To Jehovah`s witnesses.

Questions to the Watch Tower Society:

  1. How to understand that before Armageddon the representatives of the courtyard that is outside the spiritual temple of Jehovah will "trample" the last anointed Christians if Jehovah` witnesses with an earthly hope worship in this courtyard? (Revelation 11:1,2; Watchtower 01.02.98, page 21; 01.05.02, page 30; 15.11.00, page 13, paragraph 15)
  2. Revelation 11:7,8: What does "Jerusalem" mean where the last anointed Christians will be killed before Armageddon, if the false religion is "Babylon"?
  3. What does "the disgusting thing that causes desolation" standing on a "saint place"mean, that is - in true worship? - Matthew 24:15. Can it be the UNO ?

  4. The answers to the first 3 questions you will be able to find out right now from the article "Jerusalem, the killer of the prophets".

  5. Can 24 old men symbolize the resurrected anointed Christians, if all 144 000 of those who will reign with the Christ sing a new song to these 24 old men who are not members of the group of rulers?
  6. 2 Thessalonians 2:2-4: If the spiritual temple of Jehovah before Armageddon means true and faithful congregations, how "the man of lawlessness" will sit down in them?
  7. According to the world history, the date of destruction of Jerusalem and the temple of Jehovah is not 607 BC, but 587/586 BC. If not to ignore history and however to assume that the year 607 exist only in the teaching of Society, is it possible to build the proofs of accession of Christ in 1914 - on a doubtful and debatable (not precise) historical date?
  8. Why does the Society found some teachings on the basis of some texts from the New World Translation, the sense of which has been changed? (in particular, about "gifts in form of men" and that it is bad to ask questions - Ephesians 4:8; Timothy 1:4)
  9. Can Jehovah give "gifts" in form of imperfect men if every gift of Him is perfect? (James 1:17; Ephesians 4:8. Other translations - "gave gifts to the people". Why does only the New World Translation translate this text in such a way?)
  10. Matthew 13:49 (Synodale, Ogienko, King Jacobs): How to understand that before Armageddon the angels will separate the "wicked among the righteous", if the group of righteous means God`s people?
  11. Whom did Jehovah conclude the New Testament with, if at the moment of its conclusion the apostles had not been anointed yet? (John7:39; 20:22).
  12. Why does the spiritual Israel - the people of God of the New Testament - mean only the anointed Christians, if the literal Jehovah`s people of the Old Testament meant the whole people, not only the anointed ones?
  13. If "the faithful and discreet slave" means the remnant of the anointed Christians, why only those who work in Brooklyn take part in "making" the spiritual food? And why does the Watch Tower Society in the presence of "the faithful and discreet slave" include into the writer committee those who are not anointed, that is they do not belong to the "slave"? (The book of WT Society "Jehovah`s Witnesses - Proclaimers of God`s Kingdom")
  14. How could the kingdom on heavens be set in 1914, if the members of this government have not been collected on the heavens with its full complement till now ?(a remnant of the anointed Christians is still on the Earth)

  15. You can make an attempt to ask these questions to the Watch Tower Society and to the elders and you will make sure that it is disapproved for some reason.

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