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    If you have questions while researching the publications of Watch Tower
    Society - welcome on our site!

    About us:     Creators of the site are active baptized Jehova`s witnesses from the former Soviet Union. Details about us - read here: Open letter
            First of all we want to apologize to you for our poor English. Be indulgent to our mistakes, please. But we want to share our thoughts with you very much. We would be happy, if somebody had the possibility and the desire to help us with the translation.
    Will excuse us, please, also in case if those articles which you would like to acquaint oneself with - are not translated into the English language yet.

    The example of some Christians of Sardis who didn`t leave the almost "dead" congregation (Revelation 3:4) is able to fix the resolution of every faithful Jehovah`s witness not to abandon the congregation under any circumstances, even in those cases when you have been acted unfairly in the organization or if your trust to it shook.
            DO REMEMBER: the basic pillars of Biblical truth such as:
         - paradise on the Earth will be restored and happy people will live on it forever;
         - hell as a place of torments for sinners doesn`t exist;
         - there is no life for a dead person after death;
         - Jesus Christ is a first-born son of Jehovah and will be the tsar of the heavenly government over the Earth during 1000 years;
         - due to sacrifice of Christ sinful humanity can approach Jehovah now and hope on resurrection in His system of things after Armageddon -
    all this Jehovah opened through His faithful servants. In the future - among the people who are devoted to Him and faithful to the Bible - Jehovah is sure to find those who are to open the new verges of Biblical truth.
    Who knows, maybe you will be one of those people?

            We were impelled to create this site by the issue of "Our Kingdom Ministry"(September 2007) for Russia and Ukraine (box of questions), which explained that:

        1.Some Jehovah`s witnesses have questions while researching the publications of Watch Tower Society (So have we). Especially many of them appear while researching the New World Translation
        2.The leaders of the Watch Tower Society disapprove the deep research of the Bible by the ordinary Jehovah`s witnesses. They are supposed only to research the publications of Watch Tower Society

    SOS !!! We feel deep respect to the leaders of Watch Tower Society , but why is the careful research of the Bible a sin, does it really contradict the Biblical principles? - Daniel 12:4, the book of Watch Tower Society "Jehovah`s Witnesses - Announcers of the Kingdom"(page 44, paragraphs 2-4; page 708, paragraphs 3,4)

            10 years before the issue of "Our Kingdom Ministry" researching the publications of Watch Tower Society we came across some disparities in the teaching. We asked questions to the elders of our congregation and to Watch Tower Society . To our considerable surprise, this caused extremely negative attitude of brothers in charge towards the questions and towards those who asked them.
    It looks as if very few people care for Biblical truth these days. - SOS !!!
    ( Jeremiah 5:1,4,5; 2Thessalonians 2: 11,12.)
    This reaction impelled us:
        1. to continue to ask the questions to the elders, inducing the brothers to research the Holy Scriptures deeper, to answer these questions through Watch Tower Society and to correct the disparities in the teaching. Unfortunately we`ve got no result by now.
        2. to research the Scriptures with a greater diligence in a confidence that Jehovah opens those who knock and gives those who search (Matthew 7:7,8)
        3. to write down the collected information and to place it on this site.
            Detailed Biblical proofs to the conclusions - read in the articles of site here: Table of contents
    Short conclusions from researches - read in the explanations to the articles, placed in brackets.

    Questions to the Watch Tower Society to which there are answers in the articles of the site - read here: Questions
    Maybe it will be interesting for you too?

            !!! Attention: while reading the articles remember that each previous article is the key to understanding the sense of the following one. We recommend to read the articles in consecutive order, according to the "Table of contents".

    Conclusions from our research differ from some knowledge the publications of Watch Tower Society contain. The sense of some wide-spread terms differs also. In order to avoid the questions about it - we place here the dictionary of terms You can find it also in the texts of site's articles.

            All the differences in teaching are confirmed with the Bible. You will be able to make sure of it, "checking whether it is exact so" (Acts 17:11). Attack with the Scriptures! If it is truth, it must survive any attack of the Scriptures. Study! Weigh the pros and cons! In order not to get in danger like it happened with Jehovah`s people in old times!!!

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