To Jehovah`s witnesses.


Firstly, we thank you very much for your interest to the Bible. It makes us really happy.
Secondly, we are talked many different things about, but not always - correctly.

About ourselves:

   1. we officially joined the Organization of Jehovah's Witnesses, because these people teach the basic pillars of Biblical truth according to the Holy Scriptures.
   2. we devoted our lives not to the organization, but - to Jehovah, to the God of the Bible (He is Jahve, Sabaof too).
   3. we live in accordance with the principles "don`t do according to their deeds", "make sure of all things, hold fast to what is fine " , "carefully examine the Scriptures as to whether these things were so".
   4. we trust, that the Bible explains all the events, which are going on with the God's people. It is necessary only to find the "keys" of understanding.
   5. we are not founders or participants of any mass movement, we don`t call to go along with a sword on the "governing body" of the organization, we do not call to the revolution, to the manifests and to other mundane things, because these methods do not comport with the Bible. There are not many of us.
   6. our fight is not against "blood and flesh ". It is against the pharisaic spirit of error, which penetrated into the group of leaders of Society and widespread on God's people, as well as in the days of Jesus Christ. We are sure that not all have this "wicked spirit force", which makes some people think that all the orders of the organization are more important than the Biblical point of view. We are afraid to be like pharisaes, who forbade to think and converted the God's commandments into the human commandments - Mat.7:8,9. Our weapon is not fleshly, but it is the God's spiritual word - Is.54:17.
   7. we realize, that the Biblical discoveries of the site differ from some doctrines of the Watchtower Society. We are ready to take the consequences for distribution of this information, however, following the Christ, we love the people of God and do not plan to abandon our brothers and sisters on our own free will. We do our best and everything that depends on us to help many of them to strengthen in the faith and to stand up till the end in the tests from their own people, explaining the state of affairs, which had been opened through the research of the Bible.
   8. you will not find these materials anywhere else, except for our site. And - in the Bible. Because, probing, we know that if some "discovery" does not stand an "attack" of the Bible, it always deserves rubbish heaps, though it may seem delightful from our point of view. "Attack"! We are ready to accept and correct all the errors found by you.

To those who were disfellowshipped: If you read this information, do not fear to spoil your relationship with Jehovah: if your interest to the Bible did not go out and you aspire to Jehovah, it does not matter, whom you are considered to be in the organization. Our position to those who were disfellowshipped is the same, as for Paul - "if who remains .. fornicator, idolater, reviler, drunkard, extortioner etc" - with such people we would not eat together -1Kor.5:11. But the sick people need a doctor, but not healthy - Mat.9:12. Even if a righteous man falls down seven times, he can always stand up - Proverbs 24:16.

P.S. In our Organization the opinion is widespread that the leaders will be responsible for all the defects, and all the other`s task is only to submit them. It is a lie. Biblical proof: the leader of congregation in Sardis, being spiritually dead, led away after himself almost all the members of the congregation - Rev.3:2. Despite the guilt of the leader, Jesus did not acknowledge all the others, who acted like him. Only a few persons, who didn`t go after him, were called "worthy" and "faithful to the God" by Jesus Christ - Rev.3:4.

P.P.S. Also, on the basis of the verse of John 13:35 - many researchers of the Bible have opinion, that it is not important, what type of doctrines to preach, but it is important to act with love. No doubt, it is really so. However Jesus, showing the prominent example of love of the samaritan, - did not say nevertheless here to the disciples: "join the samaritans, because they act with love". In contrary, he stressed, that only israelites know how to worship the God and explain His word correctly - John.4:22, Rom.3:3. Correct elucidation of Biblical truth is not a question of the personal choice, it is a requirement of Jehovah - John.4:24, as it is written: "Do your utmost to be workman with nothing to be ashamed of handling the word of the truth aright" -2 Tim.2:15
      Filit and Imeney just "tangled" in the doctrines about the terms of "resurrection" and apostated a little from Biblical truth, however, they "became wicked" because of it - 2Tim 2:16-18
      If "love" were the unique criterion of veritable christians, the christian congregations of the first century, in which division, envy, rivalry, desire to dominate etc. existed, would scarcely get into the category of "God's churches" - 3 John.9,10, 1Kor.3:1-3; 4:8, Gal.5:15, Eph.4:30,31
      The first christians had a lot of failings, however the fact, that they tried not to distort the God's word, strove for the maintainance of its cleanness and distributed it everywhere - is unquestionable - 2 Kor.2:17; 4:2, 2 Tim.2:19, Philip.1:15-18
      And today in all confessions which consider themselves to be the people of God - can be both "wicked" and "good"- Matt.13:49
     However the Biblical doctrines which at least correspond to the God's word and conform to him are met not by all the christians - 2 Tim.4:3,4. Having a "root", it is possible to form the "branches" of the correct Biblical doctrine. If the "root" is absent - there is nothing to hold the "branches".
     We are planning to place the article about it. Read our news.