not build themselves good dwellings with which it would be very difficult  to part, do not take part in entertainments and pleasures which could detain them on the way etc. They go without luggage, like travelers and stop only for the night and dinner.
      The faithful servants of the Old Testament also felt themselves "strangers and pilgrims" – that is temporal habitants of this system of things, expecting the veritable "city" - the system of things of Jehovah - His city with the celestial government - Hebr.11:13-16. 

Answer to the 3rd question:

What does the Biblical expression "church of first-borns" mean?
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      According to the Scriptures, a "church of first-borns" is a group of the anointed sovereigns, included by Jehovah in the first 144000 winners of race to the skies as co-rulers of Christ -Hebr.12:22,23, Rev.14:4. At  the moment of description of the "church of first-borns", this group did not exist yet in the amount of 144000, but it is reported about it like about the existing one, because Jehovah, "who calls those things which be not as though they were", was absolutely sure "before the foundation of the world" that it will be completed - Rom.4:17, Eph.1:4.
      The "producers" of the "first-borns" of the New Testament became all the people of the Earth, wishing to serve Jehovah - vivid 12 tribes of spiritual Israel. From each of such vivid "tribe" since the time of Christ 12000 “worthy” first-borns have been chosen - Rev.7:4-8. The others – do not "suit" for the function of judges of 1000 year management. For them Jehovah foresaw the other destiny: they will continue to "rise" to the rank of "sainted" under the supervision of "first-borns" – first of those, who purchased this honored rank from Jehovah with  their way of life - Hebr.11:40.

      Note: like the first-borns of ancient people of Jehovah were made by the environment of people of Jehovah so the first-borns of the New Testament cannot appear outside the environment of Jehovah `s people  - from the environment of people, who do not know and do not honor Him. The honor to "carry" and to write down the God`s word in the Scriptures was given to Israelites, as it is written: "Unto them were committed the oracles of God" - Rom.3:2. To the person who is not Israelite - a heathen – it would be difficult to understand the essence of sacred words of God, which are shown in the prototypes of the Old Testament, the essence of Biblical quotations from the Old Testament, made by Christ and the apostles, and to explain this essence to the others. It is so certainly not because he is more foolish. But because, being outside the environment of Jehovah `s people and not having the understanding of the essence of the Precepts with Jehovah, it would be impossible to anyone  to understand His project and the sense of sacred texts. For example, how could a heathen know that, speaking about "oxen", Jehovah told about the future preachers of His word? – 1Cor.9:9,10. Or, how could a heathen understand that the structure of the Old Testament –is only the "shadow" of the structure of the future system of things of Jehovah? - Hebr.10:1.
      However none of the people can know, whether the environment of
Jehovah `s people existed always, or whether sometimes Jehovah chose separate persons in order to open some verges of Biblical truth through them. Nobody can know also, whether Jehovah opened the Biblical truth in the days of "spiritual hunger", when the Scriptures were not open yet - \Amos.8:11-12. Nobody knows also, whether W.Tindal or M.Lyuter belonged to the environment of Jehovah `s people, whether they were anointed, however their research contribution to the Biblical openings and firmness with which they stood the tests for God`s Word  - are impossible not to estimate.

      It is obviously, that every member of the group of "first-borns" during their lifetime in the physical mortal body through his own efforts, through the spirit of Jehovah and Christ`s additional "payment" attained the age of Christ, "learnt to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge, that you might be filled with all the fullness of God" and showed it in deeds - Eph.3:18,19, Phil.1:8,9. If it was not so and they did not reflect the holiness of Jehovah, He would not be able to acknowledge His children in them and would not include them in the category of being "without fault", although imperfect Christians - Rev. 14:5 ("purity"(absence of fault) is more than "perfection": (perfect Adam became vicious). Every anointed sovereign Jehovah judges in accordance with the deeds he accomplished in his lifetime in a mortal body in the present system of things – 2Cor.5:10 ( unlike  future "great crowd" of earthly servants, who will be judged on the basis of their actions of the period of 1000year management - Rev.20:11-13) Because it is expected from the anointed sovereigns, that they will become faithful helpers to Christ, Paul calls all potential "holy servants"- "Christ`s" -1Cor.3:23.
      Going back to the name of the article, we will define, what place the "church of first-borns" has in the "church" of Jehovah, in the "body" of Christ, in the "house" of God and in the "flock" of Jehovah. 

      A) in the church of  Jehovah - congregation of veritable Christians:
All the congregation of people of Jehovah of the Old Testament was divided by Him into two groups - "first-borns" and other people. The function of "first-borns" of the Old Testament was executed by the tribe of Levi according to the order of Jehovah, and all the other tribes of Israel and new-comers belonged to other people – Numb 8:14-18, 15:15,16. "Oiled priests" of the Old Testament were a small group as compared to other people - 22000 people, and the number of other people was 603550 - Numbers 2:32,3:39. "Oiled priests" of the Old Testament had a function to "guard" the order among all the congregation of old days - Mal. 2:4-7.
      All the congregation of Jehovah `s people of the New Testament is also divided into two groups: "first-borns" and other people. The first-borns - "oiled priests" of the New Testament had the function of "keepers of order" and "having the rule" - Acts 20:28, Hebr.13:17. The "first-borns" of the New Testament are also a small group as compared to other people of Jehovah. They are only 144000. 

      B) In the body of Christ :
About the anointed sovereigns Paul wrote : "we are members of his body (Christ), of his flesh and of his bones" - Eph.5:30. Like the wife of Adam, taken of Adam`s "flesh and bones", had to become vividly the "member of Adam`s body", corresponding and helping him in everything, - so the anointed sovereigns must become the vivid wife of Christ, corresponding and helping him in everything -Rev.19:7, Eph.3:28-31, Gen.2:20,23.
      If vividly to imagine all the congregation as a human body, so Christ is a head, heart and blood (cerebral, organizational center and source of life). The anointed sovereigns can be in this comparison, for example, blood vessels, piercing all the body and helping to the head, heart and blood - to Christ.   ( Comparison is very approximate, on the human reasoning) 

      C) In the house of God:
The house of God in the Old Testament consisted of the building of temple (tabernacle and temple), surrounded with the internal and external courts. Oiled priests of the Old Testament worshiped to Jehovah in the temple and internal court, where the copper altar was situated- Jez.44:16,17. The external court was meant for other Israel people and off cut new-comers (strangers)- Jez.44:19.
      The spiritual house of God of the New Testament, "built" for example of literal one, also consists of vivid sanctuary (temple), internal court with the spiritual altar, and the external court - Rev.11:1,2. Oiled priests of the New Testament also worship to Jehovah inside the temple and its internal court, that is, they have such "close" relations with Jehovah, that the spirit of Jehovah like "settled in them" and they live directly on His spiritual territory – 1Cor.6:19. The external court of the spiritual temple is also meant for other people of Jehovah with the earthly hope - WT 01.05.02, p.30;  15.11.00, p.13. 

      D) In the flock of Jehovah:
In the Old Testament Jehovah compared all the people, collected together in clean worship, with the flock of the sheep. All His flock Jehovah de bene esse subdivided into two "gravimetric categories": fat cattle, above all things grazing on the field of Jehovah, and lean cattle, using what is left by fat cattle - Jez.34:17,20 (in these texts it is recommended to pay attention not to negative, but to the structure of Jehovah`s fold).
      The context of the chapter 34 of  the book Ezekiel shows, that the general "flock" is guided by "leaders" - fat cattle or shepherds of sheep. Because "leaders" were chosen from a flock, Jehovah distinguished them on "weight" in society. As compared to a general flock, the group of "leaders" was a small flock. They were supposed, certainly, to graze on the field of Jehovah, but they had to pasture also other sheep, not "trodding" it down - not distorting - Jez.34:2,18.
      About His future new "flock" of the New Testament Jehovah said: "I will set up one shepherd over them (Jesus)" - Jez.34:23. However according to the project of the Creator, Christ will need some helpers - "co-shepherds" -"leaders", who are also a "small flock" as compared to general one – Luke 12:32, John 10:11. The members of the "small flock" had to be chosen from a general flock as first-borns, hardier and stronger "lambs" - spiritual first-borns - anointed. They distinguish the voice of their shepherd from the voice of a strange shepherd and yield to no persuasions of "sheep-like wolves" - false prophets - John 10:4,5, Mat.7:15. They are collected into the special sheep court in which a "door" - a mean of entrance -  is Jesus Christ in that sense, that "leaders" of the flock go only the God`s way - John 10:1,7,9. If "the leaders" do not go the way of Christ, but "get over the fence"- they are false leaders. The anointed sovereigns can "determine" the false leaders of the flock like Jesus determined during His first advent the false "leaders" of Jehovah `s flock in their religious leaders - members of the Supreme court of Jehovah.
      If vividly to carry the "chart" of sheep courts on the courts of God`s house, a "small flock" occupies the internal court, and the selected "leaders" are the anointed sovereigns. Thus, a "small flock" means sheep of the "internal" court. Understanding of location of a "small flock" will help to understand the location of "other sheep" of not this, that is - not internal - court and to answer the next question. 

Answer to the 4th question:
What does the Biblical expression "sheep of not this court” mean?

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       "… and other sheep I have which are not of this fold. And THEM ALSO I MUST BRING, AND THEY WILL HEAR MY VOICE, AND THERE WILL BE ONE FOLD AND ONE SHEPHERD" - so Jesus said about the pining up of two different folds - in one whole - John 10:16.
      Some researchers of the Bible suppose that under "other sheep" Jesus meant future heathens who had to join the "court of Israelites" (reformers). There are however, at least, two Biblical proofs, that it is not so. We will consider them:

      1) In veritable worship to Jehovah either the "court of heathens" or the "court of Israelites" did not exist, but there were two different courts - internal - for the anointed priests - and external - for other people, having the earthly destiny, including new-comers - WT 01.02.98. p.21, frame, Jez.44:17,19 (although Ezekiel was shown the vision of the restored temple, it is obviously, that the restored temple had to correspond exactly that one, which was destroyed by the Babylonians). Internal and external courts for worship to Jehovah were foreseen by Him from the very beginning - at the construction of the tabernacle - Ex.40:31-33, Numb18:22.

      2) The words of Jesus warn that He is to unite two certain parts into one whole and to lead it. Paul explains, what exactly Jesus will unite: “that in the dispensation of the fullness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth" - Eph.1:9,10. It is possible, certainly, to suppose that in this text it goes about angels and people. However, Paul explains further, that Jehovah through Christ`s blood reconciled with Himself “things in earth and things in heaven” - all that, which was united by Christ - Kol.1:20 (NW translation, Ogijenko). Because the angels of Jehovah do not need expiation by Christ, it is obviously, that under reconciliation of Jehovah "things in earth and things in heaven" one should understand those, who need expiation: they are future habitants of skies, and future tellurians of Jehovah.
      Thus, it is obviously, that Jesus will unite "other sheep" of not this - not internal, but external court and "sheep of small flock" of internal court - into one general flock of Jehovah under one head -Christ. It means that both future tellurians and future habitants of skies – co-rulers of Christ - all will be in  submission for Jesus-King.
      "Other sheep" are also Christ`s, and will resurrect to life in the parousia of Christ in their turn: after the first resurrection of the anointed sovereigns – 1Cor.15:22,23, Rev.20:5,13.  

Answer to the 5th question:

What place in Christ`s body is meant for "other sheep"?
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       We will consider consistently the location of "other sheep" with the earthly hope in the church, in Christ`s body, in the house of God and in the flock of Jehovah.
      A) In the church: servants of Jehovah with the earthly hope are presently the full-fledged members of international congregation of veritable Christians. They also get possibility to become the "sainted" children of Jehovah since the moment of their calling through the sainted spirit of Jehovah - the Bible, through conscious efforts on the changing of their personality and the help of Jehovah - Eph.4:22-24, 2Tim.2:25,26, 3:16,17. We remind, that until Jehovah is determined finally with the membership of the "saints" for skies and stop their selection, a chance to become future just and merciful celestial judges is given to every Christian. According to "Revelation", the selection of the saints will be "sealed" (stopped) in the history of humanity shortly before Armageddon - in the period between opening of 6th and 7th seals - Rev.7:3-8.

      B) In the body of Christ: Again we will imagine a human body, in which Jesus is a head, heart and blood, the anointed sovereigns are the circulatory system. Other members of a body are "other sheep". The perfect and sainted "body of Christ" - the complete collection of perfect and sainted servants of Jehovah – will be fully formed only at the end of 1000 year management, when there will be no more death for any living sensible creature of Jehovah - Rev.21:4. And if the anointed sovereigns, being the "members of Christ`s body" - are like his "wife", so "great crowd" – are like their "children" who will be "born" - will appear in the 1000 year management - as a result of their "marriage" - joint rule. "Children" of Christ are also part of "his body, of his flesh and of his bones". Therefore many servants of Jehovah with the earthly hope, as potential future "sainted" tellurians, are the members of Christ`s body presently.

      C) In the house of God: In the spiritual house of God "other sheep" worship to Jehovah in the external court. The external court began to be "built" up to the internal one during some period of "last days", when to the operating anointed sovereigns all the people of Earth" began to "flow down” - Mik.4:1. According to "Revelation", shortly before Armageddon, when the last from 144000 "saints" will begin to prophesy on the territory of spiritual Jerusalem (leaders of Jehovah `s people), by that moment in the external court some amount of admirers of Jehovah will have already been gathered - Rev.11:1-8. It is known that admirers of the external court - "other sheep" - began to appear in clean worship approximately in 1935, when Jehovah opened the presence of servants of the external court with the "earthly destiny". By the moment of "day of Lord" from "Revelation" (later, than in 1935) - in veritable congregations some lawlessness will take place about which Jesus will "send" messages to 7 churches. In the period of sounding of the 6th trumpet - the external court will have already will been "given" to the heathens, consequently, the process of becoming heathens falls out on the period between messages to 7 congregations, opening of 7 seals - period of the specified understanding of the Scriptures - and sounding of the first 5 trumpets - Rev.8, 9:13, 11:2 ( see the chart of the graph of time in the article: Revelation. The new version)
      D) In the flock of Jehovah: "other sheep" are members of the general flock of Jehovah, who submit the "leaders" of the flock - sainted anointed sovereigns – both in the present and in the future, when they attain the system of things of Jehovah.
Resume: "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved" - Peter explained the essence of the name of Jesus Christ –Acts 4:12. The essence of the "name of Christ" is in the fact that not a single tellurian himself, living "outside of Christ`s body", has the chance to "free" from slavery of sin and death, because he remains "without his additional payment" - without sacrifice of Christ. Reconciliation with Jehovah - grantor of veritable life - depends only on that, as far every imperfect Christian aims to "join" the perfect body of Christ due to which Jehovah can "present you holy and unblameable and unreproveable in his sight" - Col.1:21,22.
      Thus, considering the answers to the questions through the word of Jehovah, the reader of this article will be able not only to define his personal place in a "Christ`s body" - the church (congregation) of veritable Christians - but also aim to be deeply "rooted" in it, becoming its inalienable part.

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