To Jehovah`s witnesses.

  1. "Can the modern servants of the New Testament become the servants of the Letter?"
    (about distinction of the Old and New Testaments, about a spirit and letter of Mose`s law and the New Testament, about signs and examples of servants of letter in old times and in the present)

  2. "Should the servants of Jehovah grumble?"
    (about reasons of grumbling among Jehovah`s people in old times, about useful and harmful grumbling, and how to remove the reasons of grumbling which has already arisen (from Jehovah`s point of view)

  3. "Who of the people living on the Earth nowadays are the members of the spiritual Israel?
    (about the organizational structure of literal Jehovah`s people - Israel of old times - and about its complete analogy to "Israel" of the present in spiritual sense, figuratively)

  4. "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the killer of the prophets.."
    (about spiritual sense of literal Jerusalem of ancient times, about "a wicked and adulterous generation, where this generation will arise and how it will kill the anointed servants of Jehovah - two witnesses - before Armageddon (Revelation 11:8); about the servants of the courtyard which is outside the temple who "trample" the servants of the courtyard which is inside the temple; about the spiritual "disgusting thing that causes desolation" and spiritual troops which surround the spiritual Jerusalem these days)

  5. "Is Babylon the great symbol of false religion?"
    (about the Biblical proofs to the fact that Babylon is the symbol of the devil`s wife, his spiritual helper who gives birth to the "abominations on the Earth". False religion is only a part of Babylon, its "lamp" which will disappear with the destruction of Babylon. Therefore it is not necessary to wait falling of "Babylon" as a sign of beginning of "great calamity". It is a mistake.)

  6. "The wild beast which was, but is not, and yet is about to ascend out of the abyss, and it is to go off into destruction"
    (about the brutish system of devil`s rule which his "Babylon" leans against; where the beast wasn`t in the days of the apostle John and where to search the appearance of the beast before Armageddon)

  7. "Beast with the horns of the lamb who goes out from the Earth" - who is he?
    (who and where will create the false "lamb" who has only horns of a lamb; how it will help the beast of the devil to reign 42 months and to oppress the Saints of Jehovah (Revelation 13:5-7).

  8. "He sits down in the temple of the God, publicly showing himself to be a god"
    (about the spiritual temple of Jehovah: where, when and how the false lamb will sit down in it).

  9. About shortcomings of literal translations of the Bible of the final part of the days
    (why we don`t use the New World Translation of Holy Scriptures in our articles and about "gifts in form of men").

  10. "The mystery of the last 10 tsars or how the beast will spring as "the eighth" from the seven"
    (about the last world state, its rulers who trample the anointed servants: the chart which explains the sequence of activity of 10 rulers before Armageddon).

  11. "Who will turn out to be the North and the South tsars before Armageddon?"
    (about the spiritual essence of the last tsars)

  12. "Should the "other sheep" take the symbols of the Passover?"
    (about the spiritual essence of the ancient Passover and those with whom Jehovah concluded the new testament and about why the "other sheep" must take the symbols of the Passover )

  13. "Great mystery of God`s church"
    (about distinction of the Biblical concepts "Church of first-borns" and the God`s church)

  14. "144 000 and a great crowd - are they going to be on heavens?"
    (about the Biblical proofs to the fact that a "great crowd" is a group of people, which will outlive the last devil's test in the end of "1000 years rule")

  15. "Stranger" among his people or proverb about a marriage feast"
    (what the Reign of God and the Reign of Christ means; who will turn out to be a "stranger" among his people)

  16. "Proverbs about a large fishing net, workers in a vineyard and the prodigal son"
    (how these proverbs are carried out today and when denarius will be paid)

  17. "Revelation. The new version"
    (specified understanding of events which are happening in a "day of Christ" - before Armageddon)

  18. "The first resurrection. When?"
    (about Biblical proofs of the fact that the resurrection of the anointed Christians have not begun yet)

  19. "The accession of Christ above the Earth. When?"
    (about the Biblical proofs of the fact that in 1914 Jesus did not ascend above the Earth)

  20. "Who is the "faithful and discreet slave" from the point of view of the Bible?"

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