To Jehovah`s witnesses.

The Mystery of 10 Last Kings or How the beast "which was and which is not" will become "the eighth out of seven" Rev 17:11,8,12 Šåäąźöč˙ īņ 26.04.09

      The mystery of the book "Revelation" of the beast, which will go out of an abyss (bottomless pit) and will become the eighth??? out of seven??? the book of Daniel will open slightly in the chapters 2 and 7.
      It is not clear before the analysis, which word must be after the word "eighth" - king? beast? And "out of seven" - state powers? kings?

Why do we need the book of Daniel?

      In the 2nd and 7th chapters of this book images of unusual heathen state powers, changing each other, are described. During the management of the last of them Armageddon will come and the saints of the most High will get the human kingdom. - Dan 12:34,44; 7:23,26,27. The book "Revelation" forecasts also, that the seventh state power - the seventh head - of the seven-head beast will become the last heathen state power in the history of humanity, because Armageddon, in which Jesus Christ will win with the saints, will come during its existence - Rev.17:10-14.
      Because different prophets of Jehovah describe the same events before Armageddon, consequently, the last state power from the book of Daniel and from the book Revelation is exactly that, during which management Armageddon will come. From it, in its turn, follows that the descriptions of different images of this last state power specify its "portrait". The comparison of these appearances will allow to see the detailed picture of the last state power of this system of things. We will do that in the table below.

Why are those powers unusual?

      These heathen state powers (we examine 6 state powers, except for the last) were not only monopolistic "masters" over the world, known in that historical epoch - Egypt, Assyria, Babylon (Chaldea), Mido-Persia, Greece, Rome. Jehovah used these state powers in order to carry out His intention over His people. For example, about Assyria which Jehovah used for punishment of 10-tribe apostate Israel, it is said: "O, Assurian, the rod of my anger and the stuff in their hand is my indignation! I will send him against an hypocritical nation…" - Is 10:5,6. (Assyria is the second state out of "five fallen" - Rev 17:10). Jehovah used Midia king Cyrus for liberation of His people from the captivity of Babylon - Is 45:1-4, although, in fact, with the release from Babylon, the people of Jehovah only changed their heathen owner: instead of Babylon Mido-Persia seized them.
      These six heathen state powers owned the people of Jehovah on His will - Is 10:24, 47:6. It means that the seventh state power out of this number of powers - is also to capture the people of Jehovah before Armageddon. And its ten kings will help Jehovah in realization of His intention in regard of "melting" and "purifying" of His people and checking their loyalty before Armageddon - Mal 3:2,3. Because, according to "Revelation", these 10 kings will contest with the representatives of Christ on the Earth in the same period of time - for 42months, like the beast "going out of an abyss" into the external court of the spiritual temple of Jehovah - Rev 17:12-14, 11:7, 13:5,7.
      In order to determine the function of the seventh power - the last before Armageddon - and to find the connection between the resurrected beast and the 10 kings, we will show the comparative description of the chapters of the book of Daniel and Revelation in the table.

      All the facts which complement the "general portrait" of the last heathen power before Armageddon and "general picture" of the last days, will be italicized for the subsequent facilitation of the analysis of the research. So, the comparative table.
      It is recommended to read it in columns - from the beginning of the column to the end - the first, then the second and the third.

Daniel, chapter 2 - an idol (image)

Daniel, chapter 7 - beasts

Revelation, chapter 17 seven-head beast

Daniel 2:31-35, 37-44

In the book of Daniel the counting out of world state powers, owning the people of Jehovah, begins with Babylon:

Daniel 7:4-7, 17,18

In the book of Daniel the counting out of world state powers, owning the people of Jehovah, begins with Babylon:

Revelation 17:7-11

1. ------------------------------

Babylon-monolith, gold ,
1.head -------------------
The first beast --------------------------
2. Mido-Persia
monolith, silver ---------------
breast and hands
The second beast ---------------------------
3. Greece - monolith, copper,
stomach and thighs -----------------
The third beast --------------------------
5. ----------------------------
4. Rome - - monolith ,
iron shins ---------------------------
the fourth beast ---------------------------
6. ------------------------------

5. English-American -
feet - not monolith, iron and clay, 10 toes

^ ^ ^ ^ ^       ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

English-American state power came out of Rome, its province Britain, therefore it has in its composition the stuff of Roman world power - iron. However the fact that the feet are not monolith and are crushed into the pieces of iron and clay, can mean, that English-America before Armageddon will not be a monopolist in relation to the management over all humanity and the people of Jehovah. The world of people in the last days will be crushed into the great number of separate states, and the people of Jehovah - into the great number of congregations all over the world, not meeting each other - Dan 2:43.
World domination of English-America over the world and the people of Jehovah will show up only in enormous influence of this power on their viability.
The phrase - "in the days of these kings" the God of heaven will "conduct" Armageddon - means that Armageddon will happen in the period of existence of English-American state power, influencing the whole disjoined and scattered world. From their description a few variants are possible in these texts:

1) They are 10 rulers, relating to English-America, because they belong to the feet of iron

2) English-America itself, crushed into 50 states. In this variant number 10 is symbolic, which sounds not very convincingly. However after research of other descriptions of this state power from other places of the Scriptures the picture will clear up.

In this prophecy the prophet does not give further details of the last days before Armageddon.
He reports only that the "stone" of Jehovah will hit the feet with toes and will destroy the human types of management - Dan 2:34,35. Consequently, Armageddon will "strike" the last state power in that sense, that it will happen in the period of its management (Neither Babylon, nor Greece or Mido-Persia existed by that time)


10 horns of Rome

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Because the fourth beast with 10 horns can not be English-America according to the historical sequence of 3 previous beasts, and Armageddon will come in the period of existence of 10 horns of Rome - Dan 7:20-22; consequently, 10 horns of the fourth beast symbolize English-America, which had gone out of Rome.
From the words of the prophet it is obviously, that Armageddon will happen because of successful fight of one of 10 horns against the people of the most High for 3,5 times - Dan 7:8,11,24,25; that look like 42 months of the same fight before Armageddon from Revelation 11:7; 13:5,7; 17: 12-14.
The prophet explains very detailed the intestine "war" of 10 horns of English-America which means, according to Daniel, separately taken rulers, relating to English-America.
The following fact is especially interesting: from 10 rulers one will be selected separately - "with eyes like the eyes of man and a mouth, speaking great things and blasphemies". It will be him who will make the war with the saints, it will be him whom Jehovah will eliminate in Armageddon - Dan 7:8,11,24-26. But before his "advancement" this king (horn) will kill 3 kings out of 10.
Whereupon he will become the eighth king from the number of seven, remaining from 10 (10-3=7, 7+1=8 out of seven). This fact looks like the phrase of the name of the article.
However the prophet does not finish the description of the impudent 8th ruler from the number of 7.
According to Dan 11:36,41,45; 12:1 the 8th impudent king of the period of great tribulation will penetrate into "the glorious land" - into the domains of Jehovah - and he will "plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain".
The territory between the sea and the mountain includes the territory from the sea to the temple mountain in Jerusalem; but the mountain itself and the temple are not included into this territory, captured by the impudent eighth king. It means that before Armageddon the spiritual domains of Jehovah will be captured by the last enemy: "the temple" - the anointed sovereigns - will not be captivated, but the "territory" behind the temple - the external court - will be captured by the enemy.
Because in the external court of the spiritual temple the servants of Jehovah with the earthly hope worship, the beasts - "wolves in sheep`s clothing" will appear in the flock of sheep - Mat 7:15. Only Edom, Moav and Ammon will be saved from the trouble of the enemy - Dan 11:41, Deut. 23:3. These tribes, though they were the relatives of Abraham and lived in the land which Jehovah had given them, however they didn`t belong to the number of the people of Jehovah - literal Israel - Deut 2:8, 18-20, 23:3.
It can mean that on the spiritual earth of Jehovah before Armageddon spiritual "relatives of Abraham" will live - the false servants of Jehovah to whom the penetration of the enemy will not bring any harm. On the contrary, they will "increase with glory" and will begin to co-operate with him - Dan 11:39.
Among the people of Jehovah there were the "wicked" also before "Armageddon" for Israelites - Jer 5:5,26; Is 58:1,2. However "the rest" of the faithful always remained, Jehovah took care of it - Ez 14:22. Before Armageddon Jehovah will also shorten the days for the enemy, so that some flesh will be saved - Mat 24:22


10 horns

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

    According to the prophet English-America must appear in the future in relation to the moment of writing of Revelation. That is their appearance will coincide with the appearance of the future 7th world state power before Armageddon. Therefore the horns must be only on the 7th head of the beast, but not on 6 other heads. - Rev 17:10,12, as it is shown in the book of WT Society    "Revelation - Its Great Climax at Hand".
Because the "beast which was and which is not, but will go out of an abyss (bottomless pit) and will go into perdition" - is only the symbol of feral - heathen - management over the people of Jehovah, it means that the future 8th impudent king out of 7 of the future 7th feral state power - head, will also rule in the beast`s way - Rev 17:11.
The fact is very interesting that all future kings will appear as rulers from the future 7th state power - English-America - "one hour with the beast" - Rev 17:12 - that is in the same period of time that the beast, operating in the external court of the spiritual temple of Jehovah. This period lasts for 3,5 times or 42 months.
The ideas of kings and their aims will coincide with the ideas and aims of the beast: they will make the war with the saints of Jehovah for 42 months until they will "scatter the power of the holy people" completely - Rev 17:12; 14; 11:7; 13: 5-7; Dan 12:7. In spite of their common interests, there will be events which will result in transposition of forces of 10 kings of English-America, remaining from 10 (10-3=7+1=8 out of 7).

This impudent 8th beast will spread its feral influence on the external court of the spiritual temple of Jehovah, because of that many of the people of Jehovah with the earthly hope will become beasts - heathens.
But whom will he rule? Over English-America? Over the world? Over the people of Jehovah?
We will arrange, that it is unknown so far. It is known only, that for the future 10 rulers of English-America Jehovah meant the fate to be used by Him for execution of His intentions. With their help Jehovah will disrobe the great Babylon. But before it they are to co-operate closely for 42 months with the beast who will come to life for oppressing of the saints of the most High - Rev 17:12,13,16. They are also to come to hate the great Babylon guided by the beast - using the feral methods of management - Rev 17:3.



The analysis of the research

     We will summarize all the information, which we have about the beast which was, and which is not and is the eighth out of seven, and will go into perdition - Rev 17:11.

1. Because the beast is not the literal materialized substance, but is the symbol of heathen (of a beast type) management over the people of Jehovah of seven world heathen state powers, it means that interpreted literally, the beast can not pursue and scatter the power of the anointed sovereigns of Jehovah, who prophesy in difficult conditions for 42 months before Armageddon - Rev 11:7; 13:5,7.
     The beast is to materialize and show up his feral ways in certain "heathens" who will fill the external court of the spiritual temple of Jehovah - Rev 11:2. It is obviously that feral ways will show up in some representatives of the external court - among the servants of Jehovah with the earthly hope. Those who will "worship" the invisible beast (will copy his methods) - in fact will become heathens, like the servants of Jehovah became "heathens" in the last days of Judea , having copied their way of life - 2Chron 36:14; Rev 13:4. Those servants of Jehovah, who have become heathens, are to "trod down" the holy city Jerusalem for 42 months. The holy Jerusalem means the anointed sovereigns of Jehovah - Rev 11:2; 21:9,10.
     Jesus also warned His disciples that "Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles" for some limited period of time - Luke 21:24.

2. Because the beast "is not" in the days of apostle John - Rev 17:8, it means that the prophet described the picture of appearance of the beast in that place, where he "was not" in the days of John. The beast is the personification of heathen management; therefore in the alienated from God world the beast always existed, including the days of apostle John.
     Where in such case the beast "is not" in the days of the apostle? The Bible answers that feral methods did not exist in the congregations of Jehovah`s people, where the anointed sovereigns managed in love to Jehovah, to the word of Jehovah and fellow creatures. During their life the growth and development of lawlessness in the congregations was held out by their efforts - 2Thes 2:6,7.
     Jesus also warned His disciples that before Armageddon "because of iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold" - Mat 24:12 (WT 01.02.2006, p. 22 also confirms this fact). It means that time will come in the congregations of Jehovah`s people, when lawlessness among the people of Jehovah will increase, and as a result the sincere interest to Jehovah, to His word and to each other will disappear.
     Thus, one should expect the appearance of the beast not in the world in general, but in the people of Jehovah, more precisely - among the servants with the earthly hope, in the external court.

3. Because the beast materializes also in ten future rulers of the future English-America and will stay in close co-operation with them for "one hour" - Rev 17:12 - for 42 months - consequently, this last heathen state power - English-America - will have the direct attitude to the people of Jehovah before Armageddon. Nowadays the official centralized organ of management - "headquarter" of the Organization of witnesses of Jehovah - is in the USA, state New York, in Brooklyn. The Boarding Committee of the WT Society is there.
     Consequently, vividly speaking, we can come to conclusion, that this seventh - the last before Armageddon heathen state power - in some sense already "owns" both the people of Jehovah, dispersed all over the earth, and the world in general, influencing their viability.

4. From 10 future English-American kings - one will be especially successful in his "destructive" activity: some eighth impudent ruler, taken out of seven kings, remaining from ten (10-3=7; 7+1=8). Prophet Daniel, describing the state of affairs in the people of Jehovah before Armageddon, also warned, that certain 8th king of English-America of feral kind will appear somewhere and will penetrate into the spiritual domains of Jehovah - "the glorious land" (the book of Society "Heed the prophecy of Daniel", p282, par 25 explains partly this moment). The book "Revelation" specifies, which exactly spiritual domains his pernicious feral influence will penetrate to - into the external court of the spiritual temple of Jehovah, into the servants of Jehovah with the earthly hope - Rev 11:2.

5. Where will the 8th king appear? It is known that the beast through the 8th ruler will fight with the saints of the most High for 3,5 times or for 42 months till their complete deposition (scattering) - Dan 7:21,22, Rev 13:5-7. Because the anointed sovereigns are not only in the USA, but also all over the world, it will be physically impossible for the 8th king to fight with them alone. This influential ruler will probably appear in the center of management and, giving necessary orders and instructions, will organizationally promote the appearance of "sheep", similar to wolves, in the external court - "heathens" - Mat 7:15. If to suppose that the feral ruler is the mundane ruler of English-America, his feral spirit can not get into the people of Jehovah and influence them perniciously, because the people of Jehovah are separated from the world and do not imitate the behavior of mundane rulers and do not adopt their ideas. It is possible to "spoil" the people of Jehovah only from within, having spoiled those, whom the ordinary witnesses trust and try to imitate. With the help of his beasts he will oppress the anointed sovereigns for 42 months and will kill them before Armageddon. Now the Society in the person of Boarding Committee has already allowed through publications of WTS the elders of all congregations to use power at their own discretion, which favors the growth of ambitions and lawlessness in them.
     Apostle Paul warned his brothers that they are to baptize into Christ`s death" - Rom 6:3. Jesus warned before mini-Armageddon of Israel that His faithful followers will have to "drink of His cup and baptize with His baptism" - Mat 20:23. Because Jesus suffered from the unfair leaders of Jehovah`s people, all faithful followers of Jesus before Armageddon are also to be persecuted not only by the world which does not care the veritable way of Jehovah, but exactly by the unfair representatives of Jehovah`s people - Mat 23:37 ( see more detailed the article "Revelation. The new version", chapter 11).

6. In order to "trample" and to "kill" somebody, it is necessary to possess certain plenary powers - in order to make some actions in relation to those who are "trampled". Therefore not the ordinary sheep of external court will "trample" the anointed sovereigns, but those sheep who have some power in the congregations - the elders with the earthly hope.

7. Additional places of the Scriptures:

Prophet Zechariah describes in 11-14 chapters the state of the spiritual domains of Jehovah before the end of Judea - before Armageddon, when all the saints will be gathered for the trial - Zech 14:5. He reports one detail here: in this period of time Jehovah will "cut off three shepherds in one month, and will raise up an idol shepherd in the land who will leave the flock" - Zech 11:8,9,16,17.
     Can the description of dethronement of three rulers of Jehovah`s people be the prompt for determination of the essence of the 8th ruler of English-America, who is bad for the people of Jehovah, who overthrew three of ten like-minded persons? If it is so, Zechariah describes the same things like Daniel and John: some 8th bad ruler will become for the people of Jehovah an idol shepherd for short period of time - for 3,5 times on Jehovah`s will.
     It can appear that all 10 kings of English-America are the future group of rulers not over English-America, not over the world, but over the people of Jehovah. Time will show. It is known that nowadays the Organization of witnesses of Jehovah is managed by 10-12 members of the Boarding Committee (see the year-book of witnesses of Jehovah, 2007, p.3-5)

8. Prophet Zechariah also describes the siege of Jerusalem before Armageddon - Zech 14:1,2. Because Jerusalem in general symbolizes the power of Jehovah - the leaders of Jehovah`s people - it means that before Armageddon mainly the representatives of class of earthly elders will be "captured" by the impudent "spoiler". They will begin to submit the power of "feral" ruler, who will capture them, and to act according to his intentions, trampling the saints.
     Jesus warned His disciples that in the period of "abomination of desolation", when the spoiler will surround Jerusalem, one should not remain in it or enter it. In the period of its siege it is better to "flee" from Jerusalem to the mountains of Israel and to remain outside Jerusalem, that is not to aim to get into the number of the leaders - Luke 21:20,21; Mat 24:15.
     Because before Armageddon there will be no literal Jerusalem in the sense of the holy place, the spiritual Jerusalem will be surrounded by invisible troops - the leaders of Jehovah`s people, and the spiritual Judaea - the territory of the spiritual state Israel - the people of Jehovah in the whole, nearest to "Jerusalem" - to the center of management of Jehovah`s people. To this spiritual territory' nearest to the "headquarter" in Brooklyn, can also belong the rest of the leaders of Jehovah`s people - the elders of Bethels and congregations.

     In this period the christians who will "see" these troops and the abomination of desolation on the holy place - in the places of veritable worship to Jehovah - should go out from pernicious influence of ALL the leaders, "captured" by the "spoiler", not to imitate them in their deeds and vividly to "flee to the mountains of Israel".

     Where are the "mountains of Israel"? Ez 38:8-12 reports about some "mountains of Israel", gathered from all the nations of the Earth who live in these mountains safely. It is the spiritual territory of Jehovah, where His people live - the congregations of His worshippers all over the land. The example of Christians who lived in the dead congregation of Sardis, but remained faithful to Jehovah in spite of "deadness" of the leaders of the congregation, shows that it is possible to "flee to the mountains of Israel" - that is to remain in the congregation of Jehovah`s people, but to avoid the destructive influence of the leaders of this period in spite of all this.

     Peter begged the Christians to go out from under the influence of religious leaders of that time in order to save their lives - Acts 2:40, because, although they headed the people of Jehovah and were in truth, their methods of management the people of Jehovah stopped to be Divine, as it was predicted before: "the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed" (unfortunately) - Is 9:16; Jer 5:1-5. The same will happen also before Armageddon.

9. How deeply will the spoiler penetrate into the domains of Jehovah? Zechariah explains, that the half of the habitants of Jerusalem will go forth into captivity - Zech 14:2. It can mean that plenty of elders before Armageddon will submit the pernicious power of feral 8th ruler of English-America and will show the "beast" in them, managing the people of Jehovah not according to God`s principles. In its turn, their pernicious influence will "spoil" some members of the congregation, "led by them", who will adopt the "spirit" of unfair elders - Rev 3:1-4. The fact consoles and encourages however, that before Armageddon among the leaders of Jehovah`s people - "in the midst of Jerusalem" - will also be those who will understand the abomination of what is going on, "to sigh and cry for them" - Ez 9:4.
     Jesus Christ, describing the state of affairs before Armageddon, warned, that from two servants, doing the same work - "in the field of the spiritual harvest" and who are grinding the spiritual bread - one will be approved by Jehovah, and the other - won`t - Mat 24:40,41.

10. However not only the pernicious ruler of Jehovah`s people will devastate Jerusalem. Zechariah reports, that all the nations will gather to battle against it - Zech 14:2. Prophet Ezekiel reports also about the great "attack" on the domains of Jehovah. He describes the attack "from thy place out of the north parts" of Gog (devil) with his nations - Ez 38:8,11,12,15. It is obviously, that the devil will be at the head of national feral army, attacking the people of Jehovah. It will "attack" the Christians, imposing them the terms and laws. Therefore the double "attack" will be carried out on the people of Jehovah - from without - from the world with its temptations and oppressions - and from within - from the "brothers".

11. Will the spoiler of the domains of Jehovah fight with His people? Daniel reports that "tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him" (the worthless 8th ruler of English-America): therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy the people of Jehovah - Dan 11:44,45.
     The east is the part of the world, from which the kings of Jehovah go on His will to "punish" the devilish system of things and its adherents - Rev 16:12. "Tidings" can mean that Jehovah will use the worthless ruler and will impel him to accomplish certain actions.
     The north is the part of the world, from where the devil will come in order "to take a spoil and to take a prey on those who dwell safely" in the domains of Jehovah before Armageddon - Ez 38:8,11,12,15. The book "Revelation" specifies, on whom mainly the interests of devil are directed - on all the rulers of the whole Earth (both mundane and the people of Jehovah) in order to gather them in his "army". People go after the leaders, as a rule - Rev 16:14; 2Chron 33:9. It is obviously, that the devil will provoke with the spoiler the desire to exterminate the people of Jehovah.
     Thus Jehovah himself will participate in the events of the last days before Armageddon in order to test the loyalty and "gather" in the spiritual "harvest" the complete number from the Earth - 144 000 faithful helpers of Christ in His celestial government - Mal 3:3. It will be especially difficult for the last from 144 000 anointed sovereigns: they are to prophesy for 42 months "clothed in sackcloth" about the future events to those who will drive and trample them - to the class of unfair leaders. They will become those precursors - two witnesses of Jehovah, who will foretell the quick arrival of Armageddon to Jerusalem of the last days, for what they will suffer, not having time to go over all the cities of Israel - the congregations of Jehovah`s people. - Micah 7:1-4; Rev 11:3,7,8; Mat 10:23.
     We have to find out the last thing: how will 10 kings of English-America destroy the system of satan, if actually Jehovah will destroy this system by means of seven "vials of the wrath"?
     If to assume that the official rulers of Jehovah`s people, being in English-America, - in the "heart" of organization of Jehovah, will appear those rulers, then it is easily to explain it: apostasy and the "spirit of deep sleep" will come for a short time on them - for 42 months, whereupon they will understand and will undertake certain actions for the removal of the organizational system, which raise the class of unfair elders - 2Thess 2:10-12; Is 29:9-14. We will pay attention that Jehovah will allow to "rifle" only the half of the estate on the Earth, whereupon He will interfere ("go forth") and will "conduct" Armageddon - Zech 14:2,3,5.
     In case if 10 mundane rulers of English-America who love the feral system of Babylon from the very beginning, will attack the people of Jehovah, then it is difficult to explain how they will stop loving Babylon and will begin to hate it . Time will show. And in order to make the mastering of this information, we will diagrammatize the development of events in the people of Jehovah before Armageddon:

The scheme of the development of events in the people of Jehovah before Armageddon

1.   Jehovah gathers His dispersed people from all parts of the Earth to His temple mountain and forms two courts in it – the external court and the internal one. – Micah 4:1,2            
2.   The people of Jehovah begin to dwell carelessly, without troubles, in a measured way. They have “peace and safety” – 1Thes 5:1-3.   13.  Armageddon – Rev 19:11-21 – begins with the “house” of Jehovah – 1Peter 4:17 – from those elders who are near the temple – Jes 9:6 – the leaders of Society with the earthly hope who “created” the class of unfair elders. “So the last shall be first, and the first last” – Mat 20:16; 21:31.
3.  Jehovah “invites” Gog to test the loyalty of the careless people – Ez 38:3,4,7,8.   12.   A lot of shepherds spoil the vineyards of Jehovah – Ez 12:7-10. It is the period of sorrow for the people of Jehovah, it is very difficult for them to resist the pernicious influence of the beast and his elders – Is 9:16; Rev 3:1,2,17.The lawlessness raises and love in the congregations of Jehovah`s people “wax cold” – 
Mat 24:12. It`s better to stay apart from the unfair earthly elders and their admirers in this period of time.

4.  Gog is going to the battle of Jehovah with his people and his beast – Ez 38:8-15; Rev 13:2.   11. The “abomination of desolation” “has worked”: the spoiler plunders half of the house of Jehovah – half of the just elders – Zech 14:2. The beast reigns among Jehovah`s people through the 8th king – Rev 13:7,8, however God marks the just elders who “sigh and cry” in the midst of Jerusalem about its abominations – Ez 9:4. The spoiler will be destroyed – Dan 9:27.
5.  Gog attacks the people of Jehovah:   10.  The trodding of the last of 144 000 anointed sovereigns for 42 months. The beast will murder them through the 8th impudent king and through the unjust elders of the external court, who appear with his help – Dan 7:21,25; Rev 11:2,7.
from within – by the beast through the 8th king from without – through the world

  9.  The sermon of two anointed sovereigns for 1260 days – for 42 months – about the fact, that if everybody worships the beast, the house of Jehovah will become empty – Rev 14:9,10; Jer 22:5. However they will not have enough time to go over all cities of Israel – the congregations – Mat 10:23.
6.   The territory of Jerusalem down to the temple mountain is captured – the external court of the spiritual temple – Dan 11:36,41,45; Zech 14”1,2.   8.  Jerusalem is plundered, the leaders of the external court with the earthly hope are captured by the “spoiler” – the beast of Gog – Zech 14:1,2; Rev 11:1,2,7; 13:4-7.
    7.  The siege of Jerusalem and the appearance of “abomination of desolation” for 3,5 times.        

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